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  1. everyone should be able to get cash refund even if they took the fcc on the last cancel, reason being they cant guarantee when they can sail again,.
  2. im still missing my fcc from the last wave of cancels. smh, carnivals went smooth as silk, this is the second time iv had to wait long for my fcc to appear with ncl.
  3. well you have to admit the way they worded that email , implies all fcc. not just fcc issued for insurance.
  4. Im still waiting., still "in process" id like to go somewhere by the end of the month. goo some got theirs and they are working on the 1.7 mill backlog.
  5. I was thinking that it could be a third party trying to get ppl to buy insurance however that is ncls number listed.
  6. how can they legally do this?, with so many stuck and not able to get a cash refund. i hope many do a charge back on the credit cards.
  7. ncl can kiss my grits. im getting a little annoyed with their antics as of late. not very impressed with them and after i use this fcc ,will likely not sail with them again and stick to royal,celbrity and carnival.
  8. i rebooked twice using all fcc only and never was required to add ncl insurance, could you post the email thanks.
  9. still missing my fcc from the last wave of cancels, anybody get theirs?
  10. the cruiselines dev /IT team has been on vacation for a long time.
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