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  1. Saw it too. I assume they'll keep raising the price until they don't have a line 3 times longer than the number passes they give out. Obviuosly, it's been under priced for a long time.
  2. Curious if anyone has received refund for flight changes on this cruise. Also specifically interested if anyone who was cruising on a CAS comp has received the flight change refund.
  3. Yes the price change has been implemented on all ships, that I'm aware of. It's just new package that hasn't been rolled out to every ship. Kind of like what they did with straws. Got rid of the plastic ones before they had paper ones. Welcome to NCL. LOL
  4. Just off the Epic. Yep. that cruise. Anyway, we had a cruise critic meet and greet. The HD did all the talking for the officers that attended. He asks for questions, and naturally, the first one, and they continued, was about the drink package changes. He held fast to the corporate line. Claiming they're prices are no more expensive than any other line, and asking who actually bought the drink package. Basically he defended it to the end. Not that big of a surprise, and he was obviously not happy with peoples reactions. What was interesting, is not one person I saw bought it. Actually, the person who had the initial question, laughed directly at him, as he defended it.
  5. We have a cruise in 12 days that will be our last with NCL, unless they change. As platinum plus cruisers, we've seen nothing but cuts for past few years, with the new management. But, I'm not compelled to write them about anything. I'll go where I think I get the best value for my vacation dollar. It's not NCL now, so we'll go elsewhere. No big deal. Every cruise, I check prices and benefits. We cruise other lines already. If NCL changes back to being a value, then I'd cruise them again. It's not like we've lost a friend, or something.
  6. Nope. If you special order it, then it's not the signature drink.
  7. Yep. there's a rollout schedule. Hits the Epic February 16th, although prices have already gone up.
  8. I've never heard of them allowing 1/2 shots on NCL. I did think it was sadly funny that another person said they couldn't believe a double shot of grey goose would cost 47.88 without UBP. We've been to a lot of places. Not another place in the world we've ever been to is close to that expensive.
  9. Grey Goose is now $19.95. Your UBP will still cover the first $15. Each time you order a grey goose, you'll be charged 4.95 + 20% grats. So that's $5.94. per drink. So, if grey goose is the only brand you want with an up charge, you'd have to drink more than 10 a day to make getting the premium package worth it.
  10. If it had a juice with it, they'd probably charge you extra. LOL
  11. Celebrity is currently offering their premium drink package on cruises as a perk. Here we come!!
  12. Wont'happen, but nice thought. How about if you have UBP, they don't charge you to bring on your own wine? They charge you extra to not drink the free drinks you've already paid gratuity for? Makes no sense.
  13. It's based on what you drink. When UBP started the wine we drink was $14.95. Now it's $27.95. So we would have to pay the difference. 12.95 + 20% gratuity of 2.59 = $15.54 in additional charges. If we get that same wine on HAL, it's less than what we'd pay additionally on NCL, and we wouldn't be paying $20 dollars a day in gratuities on the drink package. NCL drink prices are getting so ridiculous it's comical.
  14. For those of us who drink the more expensive spirits, the "free" drink package is now a non factor in deciding what line to choose. It's just as expensive to cruise NCL as some other lines, and buy their drink packages. I just checked two other lines. We've been talking about trying another new one for while. Being platinum plus, we were reluctant. But as others have said even the latitudes perks decline when they raise prices in the specialty restaurants. We are already 3 star with Holland America, but we do like a more active environment. Maybe we'll try Royal. It's hard to keep supporting NCL with what they're doing.
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