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  1. I'm wondering too what the cancellation policy will be. I'm hoping it will be known by August, as we're scheduled to leave the Saturday after Thanksgiving. At this point I would rather Carnival cancel it, but if they do not, I've decided I will. I think masks in November are likely, and if anyone needs to be wearing masks, or recommended to wear masks, I would rather not go.
  2. Yep. I always say it's all in the math.
  3. It's a good price, but that's a lot of drinking for 2 weeks. I usually only buy it for 7 day cruises. For two week cruises, I buy bottles for the stateroom instead.
  4. For our B2B on the Panorama that we got in under the wire, we ate at the Cucina del Capitano and Jiji's for lunch most days. We liked checking off what we wanted and having it brought to us, and it was never crowded. Perhaps more venues go to that model, and include the toppings and salsas and such. We preferred the buffet for supper. We used it to avoid the MDR hubbub. If the supper buffet goes, I hope to find an in-and-out alternative to the MDR.
  5. Yes, you can purchase it on board. As bury me at sea said, it is more expensive when purchased on board. I wait until I'm on board to purchase it because that is how I use my OBC.
  6. I got off the Panorama on Feb. 15th and loved the ship. I'm booked for a cruise on the Miracle in November. To my mind it is very up-in-th-air. I think it will depend on whether or not a fall wave develops. Because of publicity and liability, I would imagine cruising would become one of the first things to shut down if that's the case. I'm still of the mind that there will not be sailing until there's a vaccine, or a remarkably quick and easy way to treat the disease.
  7. I imagine the scenarios of changes in my mind, and I keep on coming up short. I'm one who thinks there will be no sailing until a vaccine is developed. Then I wonder if I'll have to show proof of a vaccine or immunity? or if it will, in fact, be considered like the flu? I guess that depends on how frightened people are by then, and whether there are liability issues. Other than that, I think there will be improved hygiene practices. I watched one of John Heald's "walkies" that he posted the other day, for old times sake, and thought--"Yep, that buffet set-up is gone." The video also made me remember how much I like cruising, and how I will miss it until it's back.
  8. With a little finagling, in the past I've been able to keep track on how excursions are selling from the website. I kind of do a mock booking for excursions, where if I check on the scheduled time or times, it has let me know how many spaces were available.
  9. I disagree. I say thank you to the teachers and educators and professors who work so hard, and are so often unappreciated, for the good work they do. At some point Jonas Salk had his first biology textbook and a teacher explaining cell division to him. The treatment and vaccine of the coronavirus will come thanks to academics, in every sense of the word, because it will be based on the years of education, and the recorded and analyzed observation of all the previous generations. Academics teach us how to do that and organize it. Engineers who design cruise ships, from propeller to radar, rely on a course of academic study. No one comes out of the womb with the knowledge and ability to do these things. We need others' past experience and training, which is passed on, and hopefully, built upon.
  10. I don't see sailing until mid-2021. This is like the gate sign at the airport, that keeps updating every 20 minutes that there will be another 20 minute delay. (But I don't think Carnival can do it any other way.)
  11. Whatever the capacity or whatever the CDC says, before a vaccine what is CCL's liability if one of the 10s of thousands of passengers gets on board with it and infects a ship? And if a another ship ends up getting some level of quarantine treatment, will it be worth it to the industry?
  12. Isn't this how things like this are done? Deciding what gets funded and subsidized and favored and prosecuted is what governments do, and why people fight so hard, and pay so much, to have their people in the positions where the decisions are made. I like cruising on Carnival, and I want it to weather the storm, so on this issue and this time around, it tilts in my favor.
  13. I'm not coming as much as I did, but I'll still come a couple times a day. In a way it's a force of habit for me. I still find information and news I don't find in other places, or get it here first. It'll be a happy day when when I can give my opinion about tipping when there is someone to possibly tip.
  14. Sailing around the world to return the crew indicates to me that it is shutting down for the long haul. There's a better chance to survive as companies by moth-balling the ships. This pandemic is the real thing. I'm rooting for the scientists and medical experts, and grateful for the medical care workers. Us not getting sick or spreading it will give them the space to get us back to cruising sooner.
  15. Why cancel? If I'm reading your post correctly, you may even consider rebooking the cruise if you cancel and the situation improves. I would just wait to see if the cruise line cancels, or the situation improves.
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