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  1. Honestly, I think it's BS - I'd much rather have gone to the competitor's mother's house and eaten her home-cooked food as the food that was included in the Carnival excursion was absolutely pathetic! Tiny tiny portion - ONE small piece of plantain and a couple of bony pieces (like, one bite each!) of chicken and when i asked for another piece of plantain I was told no!! Ridiculous!! However, it does buy you peace of mind bc you get to get off the ship first etc. ifyou go through Carnival. Overall, nice excursion but in my opinion overpriced even with the discount
  2. We've just been to GC, it was very nice! Took a bus to the public beach, which is right next to Calico Jack's, where we got two lounge chairs and an umbrella for $20 (they also had some less nice ones for 15), which we thought was reasonable. We were going to have lunch there but ended up getting food from nearby where some locals had set up - food was good and plentiful for $10 a plate. Got a bucket of local beers from Calico Jack's - I think it was 5 beers for $20, again very reasonable. We took a shuttle back from there to the port, which was $5 per person, if I remember correctly - I'm sure we could have taken a bus back, too, but this just seemed easier. Overall, we loved it there! It's a beautiful beach, and the entire place seems clean and more civilized than a lot of the other islands
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