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  1. In my solo experiences on Carnival, the solo meet ups were hit and miss. I tend to just make friends among those I meet with the common interests we find--singles, couples, families. This is usually at the Alchemy Bar for me, where the solo and single get togethers are usually scheduled anyway. So I'm there whether or not there's a meet up, and the results are usually the same. I almost tried the NCL solo cabins, but I like ships with a lot of deck space and good views of the sea, and there seems to be more of those spaces on Carnival and other cruise lines.
  2. No Alchemy is the only drawback of the Splendor for me. For my Splendor cruises I enjoyed my dirty martinis at the Atrium Bar, and was lucky enough to have enjoyed the music there too.
  3. I just booked the cruise I turn Platinum on a couple weeks ago--Nov. 2020. I hope they don't change the amount of cruise days needed between now and then. But that's a long way off for that not to happen, considering so many of us are turning Platinum.
  4. I don't have a need to know where there are rules and regulations about such things. I was always taught that when it comes to visiting places of natural beauty, it's best to try to leave things as I found them, and take away memories and pictures.
  5. Like the others have said, it's a longer cruise with some different activities, some of which, for example a midnight buffet, aren't done regularly anymore.
  6. Sure I'll weigh in on a Cheers! debate. I love it when I get it, but I don't always get it. Does the ship have an Alchemy Bar? leans me towards it. Am I solo? leans me towards it. Is it a B2B? leans me away. Is it a Journey? don't get it. How much OBC will I be getting and will I spend it on other things? it's a consideration. Best of all, because I'm always thinking about my next cruise, I like thinking about whether or not to get it. Having gotten it and not gotten it, I must admit I do enjoy the attention I get out on the deck after they see the sticker and see I tip on top. I've never found the service bad, but the smile's bigger with the sticker.
  7. On our last cruise it got kind of rough, and I got to feeling a little queasy. Knowing that something in your stomach can help, I got up and got a pizza at 4am. That was one of the best tasting pizzas I ever had, and it did the trick.
  8. It is SO worth it! I always cruise in January or February. I just make sure to try and get to the port a day or two ahead. Twice, because of weather, I had to fly in the morning of the cruise despite having booked flights to arrive the day before. For my cruise that leaves on Feb. 1, I want to fly in two days ahead. I also now drive to the airport that can get me a direct flight to the port city--every layover and plane switch is another potential winter weather delay.
  9. I would call and give them a chance to get you something you would like.
  10. I just looked at a couple of my come-with-paying-with-the-credit-card cruise insurance policies. I went with Insure My Trip and Nationwide (which I always seem to do).
  11. I wouldn't doubt that it's sold out for now. It's not to Carnival's advantage to not list its sailings if it weren't.
  12. I've done three of these in January on the Ecstasy. Overall, I don't find them to be much different than any other cruise. The energy level just maintains itself, so that it's like the first night every night. To me, the days seemed exactly the same.
  13. Yeah, the website is kind of nutty. I'm zeroing in for my fall 2020 and winter 2021 bookings, and the calendar has complete months blocked out, and then they're not blocked out, and some cruises I was looking at aren't there, and then the next time they're there. I'm waiting a few days.
  14. I'm a shareholder and comfortable and confident about it, but do keep in mind that part of CCL's long term strategy is breaking into the Chinese market. That could be getting more complicated.
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