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  1. fin

    NCL Cuba Excursions

    Anybody want to share how much it COSTS, or is this against board rules or something? \
  2. fin

    Prices in Cuba

    Thank you very much.
  3. fin

    Which Shore Excursion ??

    How much are they each, per person, in US dollars?
  4. fin

    Cuba Visa's?

    How much ARE the ship excursions? Seems to be a big secret. Please tell, per person in US dollars.
  5. fin

    Prices in Cuba

    How much money is the ship run shore excursion? Per person in US dollars, please.
  6. fin

    BA news in NY

    If there might be ONE thing on which everyone posting here would agree (how likely is that, I hear you ask) it is this: The biggest single complaint that I have heard expressed over and over was the same. There was NO effective communication from the top.. That is inexcusable. It is decent, common sense, caring reflexive behavior, or it certainly ought to be. Have candor and basic honesty become so fragile that the worry about possible litigation has destroyed them? I would not be surprised if some substantive changes in procedure concerning accurate and timely messages for passengers flow from this incident. I would hope that they do. Basic, honest, timely information provided to people who are upset to varying degrees can have NO downside. (Or at least one would HOPE that worry over possible litigation has not again tipped the scales on this behavior as well. It is this same lack of decency and common sense in being honest with patrons which was also a large part of the disgusting disgraceful weekend at the flagship airport of America. It is, to repeat myself, INESXCUSABLE that passengers can get more and better information from twitter than they can for those responsible for taking care of them.
  7. Anybody else notice the little boat tied up just to the west of K? 302 feet long, crew of 35.
  8. fin

    5 Ships At Nassau at same time....

    May turn out to be the new 'normal' till St Maarten, St Thomas, San Juan and several other smaller ports are back in operation. They have to go 'somewhere'!
  9. https://www.nytimes.com/2017/09/29/travel/cuba-state-department-warning-sonic-attacks.html
  10. fin

    Key West

    Cruise ships have already visited. The Southernmost Point webcam shows some visitors, but nothing like the long lines of folks who lined up there for photos pre-storm.
  11. Barcelona to where? It is a very popular cruise port, but do some reading about recent events there involving tourism. Several people I know have had their money stolen in that city, in highly crowded, popular tourist areas.
  12. When I was in Ponce, I did see that they did have a harbor, and I supposed there were other ports as well. I am happy there are ten, but many of those are classified as 'small' and I do not know what that means in terms of number of ships able to bring supplies at one time. Do not think I am rooting against PR being a cruise stop soon, as I am not. But the visual of an island in desperate need of life saving supplies sharing much needed harbor space with a cruise ship just does not seem to me to be one that local officials would be anxious to see.
  13. An intriguing wager, but a bit nebulous, so I'll pass. Again, your assumption seems to be that the "outlying areas", who must get their most basic necessities of life by sea and air, will not take precedence over cruise ships using the dockage? Time will tell. And of course, the season ain't over yet either.
  14. Key West was able to be resupplied by convoys of fuel trucks and utility trucks from all over the eastern US. San Juan does not have that option. ALL their supplies must come by sea and air. With millions of people there needing the most basic necessities of life...shelter, food, water, it would seem that using available air and shipping resources for vacationers would be a low priority, even if they DO buy tee shirts and umbrella drinks while they are there.
  15. Me, I think I'd pull the plug and plan something else, rather than have to sweat out 90 days of worrying and watching additional storms forming and being named and moving across the region. In my case, it is not just talk. We had to and did cancel a trip on which 5 of six islands had been basically destroyed. The 6th was a private island which itself may no longer even exist. It would be nice to think that life in PR will be back to normal (for visitors) in a few months, but given their lack of money and the total destruction of their power infrastructure, I am dubious.