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  1. thanks everyone. Good question if the insurance is transferrable. If the cruise line cancels then I wonder if another insurance would refund. But they do have the cancel for any reason clause. I guess my biggest concern with travel is the medical aspect. You never know
  2. I know its the age old topic but still wonder whether to take Royals travel insurance or a little bit more expensive policy. Only a week in the caribbean and we are local to the Florida area. Have a few aging issues but nothing major. I believe Royal has the "anytime cancel" Anyway-just looking for thoughts on travel insurance. Oh-we booked for 8/2021. Very hopeful thinking. And vaccinated.
  3. Thanks.. I had to think about that one but got it. I'm a little slow on the pick up sometimes:)
  4. I used FCC from I think 2019 for a cancelled cruise 4/2020. I opted for a complete refund for the cancelled cruise. I was told the FCC I used is now good till 4/2021. I sent an email asking for an extension of that date. They declined. I guess if we are unable to cruise before 4/2021 I will revisit that plan. But hopefully we will be cruising again by then.
  5. thank you for putting this together!!!! I have added our information.
  6. We were able to request a refund on our cruise on 4/13. The cruise next certificates were posted back on our account on 4/17. We booked the cruise directly with NCL Cant wait to cruise again at the right time.
  7. Well said. We are booked on the Escape TA to Rome on 4/18. Booked return won AA with NCL. I’ve heard AA isn’t flying into Italy at this point. So many potentially problems. I’m worried.
  8. I completely understand that!!! But it also depends on the port. Get a great deal and go for it!
  9. just don't count on getting into the ports. That's another unknown. But I bet there are a lot of people on cruises as we speak! So enjoy
  10. I agree on calling back. I have done it twice. Got a better offer the 2nd time but decided to still wait and see. So call again!
  11. also- there are many shows but each one was packed when we went. It was really a lot of fun!!!! They had a show in the main theatre also but Cavern club is much more fun
  12. When we were on the Epic a few years ago you could get into the cavern club way before 30 min before the show. I would say if you want a seat to get there at least 1 hour before the show. Really!!!!! We loved it!!!!
  13. that summary is fantastic!!!!!! Thank you
  14. Roger, Someone asked a question about what to do when visiting Palma when our ship arrives on 4/29 for 4-11. You had mentioned going to a restaurant. Do you know of any vegetarian friendly places? Also will the shops be open to stroll around? Will we be taking a taxi into town? Thank you for your suggestions in advance Kathy
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