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  1. The Retreat deck on Edge and any of the ‘revolutionised’ ships is only open tomSuite customers
  2. On the on the revolutionised ships the Retreat deck is soley for suite customers
  3. When we were on Edge the Retreat deck was solely for suite customers.
  4. Apologies I was replying to the comment on the Retreat deck!
  5. To be fair I would very much doubt there is any need for chair hogging in the Retreat as it is only for suite class the majority of suites have lovely balconies and when I saw the Retreat there were plenty of chairs! If you are paying for a suite and special area you certainly would not expect chair hogging. Sadly it is the rest of the passengers who are not suite class who have to do find a chair game. To comment on the status of chairs in the Retreat areas is rather rubbing it in.
  6. It is day 2 of chairgate on Equinox - what will happen today? Or is it a port day when all will be calm with chairs in abundance?
  7. I just can’t be bothered! But am appalled that people will go to such lengths. Just could not do to do it so infra dig
  8. It was very early read this post at 1.00pm in uk which meant 8.00am onboard.on social media there are over 270 posts re this
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