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  1. Him! Thank you! Too bad, he was really good!!!! :-)
  2. Who helps me remember the name of the CD that was on Equinox in 2017, a nice guy who changed his socks every night and joked with a puppet and a CD helper of Asian origin?
  3. the times in Italy are really long for anything, even if now they say that they will not leave more ships from Venice (they say for years and change their mind after 5 minutes) the time for the preparation of other pier will be at least 5 years ... let's bet? I have many friends from Venice, it is convenient for them and they are not sorry for these wonderful departures.
  4. In Muelle 1 there is the one of Carnival... maybe it's small or exclusive, but I've seen it... Can you tell me something about the buses? Thank you!
  5. I'll do b2b too next March. It's a shame that the pier is the Panamaerican because it was so nice to get off and already be in the center! Can you tell me if they have a bus or there are only taxis from the Panamerican pier? thanks
  6. on instagram did not respond when they asked him where the holidays will end... do you know where Captain Kasimatis will be?
  7. Good morning, everyone! I wanted to ask if it was possible to know (if allowed by the rules) where I can book the next cruise with Celebrity as from Italy there are no perks while on various American sites I see them ... I could also do it from the official Celebrity website, but I found that many agencies offer more credit on board at the same price, but I don't know if they are reliable or not... if you can do it, tell me where you book? Thank you so much!
  8. short break ended... I'm desperate ahahah it was wonderful!!! The ship of exceptional elegance, staff had no doubts, all very kind and attentive. Cabin I knew it made noise (6001) and in fact it was, I can only say one negative thing (which then so negative is not but annoying yes): the curtain in the shower .... By now the curtains should be banned in the shower! ahahah Otherwise really fabulous, white night of my taste!!!! I hope to take Azamara again!!!!
  9. to always talk about Salmon... I just got off three days ago on Azamara (divine!!) MA the salmon was so salty!!!!😭
  10. arrived yesterday communication of the change pier of embarkation, given the incident last week of the MSC, instead of embarking at San Basilio, we will embark at pier 18 it doesn't change much, the important thing is to leave! Among other things, the app has been updated and I discovered that the second night there will be a white party! :-)
  11. I wanted to book an outside but they recommended a balcony that cost less!
  12. hopefully! I'd really like that, too. I'll wear the white dress anyway 😉
  13. happy me too, but how do you do if you do not put the private messages as in all other forums... said this the salmon is always great and I can not wait to make these breakfasts again!
  14. Goodmorning Fogfog ! Unfortunately you can not send private messages, I wanted to tell you that these days I will make my differences between MSC and Celebrity! (and I will try in less than a month Azamara!) See you soon !!!
  15. Sure! I also have to make the differences between MSC and Celebrity these days !
  16. 😥 in short... I don't find it so cheap, I call it more a madness... but happy to have done it (we are not all the same) 😉
  17. Hello! :-) I booked a three-day cruise on Pursuit for next month! I will leave from Venice (which is always great even for me being Italian) and I can't wait to try this experience! Unfortunately it will only be three days, but I will try to enjoy them as much as possible! They assigned me the cabin 6001, I saw the reviews and it won't be the best but it's okay anyway, I'm very happy! But I guess that in just three days there will be a fantastic dinner near the pools, any of you have experience on cruises so short? Thank you very much!
  18. the captain with the and or the a? I didn't really understand if it was her or if they cloned her.
  19. I’m onboard on Equinox. First breakfast in blu and i don’t see a salmon plat in menu. I ask and the waiter looks at me embarrassed and says it's not on the menu... then I get pancakes and go to the buffet. I desperately look for the salmon station but it's not there. Did they really take the salmon out? Or is it a case because it's the first day? They didn't lower the prices so I don't think they can really lower the quality.
  20. Hello! If I'm classic with Captains Club and gold with C&A, can I add the points or are they the same level for now? thanks
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