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  1. Update to our story.... We cancelled March 16,two weeks before final payment. Sail Date July 9. Island Princess No calls to Princess or cc dispute. (Tho I gave consideration) Deposit appeared on CC today, so wait was 107 days Son and family deposits also appeared on CC today. We are Canadians, I used Cdn CC and son used a US CC. (I had a lot of time to try and figure out how Princess was processing this) but clearly didn’t make any difference. Good luck to everyone waiting for their refunds.
  2. Hello. I have question about filing cc dispute. We cancelled before final and it will be 60days since that time tomorrow. Our cruise was to sail in July. We made this deposit back in May 2019. I have read that refunds are going according sail date, I understand that. Is there a particular time I could, if I wished, proceed cc route? Just looking for information for future. Thank you.
  3. ICUQT. - Aww it is a disappointment when you plan a special trip like that. Well happy 50th! You have each other and that’s a precious gift. Cruise Raider - yes it does appear we got caught when things went south. Well, shall put my sights on September. Our son and his family were to join us, so we started a two family pool as to when we expect our refund. Son picked September, we shall see.
  4. ICUQT thank you for your reply. Appreciate your sharing of your information. For me 12k is a huge amount of money and I sincerely hope this is resolved for you as quickly as possible.
  5. Thank you for your reply. Patience for sure 😀.
  6. We cancelled March 16, two weeks before final payment. At that time our July cruise was still a go. No refund yet. I am guessing from research that we would have been put in the lineup for July, which could then be 60 to 90 days or more. Is this likely scenario ? It was a sizeable deposit, so I am sure hoping we will see this in future. Thank you.
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