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  1. To follow up ... I emailed the online TA we've used for our two previous RCCL cruises and she basically said the same thing Bob said. Thanks for everyone's replies.
  2. For Alaska 2020, looking at Serenade, balcony cabin for 4 people. I want to make sure I understand the nonrefundable deposit. I book the cabin and pay the deposit for 4 people, with the balance of the cruise fare due three months prior to sailing date. If the 4th person can't go, and we know that he can't go BEFORE we are paid in full (i.e. before the deadline to pay in full), then what? We lose his deposit -- OR Royal would issue an FCC only to him minus $100 fee -- and then we would also only pay the fare for the 3 remaining people?? Our previous two RCCL cruises didn't involve the nonrefundable deposit, so I want to make sure I understand.
  3. Concerning the "free" food, Liberty also has Cafe Promenade which has yummy sandwiches and some of the best desserts we had on the entire ship. Cookies, little cups of mousse and puddings, free delicious coffee (don't be fooled by the Starbucks at the end of the room). And the pizza at Sorrento's is outstanding. We never pay for any of the up-charge dining either; I'd have to cruise many, many times before I'd pay extra for a steak or Italian food, which I can get any time right here in Austin.
  4. We've only done one Alaska cruise and it was Inside Passage, but it was wonderful. Totally different from a Caribbean sailing where you are in open water and then scoot in to the ports and back out. With the Inside Passage, there is land on both sides, the ship goes very slow in order to not create a large wake that might ruin the shoreline. It is very beautiful. I don't recall seeing whales (other than on the Juneau excursion) but we did see a couple of bears after we had left Glacier Bay National Park.
  5. Thanks for the info, @Tippyton I hadn't noticed the "Texas" in your name. My hometown is Lewisville; parents still live there. I'm now in the Austin area.
  6. @Tippyton can you clarify the dates/days for me? Trying to plan for June 2020 and figure out how many days to do the land tour part. Sept. 3, late night, you flew into Fairbanks. What did you do Sept. 4? I didn't see an entry for that day. Sept. 5 was Museum of the North at Univ. of Alaska. Sept. 6 was the train (Gold Star version) to Denali where you stayed at the Denali Princess hotel. This train trip was four hours?? Sept. 7 was bus tour in Denali Natl. Park. Somehow I'm missing what happened after the Denali bus tour. Your review says you did the train to Anchorage, departing at 12:30 and arriving at 8:30, so I guess that took pretty much the entire day. But then AFTER that was the ACT Big Bus from Anchorage to Whittier, with a two-hour stop at the Wildlife Conservation Center. Your itinerary is pretty much what I want to do except I also want to see the Alaskan pipeline in Fairbanks. I'm also leaning toward a DIY land tour prior to the SB cruise because I'm not sure that oldest son would be able to take enough vacation for the land plus the cruise. He may only be able to do one or the other. Also could you clarify what you booked on your own versus through Alaska Tour and Travel? Thanks for the additional details!
  7. I have a coworker on Empress this week. They were supposed to be in Grand Cayman this past Saturday, then Cienfuegos, Cuba yesterday (Sunday). Today is a sea day and then Tues and Wed in Havana. The ********** website is showing them on the regular itinerary so maybe they will be okay.
  8. Your pictures are absolutely stunning! Thanks for taking the time to post them.
  9. Photos again ... this is an old thread but I see @caribill is still here answering questions -- thank you! -- so I have to ask about the photos not showing up. I know somebody asked about that 2-3 years ago (LOL) and the photos returned, but I'm not able to see them now. Looking at Alaska in 2020.
  10. So when you said Fiance had to sit down before you went up the elevator and you thought he was overheated, was he really just nervous because he knew what he had planned?? :) Congrats!
  11. DH, age 57 at the time (summer 2017), did the orange and green slides on Liberty with DS, age 15. DS was fine. After DH landed in the "collecting pool" area at the bottom of the slides, he slipped on the stairs coming out of that area, landed flat on his back and hit his head on one of the steps. He was laughing when it happened, but there was a crew member that showed up pronto to check on him. He was fine (just embarrassed). So watch your step and hold on to the rail.
  12. Just now seeing this review; your son sounds amazing! If only all our fellow cruisers were this excited and happy to see new places and try new things!
  13. We've done two Princess cruises (Caribbean P. and Golden P.), one Carnival, and two RCCL (Serenade and Liberty). I loved the Serenade, especially the outdoor seating area behind Windjammer. We couldn't afford a balcony (it was a Baltics cruise, so we had $$ airfare from Texas to Copenhagen) so we considered the outdoor WJ area as our balcony. We'd go out there in the evenings and no one else was there. One difference is RCCL does not have self-serve laundry rooms. Having two sons on most of my cruises, I've usually needed to do laundry once mid-cruise, so plan ahead for that. They do have dry cleaning and once-a-week stuff-everything-in-a-bag for $30 or so.
  14. Start reading this forum, thread by thread. Many of your questions have already been answered in one form or another.
  15. No way would I put a 10- and 12-year-old in a room across the hall from me on their own. My family of four has done two cruises with all four of us in one room -- one was Alaska 2011 when we had an OV (sons were 18 and 10) and then an inside for the Baltics in 2016 (sons were 23 and 14). It can totally be done and we saved hundreds of dollars that could be used for excursions. The #1 rule with four in an inside is "don't leave your shoes in the middle of the floor." :)
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