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  1. Hope they don’t do this on all ships with vibe. I like the small more intimate feel of the vibe rather then having 270 people.
  2. We were on the breakaway out of New Orleans last spring. First time with vibe passes. Loved it!! Vibe is small and you can get to know the group. The bartenders were fantastic!!!
  3. Mapleleaves-was it easy to navigate the train to Nice. I am considering that for April 2020. Kathy
  4. Check what days you are in port. Many places are closed on Sundays. We were in port on a sunday. I enjoyed Honfleur. Lots of shops and places to eat. If I remember right I heard other people being disappointed to areas they went because so many places were closed.
  5. We plan to stay in Rome a few days after disembarking from a TA. Does anyone recall if there is an excursion in the morning from the ship with a drop off in Rome? When we disembarked in Barcelona after a TA we took an excursion that dropped us off by the Ramblas. Also any suggestions for a hotel-decent, moderately priced near maybe the Colosseum or a location you thought was great. Thanks
  6. Isn’t that the truth. Lesson learned. Check what the plans are for the next couple cruisesafter yours. Don’t schedule a cruise before the ship go s into drydock.
  7. gosh some people have some cruel responses. But if only 30 minutes made the difference in seeing the gardens in daylight I am not sure they should even offer that tour. There are always those situations that can alter the best laid plans especially when arriving to ports. Its the risk of taking private tours and ship tours.
  8. Since NCL compensated some for missing 2 ports and we were able to cancel excursions the insurance we bought with the recommended sources on cruise critic said they would not reimburse more.
  9. Snappykins. Our trip insurinsurance didn’t cover anything. We had plans in Europe and the $600 covered our extra expenses but I am sure others had higher expenses and maybe trip insurance May have helped those extra costs.
  10. Snappy kind-we got 25% off that cruise and 25% off of what we paid for that cruise toward a future cruise. Nowhere near a compensation for all that 1 week before the cruise but I am not sure anything would as many people book based on itinerary and ship. NCL continued to advertise the 4 ports to be visited even after they notified us we would only have 2 ports and be dumped early. Oh and they gave 300.00 per person to a total of $600 to go toward air and hotel changes. This was 1 week before arrival in Europe. Our ship arrived 5/3 In Southampton i believe and some are still waiting to get that money back b
  11. Very sorry as I know how it feels to be excited and looking forward to your ports. NCL really slapped us with a major change last spring going from NY to Southampton. They had an “unexpected “ change to go into dry dock early. So they cut 2 ports and dumped us 2 days early. They informed us if this change 1 week prior to cruise and on Friday eve of Easter holiday. Talk about a mess. People scrambled to change excursions. Then a few days prior to sailing they decided they would change to the ports they said we would miss and cancel the other ports. Again a scramble to change. It was a total debacle. Many people found it hard to believe these were unexpected changes for going into dry dock good luck to all of u.
  12. I would recommend checking to make sure the ship isn’t scheduled for dry dock after your cruise. Just another thing I have recently learned about cruising. Because if the ship is scheduled for dry dock overhaul they might start repairs on the last cruise and even decide to cut that cruise short a few days and not tell u till like a week before the cruise-unfortunately I had that experience. Could be standard across the lines but beware.
  13. Sad situation. With what u paid u would think it would be looked at as an upgrade. We are also reevaluating our loyalty so to say with NCL. This spring we took a transatlantic on the Getaway. One week before leaving they said they had to get into drydock early so they took out 2 ports and dumped us 2 days early. Only gave $300 for changes ie air and hotel only and 25% back on cruise and same for future cruise. People called it bait and switch because they knew if drydock changes. I see now they are giving 50% for cancelled cuba port. We will use up our credits and be done with them.
  14. Same experience I had with holland America- 25% off next cruise not based on what we paid for present cruise and that was for only missing one port. Not like the total debacle we experienced on the Getaway TA.
  15. Definitely can’t change the weather. That is completely understandable.
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