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  1. I just got a promotion in the mail today. First by snail mail this year that I’ve received it isn’t this one but fares looked good for 2022 cruises from US
  2. For UK sailing in March 2022, I will go to the clinic & pay for the Day 2 test. Then I may have to be tested for free by Princess at the pier 2 days after that. Of course I am hoping tests are no longer required by then.
  3. In London I plan on using BioGroup lab day 2 test. One location is near Victoria station. 75 GBP at clinic or 49 GbP for at home day 2 test hope it is not needed by end of March
  4. Barcelona is in Spain, a part of the EU if you have a cruise before Feb 2022, it remains the same as it was prior to this announcement
  5. In the Casino people were also allowed to go maskless to smoke , drink.
  6. US is opening Canada-US land borders in November more information to come
  7. Same thinking. My next cruise is out of Southampton UK and testing at terminal is free at this time.
  8. As of October 31/21. if someone had to travel from YYZ to LHR, will a covid test be required by the Canadian government to board the plane to the UK? ———————— I understand they are both fully vaccinated with Pfizer. Will be required to fill in locator form, appointment for day 2 in UK covid test do not need to quarantine. and will need the PCR test before flight to return to Canada. are these requirements accurate at this time?
  9. My fav. Caribe, Baja , Dolphin midship balcony or deluxe balcony I use to prefer aft facing corner balcony. But Now aft facing are deluxe balcony.
  10. Coming soon. Months ago, several of us contacted Princess and found out about Reps being at pier to assist those with App problems. Others heard about this from Princess on the web updates Princess had on Mondays. So this has been. Answered on other sites fb, Twitter, personal responses by email, in phone calls Princess should have posted this on their main website and kept the Personalizer option. What is done is done. Time to move on.
  11. Saw on fb someone posted Spain form will be filled in on-board cruise ship if required.
  12. Agree. I did try for Saltydog, but someone had it already.
  13. Was it from the cc member who talked to Jan S on Alaska cruise? I remember it being mentioned about then
  14. I’m keeping an eye on this too. Getting some help on my roll call Canary Islands , Portugal, Spain. Checking each island as they may be different from Spain, Portugal mainland Forms & testing probably changing closer to my March cruise
  15. Yes,you are re entering USA. The Points Guy you tubes. Talks about flying down to Florida for several cruises this year. call Princess or your TA & check your Travel Summary for notifications I just saw on fb more requirements for Canadians going on Europe cruises needing a French Covid Vaccine Pass that Princess sent out a notice for today. I can’t get into my travel summary right now to see if there is any notification.
  16. Yes that is true and was the reason the Personalizer would not accept my information. I renewed the passport and everything filled in correctly
  17. Also theee re e have been Canadians posting on here who went on Alaska cruise out of Seattle
  18. Restrictions for Canadians entering US are in place until October 21/21 and may be extended according to gov’t website as of Oct 4/21
  19. I was wondering if it might have to do with later cruises that wouldn’t take the credit card. I had this happen in the Personalizer because the card expired before the end of the cruise. I also had something similar when inputting my passport because it expired less then 6 months after the cruise. doesn’t sound like that is your issue. Princess has really let people down with taking away the Personalizer option.
  20. When is your cruise? USA may change this requirement by the time you cruise.
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