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  1. I love the idea of more overnights or even 2 nights in a port. We used to do that in Hong Kong, but that was when we were docked at Harbour Mall so transportation was easy. I wish they would add some excursions that were just transportation to and from shopping venues in ports. We've been to most of the ports so many times we've seen all the sights and I love to shop. My husband wouldn't worry about me if he knew I had a ride back on a ship sponsored bus, and I would be happier going by myself if I knew I had guaranteed transportation there and home.
  2. Steve, thanks so much for your response. I will contact Travel Guard directly to see what they say. leslie & handler
  3. Steve, we're in the same situation as Gail and Marty, just with a different insurance co. (Diver's Alert Network underwritten by Travel Guard). We insured our initial $2000 on the world cruise in June of 2019 in time to get the pre-existing waiver. At that time we don't think we had any pre-existing (can be interpreted differently by different companies). That said, we are interested in keeping the same insurance so we have the pre-existing. DAN is not writing insurance now, but said it might be possible to add the the existing policy. We are using the FCC from the 2020 World Cruise to pay for
  4. You may feel he just did his job, but he did it with such grace and composure, it's the only thing that kept me sane that last week on the ship.
  5. We are following you, so want details, especially food even on shore. Really glad the fires decided to give you all a pass. I think there is more storage in the outside cabins on Dolphin than the balconies, so I'm happy with an outside. Handler doesn't agree, but he's not trying to find a home for all those purchases I make on the way. Do you think main seating dinner on the world will be 7:30? Give everyone we know on the ship a hug for us and tell them we'll see them in January.
  6. Sometimes they run out of the cloth bags and have to use the paper bags. This happened on a world cruise a few years ago. The demand was higher than they anticipated and ran out of cloth bags.
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