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  1. We are just beginning to look at Iceland's Majestic Landscapes, and are wondering if air connections would be easier in one direction over the other, considering the cities we are dealing with. Flying from a major US airport, although not on the east coast. Are there any other issues with the itinerary in one direction vs. the other?
  2. On our Viking trip from Paris to Trier this past summer, I was prepared to drag myself through the long day of a coach trip. But I found the trip very comfortable and surprisingly interesting. When crossing the borders, the guide on our bus raised the issue of using the color of the road signs to see what country we were in. The tour in Luxembourg (the capital city of the country of Luxembourg, who knew?) was nicely done and full of interesting asides, such as citizens are required to vote and fined if they do not. Most moving, and completely unexpected, to me, at least, the American from an American centric world, was the American cemetery. I would not want to have missed that.
  3. I had the exact same question for our late June trip with connections in Zurich. Only ours were more in the neighborhood of an hour instead of 90 minutes. Others on this board assured me that Zurich airport isn't huge and is quite efficient. And they were correct. Going to Europe we had no issues whatsoever, plenty of time. Coming home, there was a delay on the tram, so a little closer but still time to make boarding.
  4. Both restaurants we visited in Prague had menus in English. Food was very good, and seemed authentic; but then, how would we know? The Gate, just down the street from the Prague Hilton, and La Republica, toward the town square from the hotel, were both spots recommended by the Viking staff. Warning: don't order the pork knuckle at La Republica unless you are a very hungry eater and ready for about 3 pounds of pork. All of us at the table sampled it, and we laughed so hard at the look on our poor friend's face when she got her plate, that I am sure the rest of the restaurant was wondering just how much beer we had already had!
  5. As far as the food issue, for the one night that we spend in a hotel in Dresden on our Elbe cruise during 2013, the year of the flood, we had a banquet room at the hotel turned into our dining room. Similarly for breakfast the next morning. Super excellent accommodations, food, and service. We really could not have asked for anything better. The staff on the ship was teasing us that they were the ones who taught the hotel staff everything that they knew.
  6. JPalbny, the views were gorgeous! And everyone stopping for pictures here and there helped manage the heat effects, so although we all looked pretty rough on reaching the fortress, no one seemed to be in any danger. Also, thankfully, no one who was not physically able attempted the trip, so we didn't have to worry about alternate arrangements. There was a horse cooling trough next to the fountain in the fortress, empty sadly, that we all could have used.
  7. On our recent Viking Cities of Light trip from Paris to Prague, one of the extra excursions was Hike the Wurzburg Hills. A coach took us to the top of the hill above the Kappele, a short walk down to see it, more walking down some nicely maintained paths, to town for a short walk to the paths up to the Marienberg Fortress. Up through the vineyards onto the fortress and a much steeper but shorter walk down to town, where we had time to wander the town a bit or head back to the docking area to await the ship, which was a bit delayed due to locking. Would have been a perfect excursion except for the heat and sunshine. But a great opportunity to get a bit more exercise than a mosey through town.
  8. Wondering if some friends who have already booked with Viking can add our ID number as their referral? Or must this be done at initial booking?
  9. That ? icon looks to me to be "L", probably low-cal or low-fat, based on the items it has marked. Also thanks much for the wonderful review.
  10. We will be traveling the day before our international flight and I am wondering if, instead of worrying about the best way to accomplish on-line or whatever check-in once it opens, we can just present ourselves at the counter in plenty of time before the flight, check our bags, and get our boarding passes there? We have air from O'Hare through a cruise line and have assigned seats.
  11. We are connecting in Zurich from a Swiss Air flight from Chicago, to a Swiss Air flight to Paris. The connection time seems a bit short to me, about an hour. But considering that we stay with the same airline and I have read that Zurich is an efficient and not too huge airport, would this be okay, do you think? The flights are through the cruise line so I am sure they will say they are fine. :)
  12. Thanks to both of you for the comments. Castle and view it is.
  13. It looks like we have to choose either the Marksburg Castle tour or the Ehrenbreitstein Fortress optional tour for the day we are in Koblenz on our Cities of Light trip with Viking. Maybe because of the amount of time we are there? We have no mobility issues, so we could handle either tour. Recommendation from any recent travelers?
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