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  1. Thank you! I assumed so, but wasnt sure if it was automatic with a casino offer.
  2. I just went on a cruise in June and now I have two casino offers being emailed to me. Money off cruise rate, onboard credit, and reduced deposit. Both offers look the same but have different codes on them. I can't tell if drinks on us are included with either offer code. Would it be clearly listed if included in the offer?
  3. I leave Saturday on Breeze deck 6 for the EXACT rationale!!
  4. Cant wait to read! We leave on same ship/itinerary in 11 days!!!
  5. I am just making sure I am packing correctly for a cruise in 11 days!!! ❤️ ❤️ I think I can wear jeans or jean capris to dinner with a blouse (no tshirts, right?) every night except elegant night. Swap out jeans for black dress pants and a blouse and be good for elegant night also. My husband can do polo shirts (still assuming no tshirts) and jeans and swap out the jeans for khakis on elegant night. The really tough ones .. 7 and 4 year old boys that hate wearing anything but tshirts/athletic shorts and pants. Can they get away with tshirts and khaki shorts on most nights and then polo shirt for elegant nights only? How do you see the little ones dressed in main dining room? Thanks for the help! First time cruising in 9 years and first time with kids...
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