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  1. larrythelabrador

    Shuttle buses

    Thank you :)
  2. larrythelabrador

    Shuttle buses

    Do Princess offer shuttle buses when ship is not docked in a city? In particular I'm interested to know about Fremantle & the Golden in March. Thanks :)
  3. larrythelabrador

    $15 corkage fee - how does it apply and work?

    That's useful, thanks. Am I right in thinking then that we can bring a bottle each onboard at each port then? I didn't realise that! :)
  4. larrythelabrador

    Prices of drinks

    Thanks. That's great, thank you (y):beer-toast:
  5. larrythelabrador

    Prices of drinks

    I guess not then! :(
  6. larrythelabrador

    Prices of drinks

    Hi, Can anyone point me to drinks prices please? Going on Golden out of Melbourne & interested to know about costs of beers & wine by the glass. :)
  7. larrythelabrador

    Help with tours in St. Petersburg

    Thanks :)
  8. larrythelabrador

    Help with tours in St. Petersburg

    How do you manage for visas if you use an independent tour company?
  9. larrythelabrador

    Rome: Which Excursion?

    Few weeks ago did the Glories of the gladiators tour, took us to the Mouth of truth, coliseum & then to the Forum before leaving us at Plazza Navona with 3 hours free time, it was a good trip & we walked straight past the huge queues at the coliseum as we had pre booked places!
  10. larrythelabrador

    Britannia Aquarobics

    Thanks, she will have to make do with the gym then :)
  11. larrythelabrador

    Britannia Aquarobics

    I am instructed to ask if there are Aquarobic classes (whatever they are) on Britannia? :eek:
  12. larrythelabrador

    What are my chances?

    That's why some of us book earlier!
  13. larrythelabrador

    Britannia Irons

    Hmmm, OK, Thanks, but seems a bit strange that they are not on their published list of banned items though :confused:
  14. larrythelabrador

    Britannia Irons

    Hi, Can someone advise if it's OK to take a small 185W travel iron on Britannia? Can't find anything in banned items. Thank you
  15. larrythelabrador

    Brittania sindu

    Yes, that means the other times are taken already!