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  1. IIRC, Strawberry Hill is (or was) a diner on US Highway 99 in the central valley of California. We stopped there 30 years ago for breakfast and I got in so much trouble by not buying a trinket set of "When Pigs Fly" earrings desired by Mrs. Berfle. This has turned into a many decades quest for pigs with wings mementos...
  2. Now you are just trying to start trouble... the 13 month old gets a bite then you eat the rest! 4 or 5 years down the line - you tease the kid about how they couldn't finish dessert. 😛 I can't finish a Volcano!
  3. He is in Branson and doing shows for families or small groups. So if you're in that area you can still get to see his show. Branson Central Theatre June 5 to Dec 19 2020. Visit stevemoriscomedy.com for tix & info Photo credit Steve Moris
  4. We were on the Royal twice last year, in a suite, and the Enclave (AKA Thermal Suite) was not included as a suite perk, we paid extra. Yes they give the little bag of scrub and a pad as part of the package. Princess FAQ "Stateroom Amenities": ..."while full suites offer all of these premiums plus complimentary laundry, and use of the Lotus Spa® Thermal Suite (on select ships, excluding Discovery Princess℠, Sky Princess®, Enchanted Princess®, Royal Princess®, Regal Princess®, Majestic Princess®, Grand Princess®, Pacific Princess®, Sun Princess® or Sea Princess®)" https://www.princess.com/learn/faq_answer/onboard/experience.jsp Note that all Royal class ships are excluded, as well as ships that don't have a Thermal Suite (and the Golden is gone from the list so this is recent). Maybe it was gifted to you?
  5. The Enclave is the Royal-class name for the Thermal Suite and it is NOT a suite perk on Royal class ships. So no hot tile loungers. Also, no free steam rooms or saunas. There are the loungers, heated water beds, fancy showers, steam rooms with fancy names and a room like a sauna. Plus the hydrotherapy pool.
  6. We really miss the piano bar - our favorite place after dinner. These new music venues also leave us cold as well.
  7. Yeah so it looks like a bag vs. a cooler -- you should be fine.
  8. Likewise, we have just (7/30) received the last of our refunds for our 8/8/2020 Alaska cruise. 105 days.
  9. They've never required sealed cases for carry-on. We used to check-in a sealed case of water after taping it up good and making a handle, but that's a while ago. What with the Princess Plus package where you can get all the 500ml waters you want from any bar (one or two at a a time). Plus the 12 pack of water for $6.80 is a good enough deal to make the hassle and schlepping not worth it to us. Admittedly, the sodas in the package are fountain only not cans. The cooler itself may be an issue though. The sizes allowed are pretty small unless you have dietary or baby food needs. From the FAQ: Coolers - only coolers approximately 12 x 12 x 12 in size (holds 6-12 cans of non-alcoholic beverages) are allowed. Guests carrying larger sizes will be directed to return them to their vehicle. If the guest is without a vehicle, the cooler will be destroyed in the same manner as other prohibited items. Exception: if the cooler is larger and contains baby food/formula, kosher food/special diet food or medication - these must be hand-carried. Coolers cannot be accepted as checked baggage.
  10. It does have MedallionNet WiFi. The best part in our opinion.
  11. You were told correctly. Plus, the smaller balconies on Caribe are those in the bump outs in yellow, premium are blue:
  12. You got me curious so I checked the website: Coral Princess 31 days: 15 days FLL to LA , 4 days LA to YVR, 12 day Alaska r/t YVR. April 18, 2021 - May 19, 2021 If only!
  13. The Aft Penthouse cabins are nice - no beams on the balcony.
  14. 2019 was their first season offering a tour and almost their first commercial harvest season. I also found Hump Island Oysters at the Mean Queen @Totem Square Sitka https://www.meanqueensitka.com/mqts.html They were supplying Oysters to Princess:
  15. Especially in the great Northwest
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