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  1. I never had an issue on a cruise ship. It's the glacier cruises I was referencing. Some of the walking areas from front to back (I'm sure it has a name, I just don't know it, lol!), are narrow. I am only guessing the charters feel that they are a tripping hazard. I could see it happening on a not so smooth ride with someone's tripod taking up most of the walkway, and people trying to maneuver past. That's why I suggested a monopod. Smaller footprint.
  2. sharod

    Where to shoot Alaskan Bears

    If there is any way to get to Lake Clark, I highly recommend it! We were there on August 28 of this year, and there were lots of bears. My husband stopped counting at 35. Some close encounters too! We toured with www.alaskabearviewing.com out of Homer. Highly recommend! But I do know there are trips based out of Anchorage. Brown Bear by SHARON OBERHOLZER, on Flickr Lake Clark Brown Bear by SHARON OBERHOLZER, on Flickr Lake Clark Brown Bear by SHARON OBERHOLZER, on Flickr Brown Bears of Lake Clark National Park, Alaska by SHARON OBERHOLZER, on Flickr
  3. I went to Alaska a few months back with my Canon 70D. Did everything from bear viewing in Lake Clark, halibut fishing, Alaska Railroad that included a Resurrection Bay cruise, Denali flight tour, and much more! I took along my Tamron 17-50VC, Canon 18-135 STM, and rented the Canon 100-400 II. They all came in handy! I don't regret taking any of them! I did fine with hand holding my camera with the 100-400 attached. Just made sure my shutter speed was accurate to avoid blur. I think you may find many cruises do not allow tripods, I believe it may be a trip hazard. Monopod maybe? I would call and ask. Have a great trip! Alaska is AMAZING!!!!!!
  4. sharod

    Motorcycle Cruise?

    My husband and I took this motorcycle cruise back in 2013. At that time, the TA used Royal Caribbean, now he sails with Celebrity. I have done 2 reviews. One here, and one on a Harley forum. The Harley forum is probably a bit more complete. Lots of questions/answers. Here are the links.... http://boards.cruisecritic.com/showthread.php?t=1839973 http://www.hdforums.com/forum/road-trips/872846-yes-we-took-our-harley-on-a-cruise-ship.html Hope this answers your questions!!!!!
  5. sharod

    Picture-A-Week-2016 - Week 27

    A quick visit to Texas. Ended up at Fort Worth's Stockyard Station. Twice daily, they drive 15 longhorns down E Exchange Street. Quite a sight! Cattle drive by SHARON OBERHOLZER, on Flickr
  6. sharod

    Alaska Lens Choice for Canon

    It is my go to lens. Love that lens. If I left one at home, it would be the 17-50. BUT, it has the constant 2.8. So, I really don't want to leave it at home. As far as CPL's, we are planning on a land-based vacation. Flying in, renting a car, doing it on our own. I don't have the itinerary all worked out, but do know what we don't want to miss. Planning on staying anywhere from 10-14 days. Probably closer to 14. Regardless, my CPL's are in my bag at all times, whether I am planning on using them or not. Again, this is probably a once in a lifetime opportunity for me. The do it on our own part. Not ruling out a cruise at some point, always a possibility. I don't want to get there and wish I had something that I left at home. I hope that explains my though process :D
  7. sharod

    Alaska Lens Choice for Canon

    I too have a 70D and am in the process of planning a land-based Alaska vacation. I will be taking my Tamron 17-50VC 2.8, 18-135 STM, and I will be renting a 100-400. I will also have CPL filters for these lenses. This will provide me with the range I believe I will need. This will most likely be a once in a life-time opportunity for me, and I don't want to miss a thing!
  8. sharod

    Land only vacation in Alaska

    Thank you! I have subscribed to your thread. I can't wait to read what you have to say, but it is time to call it a night :D
  9. sharod

    Land only vacation in Alaska

    The renting a car and doing it on our own is definitely on the top of my list. Interesting update! Two days ago at my office I ran into a client that was born and raised in Alaska. Mat-Su Valley to be exact. Her family raised sled dogs and ran the Iditarod. She has worked in the tourist industry. One being sled dog tours, the other I can't remember :confused:. I will be seeing her again in a month and is compiling a list of Alaska info for me :)
  10. sharod

    Land only vacation in Alaska

    Wow, lots of good advice! Looks like I will order the Milepost magazine. I see that Amazon has it. I would like to go a little earlier in the summer, but unfortunately, my husband and the other fellow work at the same place. They have to compete with about 150 other employees to bid for their vacation. Summer can be hard to get 2 weeks off back to back. Although their supervisor did say he would work with them. As far as TripAdvisor, I frequent that site anytime I am planning a vacation. Lots of good info. I have written a few reviews there myself :) If anyone thinks of anything to add, please do!! I appreciate everyone's input so far!
  11. sharod

    Land only vacation in Alaska

    I know it is a cruise forum, but everyone here is very helpful. My husband, another couple and I are planning on visiting Alaska late August, early September in 2017. Originally, I thought about a cruise/cruisetour with Princess, and that is still a possibility. But now I am also looking into Alaska land tour packages, and also just going to Alaska, renting a vehicle, and doing it on our own. My question is for anyone that has taken a land based tour and enjoyed it. Anybody that wants to throw in suggestions for tour operators would be appreciated. Also, anyone that has any info they would like to share about visiting Alaska on your own, please do!!!!!
  12. Photos I took early yesterday morning for a local art studio. Always challenged with reflections in the windows of the buildings behind me :o Last one is the Christmas tree on the square in my hometown. Art studio front window by SHARON OBERHOLZER, on Flickr Art studio front window by SHARON OBERHOLZER, on Flickr Art studio front window by SHARON OBERHOLZER, on Flickr Art studio front window by SHARON OBERHOLZER, on Flickr Christmas tree on the square in my hometown. by SHARON OBERHOLZER, on Flickr
  13. sharod

    RAW, JPEG, or Both

    Used to shoot both, now only RAW. I would rather only have to sift through/delete 1 batch of images.
  14. sharod

    Picture-A-Week-2015 - Week 42

    Thank you Dave! Just found out this week that I am going to be a grandma again!!!! I will have the opportunity to try out the the few newborn props that this little one was too big for :)