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  1. Any chance your TA is in NH? In any event, your TA probably owes you the rest. That is what happened to me. Demand it. Good luck!
  2. In answer to your question, I was working with Zoe at Celebrity on the FCC after also working with TANH. Zoe processed an FCC and I was flabbergasted to see that it was for a fraction of what TANH had charged us for the Cabin. Zoe asked that I request someone at TANH to call her so they could discuss the differences. The agent at TANH refused to call Zoe saying they only worked with their special agents at Celebrity. From that point on I was repeatedly told by the same service agent at TANH that I would have an answer/resolution within 48 hours. After failing to do so two different times I tol
  3. Well, the same TA but some difference in that my credit card payments went to the TANH, not to Celebrity. Are you sure that your payments went to Celebrity? In any event, the refunds I got on my one cabin came from TANH. On the second cabin, I asked for a FCC of 125%. Celebrity gave me a somewhat small FCC and then, after numerous telephone calls and broken promises from TANH they said that they, not Celebrity, would provide the rest of my FCC. I went back to Celebrity and argued that this was not appropriate, the entire FCC should come from Celebrity. After about a week the TANH say they woul
  4. I ran into this same thing and I'm wondering if you booked through the TA based in NH? I was told that the TA would provide the rest of the FCC but I told Celebrity I was not happy with that and they got with the TA and the TA is paying me the difference.
  5. I've been posting on a different Roll Call but I thought I'd bring it to your attention on this Forum. Has anyone else run into the issue where the TA tells you that they will be providing a portion of the FCC for a canceled cruise. This has happened to me for the cancelled May 31 Eclipse Alaska cruise and the TA involved is one that many Celebrity cruisers use in NH. I am not happy for the TA to be involved with the FCC and I see nothing in the Celebrity documentation about TAs being involved. I've asked Celebrity to explain this and turn it around. I want the full FCC from Celebrity, not par
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