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  1. I completely understand. We live in a testing desert, and are 4 hours away from the airport, and flying in the day before. And the second day out for us is Thanksgiving. If I had known this when we booked this cruise on the Mardi Gras in 2019, I would not have booked it. We will do the at-home tests, but I'm dreading it. I just remember how easy and fun embarkation was.
  2. I was expecting this. In February I'm in a stateroom with a person who will not get vaccinated. I have to switch/cancel/put the money on another booked cruise. But, I'm used to it. Carnival is used to it. I find I'm also getting quite attached to Disney World, which, while more expensive, is easier and at this point, less stressful.
  3. How, when, are you doing the Covid test? We're on the Mardi Gras on the Saturday after Thanksgiving, (Nov. 27) and I figured I needed to start paying attention and figuring out what we need to do, since we're also flying down the day before (Nov. 26, preceded by a 4 hour drive to the airport). I'm wondering how well this is going to go finding, or taking a test, on Thanksgiving or Black Friday, or even Saturday morning?
  4. With three cancelled cruises behind me, final payment was made a while ago with the FCC, and I even have OBC for this one in November. (And I have two more cruises booked for 2022.) I am one of those who prefer that masking be done indoors. I just want to know if that lessens the fun for people? Perhaps the contention about it plays into it too? It's mostly about the music venues in the evening. The reason I'm asking now is that they've given a 14 day window to easily cancel or change.
  5. You need a 2 day test starting next week--you're sailing under what you have anticipated. It's not all that different for us than it will be for you--not really any worse, I think...at this point. I'd really like to hear what you think when you're back.
  6. OK, got the announcement from Carnival today. It's all getting real. We're scheduled to cruise on the Mardi Gras, leaving Thanksgiving weekend. With the testing, and wearing masks indoors, I'm questioning how enjoyable it will be. I like the Playlist Production type entertainment, and the live music at the bars in the evening. For those who sailed with the masking policy, was it as fun? Originally, I didn't think it would bother me, but now I'm wondering if sailing in November with these guidelines might be like a death by 1000 cuts. Would you sail again with the masking? The alternative would be going to Disney.
  7. This was going to happen. Now let's see how the protocols work, and what changes need to be made to them. In so many areas, I'm accepting that this will probably be our life for the next couple of years. A pandemic like this doesn't just "end"--it's a matter of learning to live with it, taking the precautions when they're warranted, and developing treatments and protocols. I'm grateful for the vaccine that so measurably lessens symptoms and the need for hospitalization.
  8. Yep. I'm expecting a cruise to be cancelled today, or tomorrow, or the next day, or very, very, soon next week, or whenever they decide it suits them to tell me their decision. Whenever I think of booking another cruise, I have to ask myself if I want the agony of their hemming and hawing about everything for the next two months, and JH blaming everybody because Carnival doesn't want to publicly pin itself to a decision. I like Carnival. I think I've been patient. But once the perception of bad faith sets it, it's hard to recover from that.
  9. Just wondering, has anybody had a booked cruise officially cancelled before the final payment date? Even in the darkest days last year, when everybody knew the cruise had to be cancelled, in my experience Carnival wouldn't call it until after the final payment date. While I understand that for business reasons they want the final payment before the cruise is cancelled; that is one of the few things I will find fault with them for in all of this.
  10. Nothing yet. Hopefully we'll hear Monday or Tuesday.
  11. Some ships, they stopped making bookings a few weeks ago for every sailing in September, and they weren't sold out. In my case, this is the second time they stopped making bookings. But you're right; they know which ships are not sailing, but they just aren't telling for some reason.
  12. or Wednesday...or Thursday...or Friday, or maybe very, very, very soon the beginning of the next week. Christine Duffy assures us. For certain the middle of November we should know the September/October protocols. It's Mrs. CDC. 🤪
  13. That could enter the discussion, but as this will be our life for the foreseeable future, this is what the protocols are there to handle. People on cruises are going to test positive for Covid. The plans today are going to pretty much be the same as the plans in July of 2022. Their only decision to make is how many % of vaccinated do they want. (I had a long day at work, and I'm trying to plan a September vacation; forgive my glibness).
  14. Next few days? Good grief. They can at least tell us which ships they will not have sailing in September. It's July 15. If they really don't know what ships are sailing in September, they are in deep trouble.
  15. A pod of orcas on the Splendor sailing back from Alaska in 2018. To see that was amazing.
  16. I'll join the chorus--never had a problem once they knew us, and if you tip, they get to know you real fast. On Lido, some servers just brought them on a regular schedule. And on one cruise, the bartender even asked my cruise buddy who went up to get a drink if he could make one for me, too--"What about Mr. _____? doesn't he want one too?" We always tip a dollar or two with each drink.
  17. Yeah, at my better moments I go there. But I'm still taking the vacation time, and I've already lost out on some good deals for alternatives if it's cancelled. I finally put down money that is a lesser choice. According to the TA it's 100% refundable if the cruise should go.
  18. I think they just can't do a drip, drip, drip of announcements, or handle the calls and confusion after them. For example, they know full well which cruises are canceled for September, but they probably want to get a handle on the exemptions for July and August before they have to start dealing with the ones from September and October, and the refunds and rebooking. I don't blame them, but I am beginning to reconsider if cruising is the right choice for me--I'm a plan ahead person, and this being strung along is difficult to contend with. I'm 60 days out and still don't know if it's going or not? And no when can tell me when I might know?
  19. Yeah, I agree. I think it all comes down to a matter of staffing right now. I think the last couple of weeks they've been doing triage deciding which ships to re-up based on potential revenue and real time bookings. All this while still having to decide the exemptions. I understand now why they've waited so long. They are adding September and October to an already complicated and not yet finished July and August. But, at least they have some worn paths now. Based on the bookings before it went grey again, I have a feeling my cruise will be cut. (I'm one of those who do mock bookings to see how the cruise is selling--from a few weeks ago, it wasn't doing well.)
  20. Hmmm. Not a good discussion for Mongolian Wok and Jiji's for lunch, but I always see the huge lines. Me and my cruise buddies are vegetarian, and I guess without the meat, the wok stuff on the ship is pretty tasteless. I gave up on it 6 years ago, but the people I sail with still always want to give it another try...and are always disappointed. I don't know what it is, but even the choice of sauces aren't able to save it. That's why we always go for the pasta at Cucina. Of course, we have many happy memories of Tandoor.
  21. I had wondered. Between the two, I favor Cucina del Capitano for lunch, and on the Panorama a few weeks before the shutdown, we never had a problem. I guess it would on depend on whether the people on the cruise catch on to it. But we very much liked the sit down quality of it, and even the nice little salad and bread. I'll be on the Mardi Gras in November, and I hope the complimentary lunch offerings that they originally weren't intending, but that they're starting with, will still be in place..
  22. We're still waiting to hear about September cruises. I'm hoping that this week they'll let us know which ones are going. I also imagine it will be vaccinated cruises for a while. At this point, I couldn't imagine them trying to figure out and implement yet another set of protocols.
  23. Ah. Well, that's a good sign. Maybe it will be out of moth balls and staffed in time for September.
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