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  1. Ships are far from ideal environments to mitigate infections. That's been demonstrated with Diamond Princess that pretty much did some variant of what you propose, and the ship was an astounding incubator of the virus. Additionally, ships limited numbers of nurses and doctors (I believe 8 and 6 respectively on Z now after transfer from R) and the ship's onboard medical center are not built to house a 2+ week coronavirus treatment hospital.
  2. Given the ship has been in defacto quarantine seeing as she's been out at sea for 12 days now with no stops, no new passengers boarding, no one getting sick - I think given they've almost done the 14-day quarantine period, that this possibility is remote. HAL is temperature checking guests onboard, and no fevers, no flu-like symptoms have been reported, and further checks will be done once again once they are anchored off-shore before they are permitted to pull alongside and finally disembark. Kudos to the Westerdam crew in this challenging time, as well as - for the most part - t
  3. ms Westerdam will be escorted to a military base near Laem Chabang to allow for refuelling and re-provisioning of the vessel only, and while negotiations between authorities including Canada, US, Netherlands and WHO continue with Thailand. This has been announced onboard to all guests and the ship is expected to arrive at the base tomorrow morning.
  4. To provide a quick update: The issues apparently impacted all the guests that bought the package on this cruise, I believe this is only the first cruise with this new package. The Asst Bar Manager called all guests and he gave a very comprehensive overview of the package, the 2 x bottle of wines are apparently at discretion of the Cellarmaster Sommelier up to a value of $60/bottle. The wine tasting event will be held later in the week in the MDR. Overall, the package is a good value if you'd normally by the Premium package. There is however no way to upgrade from a
  5. Day one on Millennium and this package has had it's share of hiccups. Refused anything alcoholic from any bar onboard until we finally got it resolved at 6pm, it showed we had the Classic Non Alcoholic Package on our seapass cards and in the onboard system - so we had to wait for Guest Relations to check into it and get it finally corrected. No one knows how the bottles of wine works but guest relations told us we'd get the wine from Cellarmasters delivered (no choice, not even if you want red or white) - so we're going to go to Cellarmasters and see if we can't just make a selec
  6. That is strange as I definitely had the service charge bill on my one for 7-days ($140)
  7. I hardly think that a passenger reporting informally from onboard is the same as Celebrity being open and up front about the recent significant reduction in mini bar offering. Now if Celebrity had posted that, I'd agree. But they haven't and there is still a ton of misinformation posted as to what's included (164 vintage wines??).
  8. And herein is another discrepancy. I certainly don't recall 161 "Vintage Wines" being included on the Premium Package. And the wording implies that the standard Premium Package also includes all of those! I believe there's about 24 different wines by the glass on the Premium Package in total, certainly not 161.
  9. I agree. What kind of a mini-bar only offers vodka & coke and no other spirits or soda or mixer selections?! No wonder they're ok to include it now that it's been reduced by 2/3rds of its contents!
  10. Interesting, Celebrity has significantly downgraded/reduced the minibar offering it looks like based on the post above. Only vodka now and no other spirits, and only coke/diet coke - so it's "vodka & coke" for the only cocktail selection. Weak! Here is the previous bar list that had several spirits, multiple mixers and sodas, and multiple beer selections.
  11. French champagne is included in the Premium (and PPlus) packages, it is not Veuve Clicquot but it is a true French champagne, it is available by the glass from Cellarmasters or equivalent. I found it very acceptable. As noted above, there's also the option to choose more expensive wines/champagne by glass and just pay the extra amount over $15 (I believe Veuve was a $5 upcharge per glass).
  12. I have purchased PremiumPlus package for cruise next week. It should definitely include 2 bottles of wine PER PACKAGE purchased (i.e. 4 bottles if both pax in stateroom purchase it) and they should be from a decent selection and not just assigned. The package clearly states it includes 2 bottles of wine per package purchased, then over and above this, if both guests in stateroom purchase it, unlimited mini-bar is also then included. Given that the minibar has a retail value of $320 if you tally all the items in it when fully stocked, I guess feasibly one could go throu
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