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  1. The Enclave thalassotherapy pool is large enough to walk around in - it's about 15 feet by 20 and 3 ft. deep. Stairs with rails on both sides. Heated to just above body temperature (except day one when they change the water). Bubbler stations on each of the long sides and bubbler bench across the back. 3 various therapy steam rooms and 8 heated loungers. We found it worth the extra.
  2. Amazon, U-Haul, BevMo and other shipping stores have wine shipping boxes that come in 1 - 12 bottle sizes. These can be checked or carried on. I've used 2 bottle inserts (without the box) in checked and carry-on - packing tape to keep them closed or just made room in the suitcase for the inserts in their box. I usually just strap a regular case box to a collapsible 2 wheel hand truck and put carry on luggage on top.
  3. My desktop wallpaper - Moorea 2003
  4. We want one of these that does LA to Sydney then back so we can book it as a b2b! Agree it does have to go to Bora Bora - even though they have cannibals there...
  5. Wow, just wow... The topic was about obvious lack of cleaning and maintenance and that attempts to bring it to corporate attention were met with crickets. Thank you to OP for the attempts! Maybe they'd try gray grout like on Grand Princess....
  6. Unless you are in a suite they are an extra fee - usually about $200+- per couple for a week. You need to go to Lotus Spa on boarding to sign up. I like the Thermal Suite on Star since it's on the same level as the Lotus Spa pool. Plus the Changing rooms have free steam rooms and sauna.
  7. I looked at the 2020 spreadsheet prices on Royal and they are exactly the same as 2022 spreadsheet prices on Disco. April LA cruises: 7 day MR and 7 day Cali coastal. So you may be right that the spreadsheet is higher than what will be the going rate.
  8. Yah - no reason to use anything other than your folio charge for casino cash.
  9. I don' need no steenkin stopper... But I do take one of these: with the built in aerator.
  10. The portside aft Vista is D736 on both and they are nearly identical and have a covered balcony.
  11. Free Sauna (Men's and Women's) - they are hidden., not in changing rooms but there are lockers and showers in the sauna rooms. No free steam.
  12. Great ship! - the thermal suite is on Sun deck forward of Lotus Spa pool so it is lit by a glass door to the pool. 5 tile heated loungers, Aromatherapy steam room, Gentle Sauna and Gentle Steam, plus 2 "rain showers". Our first and favorte Thermal Suite!
  13. Couples pass $219 for 7 dayer
  14. The only smoking section I remember (as an ex smoker) on Coral/Island was on Deck 15 starboard forward of the Grill. And, I'd be sure there is one on Promenade aft.
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