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  1. Hi Mate. I am currently on that ship now. If I remember I will pop in and ask. FYI I have seen Tag and pre owned Rolex so far
  2. The meal in the Epicurean it was amazing and we both loved it. Please bear in mind this is my first cruise for 20 years and my wife’s first ever so we don’t have anything to compare on if it’s better or worse than a few years ago but for the same meal we would of paid a lot more in the UK. We signed up on the day of the cruise and got a third off our bill. Have got pics will post pics when able
  3. hi all, coke is just over two pound I think and mock tails are about 3-4 pound and lovely
  4. Hi Rose, I am currently on the Ventura. Myself and my wife will only do table for two dining. Just our think no offence to others. But like most say if you don’t mind a wait it’s fine. We go to the restaurant on deck 6 Saffron and get a pager then go to the sports bar which is a very short walk on the same deck put some songs on the free jukebox and relax with a drink....maybe a few.....until called 😀 have a great cruise.
  5. Quality point this. We have quite a few ports to stop at in 12 days. We will either drink ashore or buy drinks so won’t need it.
  6. Totally agree. Tbh for myself and my wife for the max drinks passage would be over £900 for the two of us and we wouldn’t drink that much.
  7. Going on a cruise for a stag do.......just proves I have made friends with the wrong people haha.
  8. Hi all. On Ventura from today. If anyone has any questions please feel free to ask. Prices for drinks attached if anyone needs to know.
  9. Thank you for confirming my wife will be happy to hear!
  10. Am I allowed to take hair straighteners and curlers on board? I know there is some prohibition on some electrical items but could not see this on the FAQ section so apologies if I have missed it.
  11. Morning All, If I am right in saying on board a cruise there will be the option to play things like five a side football or table tennis? while I don’t take it to seriously I wouldn’t mind a go on an upcoming cruise and wondered what the take up was like and if it comes an at extra cost? cheers SF
  12. Thanks all for your helpful replies I really think most of not all of the users on here really help.
  13. Hi we are on the Canary Islands Ventura cruise on the 3rd November. Is there any nearby beaches/places of interest in any of the following in case I don’t want to do an official excursion. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated! We are in Madeira, Gran Canaria, lanzarote, la Corina and I forget the last one! Ie is it easy to get from these ports to any places of interest. Thanks
  14. Am I able to book shore excursions whilst on board or have you found it better to pre book prior to embarkation?
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