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  1. If you have a paying in slip you can bank cheques at UK post office! I'm just waiting for one to bank 😕
  2. I'm still waiting for someone to email informing me that my June Alaska cruise in cancelled! 😕
  3. Pretty poor I think! They are still telling me Alaska in June is going ahead 😞
  4. Well, here's my situation, Alaska cruise in June, deposit paid & also flights & hotels paid in full through TA, they want the cruise balance of just under £4k tomorrow or we lose the £1200 already paid. We know the cruise cannot take place as per the Cnadian government website butt Cunard are still listing it! Do we pay the balance on a credit card or.........?
  5. Today we have been chased for our final balance for cruise from Vancouver in June that cannot take place as the Canadian Government have banned all cruise ships until July 1st at earliest! Are Cunard completely mad?
  6. I need a bit of advice please. Booked on a June Cunard cruise as part of a package, it includes flights & hotel stay in Vancouver & QE cruise from Vancouver to Alaska, departs Vancouver June 12th. The Canadian Government have banned all cruises until at least July 1st, details on their website. Now our balance is due tomorrow & the operator is saying we need to pay it! 😟 Thoughts, please? Thanks.
  7. Cunard have just told us our cruise around Alaska from Vancouver in June is still going ahead! 😮 That is despite Canada banning all cruises until July??? Not impressed, presume they are hoping we pay the balance due tomorrow!
  8. It's a tricky one! Our balance is due in 5 days for Q018 to Alaska, still pondering what to do! 😬 If we cancel now our booking agents won't refund the £700 for flights & hotels 🙂 If we pay & Cunard cancel the cruise we will get it all back.
  9. It's not the virus as much as being quarantined on the ship! 😬
  10. Princess have just updated their policies, one thing they have changed if dropped the final balance from 90 days to 60, be very disappointing if Cunard don't do the same!
  11. I can enter everything but it refuses to save it!
  12. I see we will have both Ice White Ball & a Roaring Twenties gala nights on our cruise, it would be interesting to hear what attire others suggest for those evenings? Both for male & female, Images would be nice! 🙂
  13. I am now able to access the VP again, but still cannot enter any personal details, had the same message saying they have a technical problem for about 6 weeks now!
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