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  1. yes mine was 8/3 out of Galveston,and not needed , so it does constantly change and depend on state/port embarking from.
  2. ok great , thank you , that does clear things up a bit.
  3. Would be nice if they only pretested all pax coming on board at their cost while checking in . While i dont mind the testing and i think its good , now pax have to worry about getting the appointment and test results in time also.
  4. yeah thats what they asked for , but im guessing number and name of place was ok if you had no email.
  5. You can buy them on ebay for $3 blank. When i cruised last month carnival asked for name number and email of place i received it, i dont think they checked but if it looked dodgy they may have.
  6. Thank you , not everyone is aware of the latest changes and when you book they never mentioned it besides being fully vaccinated. My recent trip on Carnival last month did not require testing if all were fully vaccinated.
  7. Why are ppl talking about debating and arguing? all ppl want to know is what is required. geez
  8. im not debating it, i simply asked if its required or not, no need for snarky attitude. thanks.
  9. What do you mean "clearly" if all are vaxxed i would think required testing is not needed.
  10. I did go on one Carnival cruise out of texas that went well . This one is out of NY on the Gem (which iv been on before) to Bermuda in dec. Does anyone know if things have changed as for as a cruise out of NY , i am fully vaxed .
  11. I suspect ncl wants to inflate it so they can eat up that fcc. 👎
  12. yeah i was looking at NY and even Florida and they seem pretty much higher than before.
  13. They haven't worked in so long , i tipped heavy on top, and the look on the cabin stewards face was all worth it.
  14. While trying to rebook , I am seeing very high port charges and fees. compared to other lines . 😪 Anyone else notice this?
  15. STEAKHOUSE that was the table they gave me first. Smh too packed in.
  16. unfortunately no , i didnt eat in there after day 2. the italian restaurant however was very good and service was excellent
  17. I was on this cruise. I had a great time however the Breeze imo isnt ready. Dining has a lot of hiccups main and specialty dinning. Casino cage lines very long. Chefs on board pretty rusty as well as dining staff. I would say give it a month or 2.
  18. Ill be honest the breeze main dining room food was very disappointing last week.
  19. I choose mornings around 11am and it worked out great with animals still placed on my bed Once a day is enough for me.
  20. You just have to be near a machine. They wont check your playing it. I got many drinks after I played
  21. Its really not. They could care less i had them on there still took longer.
  22. Mine took 4 months and i had to contact a congressmens office. They want all back to work but them My countys tax offices and such only is open 3 days a week now.
  23. Haha side note its not me there but i saw him and he fit my avatar well. 😅 Few hiccups as expected. Long casino cage lines. Restaurants staff a bit disorganized. Food not as good so far. Specialty dining complete disaster here. Long waits , too many packed in there. Other than that having a great time being at sea again.
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