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  1. That's so surprising. I ordered the white& blue hat last year on Harmony for DH & received what was shown.
  2. The same happen to me last year on Harmony. I held my arms as instructed. However, my right arm came lose and rub alongside the slide..I too made a skin deposit. It burned like He## & was very painful! Had to have assistance from DH for about 2 weeks to dress the area. I have a daily reminder of my time on Abyss. I was surprised that we didn't have to sign a waiver as you have to with other shipboard activities. That's the risk we take when being adventurous! ;-). I 'm taking a long sleeved top on Symphony this year. Good Luck.
  3. Neither has our October CLS..All we could say was WOW!!!! It's now over $1600 more than we originally paid.
  4. As mentioned above,contact the gifts & gear department. Also,you will need their reservation number. And let them know how much you want to purchase.
  5. Last year on Harmony we asked if we found a price cheaper on one of the stops would they price match? We found the Henessey Pure White cheaper in St.Kitts. We took a picture of the store & the sign showing the price. We showed it to the guy that told us this & he price match as promised.
  6. WOW!!!Zoey Victoria..Sorry for your Abyss souvenir no matter how small it hurts! Hopefully, you're come out better next time. I know I 'm hoping the same for myself.
  7. I know that feeling all to well! Last year on the Harmony the same happen to me. It hurt so bad for at least a couple of weeks. DH had to help me place a dressing on my arm every morning while I dressed for work. I have a daily reminder of my time on the Abyss. I did hold my arms as instructed however, my right arm came loose & rubbed against the metal. Don't get me wrong it's a fun ride! I will be packing a long sleeved tee for my ride this year on Symphony! I want to say...Thanks for bringing us along with you & your family on your vacation! I really enjoyed your reviews & pictures .I look forward to hearing from you. Safe travels home!
  8. Awesome!!!!!U are a doll. Our ports of call are St.Kitts; St.Thomas; & Perfect Day @ Cococay. When you return email me at cruisefan29@gmail.com. That Mango Margarita looks so good!
  9. My cruise is October 5, 2019.That would be AWESOME! I'm not very crafty..Do you think I can do it?? Please share the details. I do have a glue gun.Thanks.
  10. Ms. Bee, I would call and check on it. It makes no sense that you would receive something on one of the rooms & not the other. Don't wait any longer, you've already waited a week! Stacie
  11. Thanks Andrew, that's what they did on Harmony last October. I didn't like that set up. Again, thanks Stacie.
  12. WOW off to a great start as usual! Andy, is there a Chef Table offered on Symphony? Stacie.
  13. Whoohoo!!! Looking so forward to this.Thanks for taking us along. Safe travels. Stacie.
  14. After much egging my DH on we did the Abyss on Harmony last year. He made it down with no problem in short sleeves. I on the other hand came out with less skin than I got on with. The worst burn ever! It stung and burned. And while taking a shower I thought I would jump out of the tub. 5 months later I have a reminder on my time on the Abyss. However, when we sail Symphony this year I'm packing a long sleeve tee. I'm going to give it another try.. Also, my cell came out of my pocket but luckily it was near where you come out. Stacie.
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