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  1. We got off the ship on Sunday. The whole trip was fantastic and the room steward was great. I think it was just a hiccup in the beginning of the cruise. I think we were in St. Maarten with your ship. Also saw Allure in Fort Lauderdale when we were leaving.
  2. No we certainly didn't do that. I don't think I could ever remove tips. Anyhow, we are on day 4 and having a blast. We did get a late evening turn down on day 2. I overheard that one of the attendants was sick in our area so I'm chalking it up to our guy just having a rough turn around day and covering for him for a couple days. Yesterday service was exactly as we normally have experienced, which is awesome. Today is the same. He's been attentive to the few requests we've had (breakfast order forms and wine glasses). On a completely different topic, TVs were put in the Schooner on Adventure. Schooner is probably our favorite place to hang out in the evening. It's just a strange feel when half the room is cheering/sighing over a football game while the other half is singing along with the piano player. One of these things just doesn't belong... 🙂
  3. Dont want misrepresent it. We are on day 2. It's a sea day. We just got back to the room having been gone for about 5 hours. We aren't ones to complain. Just wondering if expectations should change is all.
  4. So AM cleaning and PM turn down. Thats what it's been for the 5 years or so we've cruised Royal. We didn't have VOOM info or coupon sheet until probably 7pm boarding day. I know turn around day is crazy so I shrugged it off. He came by around 9 that night to do turn down. Today, the room hasnt been touched yet and it's quarter to 3. Just seems very off compared to all previous cruises.
  5. We havent been on a ship since last Oct. Room isnt getting cleaned in the morning. Not sure if our attendant is just over worked or Royal changed the practice to once a day. What should it be?
  6. I hear they only leave port with the bare minimum. Kidding aside, having something on hand in the cabin to chill a child is a plus for all of us. 🙂
  7. Just want to make sure, while we can bring up to 2 bottles of wine and 12 bottles of soda or water, can we bring any snacks with us at all that anyone is aware of? Like would they balk at a handful of granola bars?
  8. If you have a drink package, is it possible to buy a few bottles of water at a time to take to the cabin with you?
  9. Thanks for all the info! I'll post the compasses when we return.
  10. Thanks Bob. Images didn't show but was able to copy/paste into browser.
  11. What are the current gold level coupons being given on board? And also are they simply "1 per stateroom" or do any differ from that? Thanks!
  12. Hi - Wondering if anyone has scans of a recent cruise compass for the Adventure of the Seas. We are doing the 8-night sailing on 10/27 and would like to have an idea of the daily activities that will be going on to plan our days. Thanks!
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