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  1. Look into Revolut, it is perfect for travellers.
  2. Is it safe to say that if you have the new easy unlimited package, you could just request a shot of say Bacardi on ice and then request a coke afterwards and mix your own Bacardi-coke and not the captain morgan spiced rum and coke that is only included with the easy package? Or request a virgin strawberry daiquiri and a shot of malibu and make your own cocktail? Would this work?
  3. We have a Dec 21-26 2019 cruise on Magnifica and our 14 year old was free and we didn't have to pay any taxes on his fare or ours, all three of us for 330 euros all in!!! Not sure how I managed to get it, there must have been some sort of error, but we have paid in full and are locked in now.
  4. Thanks for the insight on Magnifica, we will be aboard in Dec 2019 just after dry dock. We would love to know what refurbishments she has in store. If you are able to inquire with some of the ship's company and provide any further information it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks and enjoy your cruise!
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