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  1. Just off the Coral, and one of my favorite foods this cruise was the Basil Lime Sorbet. It was perfect, delicious and refreshing, especially after a decadent meal.
  2. We were told by the conductor on WPRR that they have two lift cars which are provided for people who cannot access the train by using stairs. Unlike some other lifts that we have used, the lifts on the train allowed my husband to roll my transport chair onto the lift pad and ride up with me, rolling me into the car himself. The cruise lines sell a limited number of accessible seats, so by reserving one of those seats well in advance, there shouldn’t have been a space issue, and there wasn’t. When the ship’s tour desk employee was questioning me, I told her that if it was a matter of another disabled person booking at the last minute and needing the seat, we would gladly give our seats up, because we have done the train ride before. That wasn’t the problem. And, again, the WPRR employees were wonderful.
  3. The baristas told us they could make almost any coffee concoction we wanted, but there were plenty of choices on both the hot and iced menus to choose from. I know decaf is an option, and don't see why they couldn't make a iced decaf tiramisu. On the Coral, they also had traditional coffee brewers for regular and decaf drinkers. We didn't find a coffee bar menu in our room, so I bookmarked the menu online to help my decision making before sending my wonderful husband down for our morning coffee.😊
  4. I agree with lstone19. You will always have a full sea day before reaching either Juneau or Ketchikan. I may be mistakenly calling embarkation day as day 1, sea day as day 2, and first port as day 3. Yes, jamesnnb, SLO is San Luis Obispo. We lived in Templeton before moving to the Puget Sound area. We love it up here in the NW! I don't know what your time frame is, but we have done the 7 night Princess cruise RT out of Vancouver twice, and although it is only offered a few times each season, it is especially nice for those of us that like to sail in calmer waters.
  5. We are just back from our 5th cruise to Alaska with Princess, but my first since needing to use a wheelchair part-time due to MD. I purchased WPRR tickets thru Princess before our cruise, requesting seats in the accessible car, since my husband would be pushing me in my transport chair. I am unable to climb steps. Once we boarded our ship, I received a voice mail as well as a written notice informing me that the accessible car was ONLY for those confined to wheelchairs, and to please certify that I was truly wheelchair bound. We went to the ship's tour desk to explain my situation, where the agent repeatedly told me I wasn't qualified to use the lift car since I could stand on my own and use a cane, and that someone would be able to help me up the steps of the train. After telling her that we would need to cancel if I could not use the lift, she gave me the tickets. On the day of our train ride, I expected to find the accessible car full, for why else would it be so difficult to get a seat? Nope, our car only held us and one other couple. For anyone taking the WPRR, please know that the actual WPRR employees were wonderful, and the train ride was beautiful! The WPRR is a great option for those with mobility issues.
  6. Whether you go between Vancouver Island and BC or around Vancouver Island, you will have at least a partial day of open water from the northern tip of Vancouver Island until you pass Haida Gwaii and enter the Alaskan Inside Passage. This is true whether you go to Ketchikan first or Juneau. The sea day on cruises that sail between BC and Vancouver Island has really nice scenery in the morning and early afternoon of day 2. Once you enter Queen Charlotte Sound, you are further away from land. Where are you sailing from jamesnnb?
  7. I never ordered one of the specialty coffee drinks from anywhere but the IC, but I did order cappuccinos several times in the main dining room during both breakfast and lunch. The other specialty drink I enjoyed from the IC was their hot chai latte, but it's pretty sweet.
  8. Just off the Coral yesterday, and no on-demand was available as far as we know. We were able to watch several recent movies (changed daily) on our cabin TV, and for any NBA fans sailing soon, ESPN was available for some games.
  9. Interesting that Princess ships have different embarkation menus. We just came back from Alaska on the Coral, and I had a delicious salmon entree along with the avocado/shrimp appetizer and orange soufflé. I believe we were able to choose from the “old” menu fishywood referred to. Everything was yummy😋
  10. If you want to spend time on deck or on your balcony, make sure to ask your steward for a couple of deck blankets. They really help!
  11. We are just off the Coral, and enjoyed specialty coffee each morning from the IC. We had the Premium Beverage Package as part of our promotional deal, and while we do not drink enough alcoholic beverages to make buying the PBP worthwhile as a separate purchase, we would definitely get the Grounds coffee package. The tiramisu coffee was my favorite. You can order any of the specialty coffees as decaf if you need to avoid caffeine.
  12. We just returned from Alaska on the Coral. We had 5:15 traditional, which worked out well for us. Our meals were completed by 6:45-7:00, leaving plenty of time for evening activities. We thought the food in the DR was delicious. We chose to use Sabatini’s for our promotional specialty meal, and while the food was good, we didn’t enjoy that meal as much as we did those in the DR. The service was excellent in both the DR and at Sabatini’s.
  13. We just sailed on the Coral RT to Alaska. Despite the fact that it is early in the season, and three ships were in port the day we left, it only took an hour and fifteen minutes from the time we parked our car at Canada Place to boarding the ship at 11:45. Our room was ready, so we stashed our valuables and headed down to lunch in the dining room. The salmon I had for lunch was cooked perfectly! After the multiple lineups in the boarding process, it is much more pleasant to be served a nice meal in the DR rather than fight the crowds in the buffet.
  14. We are on the Coral, and were just sitting down to dinner when our Captain announced news of the accident. The dining room was completely silent as everyone realized the magnitude of the losses. Yesterday was a beautiful day in Ketchikan, but when we saw multiple emergency vehicles heading out of town we knew something bad had happened. I am so sad for those on the Royal, and hope that the beauty of Alaska will help in the healing process for passengers and crew. Our hearts go out to all affected, including the families of the pilots.
  15. I believe the announcement stated it was a problem with the gas turbine.
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