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  1. All I know is the BVI's are shut down and have been since March and if the numbers don't go down (some locals have been arriving illegally from St Thomas where the numbers have increased dramatically) then they are going to go to 100% lockdown for residents. Currently there is a $1,000 fine for not wearing a mask (I talk to Mic ex Soggy Dollar Mic) frequently. I personally don't see them opening anytime soon. ps: USVI also currently on "no tourists" until September 19th - we reopened in June and then locked down 2 weeks ago due to increasing numbers and once we reop
  2. Thank you SDYC - I look forward to hearing on the new date asap. Stay well
  3. I called SeaDream directly and they informed me indeed SDII was now scheduled for it's refurbishment in October not April but they did not have a confirmed date for October at this point ... clearly then SeaDream Yacht Club, not all October itineraries could still be as scheduled - so I am feeling yes, there is a lot of misinformation going around if you are saying October is uninterrupted and when calling SeaDream directly they confirmed October is the new scheduled month for refurbishment ... which one of you is correct please ?
  4. Thank you everyone here for posting that SDII is now scheduled for October not April for dry dock - anyone have any inside info as to when? We are scheduled October 10th out of Rome and after calling SD they keep telling me "they are in a meeting discussing the current situation" but I would love any info anyone might have - we will need to cancel/reschedule our airline tickets (already purchased) if we are not going due to SDII being refurbished (obviously assuming if it is safe to go at that time) Thanks everyone
  5. Does anyone have the Facebook pages for staff that are public pages ? I don't have emails but would like to be in touch and maybe could reach out through Facebook ?
  6. Good morning We are on SD11 in October out of Rome and will arrive 4 days early and are looking to spend a few days in Positano/Cinque Terre as we have never been to that area - any recommendations on a nice hotel/airbnb that is not €1600+ per night (like the one I found LOL) Thanks everyone
  7. Trapper - maybe stay on St John vs St Thomas (totally different feel) unless you need a resort. Gallows Point and Grande Bay are good options for being in town and walking to all the bars and restaurants. Gallows Point has daily maid service for the rooms so it's the best of a hotel but with full kitchen. The only time I probably wouldn't stay in town is over the 4th of July due to noise from Carnival. St John is a short 15 to 30 minute ferry ride from St Thomas and if you catch the Crown Bay ferry (limited service times right now but fine for catching SD) it drops you 3 minutes
  8. Jam 16 - absolutely worth heading over to St John (I live there) totally different feel to St Thomas and our beaches are fabulous !
  9. Dev D - where do they snorkel on Jost Van Dyke ? I live on St John and run a day charter to Jost Van Dyke but we don't snorkel on Jost Van Dyke but if they are going to the Indians at Norman then absolutely book it as it's one of the best snorkel locations around.
  10. I would make a day of it on St John for sure .. depending when you are there I would try to rent a car (a car for 1 day is not possible to reserve you just need to call the morning you wish to reserve - maybe the day before) then drive the island and head to Francis - you will need to take your own cooler as there is nothing there. Stop by Trunk (the most famous beach) and go around 4pm as the crowds will be less (and it will be free to get in) Hit one of the happy hours in Cruz Bay - Cruz Bay Landing is great and then have a great dinner at Extra Virgin (make a reservation) and then get the
  11. Definitely try eating at Gladys' in St Thomas and do take a day to visit St John (I live there) a very short ferry ride away (they run on the hour) and eat at many of our fabulous restaurants.
  12. So we are booked on SD II next October (2020) Rome to Rome alas only for 7 days so we are thinking of flying in 1 week earlier but the question is to where ? We have spent 3 days in Rome prior to a cruise in the past and as much as I would love to repeat the experience we are thinking of trying something new .. maybe fly to Switzerland, Austria, Spain or ??? so my question is what places have you visited that left an impression - we are open to catching a flight to Rome or the train and we are open to train hopping or even renting a car as well. Any suggestions are we
  13. TrapperZimmy - that was a private car for just my husband and I. I thought the price to be great and loved that we charged it to our onboard account
  14. We were on SeaDream II 2 weeks ago and it was broken :(
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