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  1. Thanks to all who ans. my question george35
  2. We would like to redeem some of our CRUISE POINTS on our up-comming cruise ( Aug. 1st, fingers crossed ) & would like to know if we dont use all the OBC from our points do we lose the remaing money left?? Example, received $250 SBC from CRUISE POINTS & only use $150 of it can we get the remaing $100 back in cash or do we lose it?? Hope I made myself clear> george35
  3. I hope it will be the ALLURE on Aug 1st 2021. We had 4 cruises cancelled so far for or 62nd & 63 anniversary & aug will be our 64th ( were running out of time ) george35
  4. Ive got her booked for June 6th, still hoping. george35
  5. If RCL cancells your cruise, what do you have to do? Do they tell you what to do when they notify you that your cruise is cancelled or are you auto. on the refund list? george35
  6. The Crown & Anchor points, sorry george35
  7. I have had 4 cruises cancelled & I know if you dont use your points in a year they take some points away from you. My question is are they still doing that or have they stopped because of all the cruise cancellations? george35
  8. I CANNOT post on the site nor can I answer a post from someone else. This started a week ago. george35
  9. We have a RCL Visa card that we always use for booking a cruise, my question is if I take say $500 OBC for my reward points but on the cruise I only use $200 of it do I lose the remaining $300 or can I get cash at the end of my cruise. The reason I ask is that we are both in our 80s & we dont except tours buy much on board. Thanks george35
  10. We are a couple in our 80s so we dont have many cruises left, my question is we will be on the Equinox for 12 nights starting dec 9th for a 12 day cruise, we have a cabin selection 2B. I wont give out the cabin # but is 2B a choice I should worry about? We will be on DECK 7, any cabins to avoid? Thank you for any help. george35
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