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  1. We visited this port in June 2018, and used Steve Martin (yes, just like the comedian!) as our guide. He. Was. Amazing. Seriously, one of the best tours that we ever did...he took us places that were jaw-droppingly beautiful; he gave us all sorts of historical tidbits about the island, especially when it was occupied by the Germans; and we had a delightful lunch with him, where he told/showed us even more. There were four of us on this tour, and it was one of our favorites. I don’t know if he has a website - if you google his name, along with St Peter’s Port (so you don’t get the
  2. I booked this excursion in July 2019 for an upcoming 2020 cruise with Royal Caribbean - and in 2019, we paid $269 pp. I have been watching the price over the last few months (as I do on EVERY excursion I book - to see if it will go cheaper!), and I have been watching in shock as the price for this particular excursion crept higher and higher. LAVCruiser is correct in that it is currently sitting at $407 pp, almost $138 pp higher than I paid a few short months ago. It didn’t just jump to this price overnight - so I don’t think it is a typo. I think it’s a game of supply & deman
  3. This is exactly what we’ve done - the reviews were very positive, so we’re hopeful for a great excursion!
  4. This is EXACTLY our plan for when we visit Skagway with Radiance OTS on June 22nd. I hope you return here and post a review - and/or tips!
  5. That’s pretty awesome - I didn’t know they had this! We’ll be in Juneau in June - can’t wait!
  6. We are cruising with Royal Caribbean in June 2020. I booked this excursion in July 2019, and paid $269 per person. It is now up to a whopping $407 pp!!!!!! Shows the importance of booking early, when you can!
  7. I do Public Affairs for the Red Cross, and you all have been great working with us over the years...I’ve been in your studio (the old one - not the “new” one yet!) doing numerous interviews over the years...so glad to help pay for the cruises!! I haven’t cruised yet on the Harmony, so I’m reading as many reviews as I can - to see if I will like it. I love the Allure - so it has to be close, right??!! 🙂
  8. Great review - from a fellow Lee’s Summitian...is that a word?? Actually, we’re in Lake Winnebago - so close enough! And KMBC is my favorite - I grew up with Larry Moore doing the news, and now it’s good old Kris Ketz...
  9. This is great!! We are doing a B2B on Radiance next year - and we were lucky enough to score #9256 for both legs...we can’t wait! The aft balcony looked amazing on the deck plans, so your photos helped me decide that we made the best choice!!!
  10. We’re sailing on the Allure Oct 6, and then doing a B2B in Alaska on the Radiance, beginning 6/19/20. 🙂
  11. This is EXACTLY what I do - for a future cruise, mine started at $52...I went ahead and booked it, just on the off-chance it would go UP rather than down. It went down - so far, down to $46 per day - so I have canceled and rebooked it. I do this for EVERYTHING - dining packages, drink packages, etc. P.S. I am in Lee’s Summit, as well - (okay, really Lake Winnebago, but close enough! My kids all went to R7 schools! Small world!)
  12. Thanks for your review - and tips. We’re sailing on Radiance next year for a B2B in Alaska, and so I’m curious if you did ship-sponsored excursions while in port, or if you did independent tours.... (P.S. Love your screen name!)
  13. Besides the above, we were given an opportunity to participate in a sailaway party on the Heli-pad one afternoon (NOT on embarkation day - but from one of the ports)
  14. P.S. We’re doing something similar next year on Radiance - we’re doing a B2B in Alaska - same ports - but there’s so much to see and do in Alaska, that it was easy to set up different shore excursions for each week that we’re there. I figured if I’m flying to Alaska, I’m going to get my money’s worth! 😉
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