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  1. Thanks for the review, particularly the heads up about the shuttle downtown. We actually have a whale watching excursion booked independently and were thinking we'd take the shuttle in, but since we have time I think we may just walk it. I'll be on the Joy in 10 days, and I'm so excited! I loved the Bliss in February, and I'm expecting to enjoy the Joy just as much.
  2. Depends what time you board, but rooms are typically ready at about 1:00 or 2:00 if you have a 4:00 or 5:00 departure.
  3. I'll give some of this a go! Can't help with the 18-20 year old activities, because I don't actually remember, but I don't believe there is anything for that group. My daughter who fell into that age group ended up hanging out with us most of the time, but someone else will probably have more current information. The steakhouse is Cagneys, and it's generally thought to be delicious (I agree). That said, occasionally there will be some "off" cruises where people report their cuts of meat were tough, and slow service. I have experienced the slow service, occasionally, but never a poor cut of meat. I'm not sure what restaurants are on the ship you'll be on (Sky, maybe?) but I'd recommend you picking the type of food you like and just going for it. I say that because you will get half the people say "I love La Cucina! Amazing Osso Buco and to-die-for desserts," and the other half will say "it's Olive Garden. Don't bother." Seriously. Generally speaking all of the specialty restaurants are very good. If you happen to order something you don't like, you can send it back. They will always replace it. In fact, on my last cruise I ordered something that was very good, I just wasn't feeling great, wasn't hungry, and barely ate any of it. You'd have thought I personally insulted them by not eating it all with the number of people who came to the table to apologize, for absolutely nothing! I just wasn't hungry. Have fun!
  4. I didn't take it that way at all, Karatemom! I was just thinking through what my friend and I enjoy doing. We talked about it, and when we decided to book we both said that we want to do as much as possible that gets us uniquely Alaskan experiences, since neither of us has ever been there before. We're also nature lovers, so the more we can get to outdoors, the happier we'll be. So with that in mind, we've now decided to book a morning kayak trip on Mendenhall Lake, which will get us back about 90 minutes before our afternoon excursion leaves. It's a lot, but we're excited about it, so that's a good indication we've made the right decision.
  5. NOW who's the idiot? 🤣 I cannot believe he felt justified enough to go to the news about this. Even the behavior he admitted to is enough to make him look like a complete rube.
  6. Thanks, all! I appreciate the tips. I think we're just going to book a morning excursion, because the "walk around and see things" ports seem to be NOT Juneau. 🙂
  7. I would like to see Mendenhall, but I figure every single person in Juneau off a cruise ship that day will be doing just that. I think that may just be the route we go, though. Thanks for your response!
  8. It just occurred to me that I haven't done one in several years, and then it occurred to me that I haven't even heard of it in quite some time! Has it been eliminated? If so, about when?
  9. Not a misprint. The small craft excursion leaves about the same time as the ship, and returns us to the ship in the middle of the strait at its conclusion. Do you happen to have any Juneau suggestions?
  10. Good morning! We'll be in Juneau off the NCL Joy on a Thursday from 7:00 am - 1:30 pm. We have an excursion booked that leaves at 1:00 or 1:30 (the Allen Marine tour to the glacier...I forget the name of the tour) but have the whole morning free. Our plan as of right now is really to just explore some of the walkable area by foot, maybe stopping in at the Red Dog Saloon, but is there anything that you've seen or done while walking around that you would recommend we for sure make time for? Or do you think it's really just a matter of walking around and seeing what we see? Thanks...
  11. Thanks! I appreciate the insight. I think I'll just stay put.
  12. Thanks for your response! Can you explain what you mean by the bolded?
  13. First trip to Alaska, and we're currently booked in a port-side balcony. It's a round trip Seattle itinerary. If you were me, would you try to switch to a starboard side balcony to be interior facing for the journey north, and also facing the ports? Or would you just stay put because it really just doesn't matter?
  14. Depends what's more important to you: Ship or itinerary. In this particular case, I would jump on that Epic cruise. She's the only ship I've ever sailed twice, and would do it again in a heartbeat. That, combined with brand new islands for you....to me it's an easy choice. That said, if you loved the Escape, and don't mind revisiting places you've already been, you can't go wrong. But for me? I"d go Epic, for sure. The main two complaints are the bathrooms (they don't bother me even a little, but others obviously feel differently), and the lack of connection to the sea. I can see the second one being an issue if you spend a lot of time on the Waterfront in the Escape and away-class ships, but I honestly never noticed until someone brought it up. And now I'm off to look at that cruise out of San Juan you just mentioned. I really do love that ship, and I've never been to those islands, either...
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