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  1. We are just beginning to look at Iceland's Majestic Landscapes, and are wondering if air connections would be easier in one direction over the other, considering the cities we are dealing with. Flying from a major US airport, although not on the east coast. Are there any other issues with the itinerary in one direction vs. the other?
  2. On our Viking trip from Paris to Trier this past summer, I was prepared to drag myself through the long day of a coach trip. But I found the trip very comfortable and surprisingly interesting. When crossing the borders, the guide on our bus raised the issue of using the color of the road signs to see what country we were in. The tour in Luxembourg (the capital city of the country of Luxembourg, who knew?) was nicely done and full of interesting asides, such as citizens are required to vote and fined if they do not. Most moving, and completely unexpected, to me, at least, the American from a
  3. I had the exact same question for our late June trip with connections in Zurich. Only ours were more in the neighborhood of an hour instead of 90 minutes. Others on this board assured me that Zurich airport isn't huge and is quite efficient. And they were correct. Going to Europe we had no issues whatsoever, plenty of time. Coming home, there was a delay on the tram, so a little closer but still time to make boarding.
  4. It looks like we have to choose either the Marksburg Castle tour or the Ehrenbreitstein Fortress optional tour for the day we are in Koblenz on our Cities of Light trip with Viking. Maybe because of the amount of time we are there? We have no mobility issues, so we could handle either tour. Recommendation from any recent travelers?
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