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  1. Neither... The stern is the right side, an aft balcony or even better a corner suite!
  2. That's why I bring bungee cords! We also prefer Vistas but only deck 9
  3. There are side views from the balcony in an OS, the deck plans don't show it but here is the view: We'd take the OS over a Penthouse any time. Some folks don't like the beam, but it can be handy for shade sometimes. Also the OS has a dining table for 4 inside.
  4. We were in L724 for a canal cruise over Thanksgiving. The most noise from the teen center was when it was open to adults - almost no kids on board - skee-ball is noisy! The location is very good, but open to above isn't our preference. We have heard very good things about E736/E737 - booked E736 for a canal cruise but upgraded to L724. Also consider E732/E733 - OV's right out onto the aft deck which is rarely used.
  5. We love the Grand and once we got to sail in the Princess Suite RT Hawaii with whirlpool tub on the balcony with a cool curved glass door into the bedroom, loved it. Downer is no Thermal Suite and the sauna/steam rooms are out by the Lotus Pool.
  6. Thanks! That was Nana Yoda's win, she hits one just about every cruise... I also play the tables but my wins are much smaller.
  7. The drinks package works at this "event".
  8. Join your cruise's Roll Call - usually good advice there, plus you can hook up for dinner/breakfast/ride share before & after. And many times the group will set up Cruise Critic events: Meet and Mingle, Slot Pull, Cabin Crawl, etc. … Just post to "join" https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2772097-grand-princess-march-10-2022-hawaii/
  9. 6. Where would you have seen the Blue Meanies? From your Yellow Submarine of course!
  10. Also fun and a good way to limit your losses is to sign up for the slot and blackjack tournaments. Used to be $20 buy in. And then ... well - you never know!
  11. Do they change the bill readers on each machine for the currency in use aboard?
  12. Also, use the Casino as a free ATM with benefits. If you get cash back or points on your credit card - those will be earned as well. Go to a machine, create and charge your casino account, play a bit, cash-out and go to the cage to get cash. All the machines on Princess will take US cash $1-$100. As noted, payouts go on your casino account. The tables (BlackJack and those other games) with a live dealer will take cash or can charge your casino account for chips. NB: the casino doesn't count your losses or even your winnings for future perks - only your "drop":
  13. My 1st guess would be that P&O didn't want it. 2nd guess would be that of the 3 it was already fully MedallionClass.
  14. You betcha that's an issue! I never wear pants and there are no belt loops on my Princess Onesie!
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