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  1. I was on this cruise. I had a great time however the Breeze imo isnt ready. Dining has a lot of hiccups main and specialty dinning. Casino cage lines very long. Chefs on board pretty rusty as well as dining staff. I would say give it a month or 2.
  2. Ill be honest the breeze main dining room food was very disappointing last week.
  3. I choose mornings around 11am and it worked out great with animals still placed on my bed Once a day is enough for me.
  4. You just have to be near a machine. They wont check your playing it. I got many drinks after I played
  5. Its really not. They could care less i had them on there still took longer.
  6. Mine took 4 months and i had to contact a congressmens office. They want all back to work but them My countys tax offices and such only is open 3 days a week now.
  7. Haha side note its not me there but i saw him and he fit my avatar well. 😅 Few hiccups as expected. Long casino cage lines. Restaurants staff a bit disorganized. Food not as good so far. Specialty dining complete disaster here. Long waits , too many packed in there. Other than that having a great time being at sea again.
  8. Yes there is a casino bar however will not honor the "on us " booking. Which sucks because getting a floor server is very frustrating i had only 3 drinks all day yesterday
  9. This is true however if had this same type of promo on RC and it was much better and you can use it at the casino bar also.
  10. Some times i got one before playing. But since none allowed the first night. There is play recorded in the system. But all i had to go through the server on the floor. Its very annoying really. Long wait times.
  11. I am booked on the on us package. And they told me no drinks the first night and also not anywhere else on the ship. Except the casino floor. Im on board right now.
  12. Imo they are not ready at all and its only 75 percent capacity. Should have started at 50% casino is having issues . But dining is a real struggle. Many issues with wrong billings to your account as well. Wifi snail slow. Not even worth getting imo. Takes up to 1 hour to send a text message. That said im not looking to find things im actually looking to have fun and enjoy cruising again. 😎
  13. Having a great time back on board however a nightmare at the steakhouse (1 hour 20 min ) to get apps. Too many tables squished together. Bad food quality. I walked out and went to dinner time and that was very unorganized. No real service just plop food down. I was ready for some hiccups but it was bad. Food was coming out pretty bad as well sadly. I did have a good steak on day 2. The lunch buffet is like staff meal quality. Now iv been on many ships and i know they have to work things out. But you would think options and quality is there. Now desserts have been excellent
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