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  1. We’re sailing on the Allure Oct 6, and then doing a B2B in Alaska on the Radiance, beginning 6/19/20. 🙂
  2. This is EXACTLY what I do - for a future cruise, mine started at $52...I went ahead and booked it, just on the off-chance it would go UP rather than down. It went down - so far, down to $46 per day - so I have canceled and rebooked it. I do this for EVERYTHING - dining packages, drink packages, etc. P.S. I am in Lee’s Summit, as well - (okay, really Lake Winnebago, but close enough! My kids all went to R7 schools! Small world!)
  3. Thanks for your review - and tips. We’re sailing on Radiance next year for a B2B in Alaska, and so I’m curious if you did ship-sponsored excursions while in port, or if you did independent tours.... (P.S. Love your screen name!)
  4. Besides the above, we were given an opportunity to participate in a sailaway party on the Heli-pad one afternoon (NOT on embarkation day - but from one of the ports)
  5. P.S. We’re doing something similar next year on Radiance - we’re doing a B2B in Alaska - same ports - but there’s so much to see and do in Alaska, that it was easy to set up different shore excursions for each week that we’re there. I figured if I’m flying to Alaska, I’m going to get my money’s worth! 😉
  6. If someone says “NO” to doing a B2B cruise in Europe, they must be crazy! I say YES - do it! As you said, the flight is a huge chunk of change...and you can always do different shore excursions each week that you’re there. Life is short - so I say, “DO IT!!”
  7. We are usually so stuffed from our appetizers and entree, that we routinely ask for our dessert to go - it’s delicious later at night in our cabin! 🙂
  8. Great photos - and beautiful shot of Denali! Can’t wait to hear more - we are doing a B2B with a land excursion next year, so I am voraciously reading up on everything I can for tips and hints and reviews! 🙂
  9. Following! Love the photos! 🙂
  10. Awesome! We are doing a B2B next year on the Radiance, so this is all very helpful!!! :)
  11. Woot woot! Good tip on the air fare - we are going to Alaska NEXT year for a B2B, and I am still in the planning stages, so your tip is very helpful. Can’t wait to follow along on your journey - have fun!
  12. Anchorage has an entire website devoted to their July 4th celebration: http://anchoragejuly4thcelebration.com/ There will be a parade, and definitely fireworks! 🙂
  13. KansCocoa

    Kenai Fiord Tour

    Echoing the above poster - what company did you use? We are going in 2020, and this is on my list of excursions to do in Seward. TIA!
  14. The lowest I could get a 1/6/19 sailing on Allure was $138 - snagged it and had a great time! 🙂
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