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  1. I believe that Sapphire Princess will have kettles in all Cabins on her Sailings from UK this year. ALL P&O ships have kettles in the Cabins, which is great.
  2. Very exciting times ahead, you will have an amazing time, our friends got married onboard Azura a few years ago and my Husband and I were Best Man & Bridesmaid - what an AMAZING time we all had. P&O looked after us soon well!!!
  3. Ooops Sorry about that, at least 9 months in advance, you should get confirmation in writing.
  4. Usually months in advance, look up your Cruise Personaliser, once in to that, click "getting there and back" at top of page and your flight details will be there although you should have had these details long ago
  5. Helen, I had already found it on Gumtree, sorry to have troubled you. I am passing this on to others now to give them all the details and hopefully get back to you as soon as possible (with a positive outcome). Thank You, look after yourselves
  6. Helen, What date is the Cruise in November and what Cabin type do you have?Thank You. It is not for us as we go out in December for a month but we may have someone who is interested x
  7. Hi Helen, So sorry to hear you are unable to go on your Cruise due to sudden ill health and sincerely hope everything gets sorted out for you all. I have been reading through the posts and wondered if you could tell me the exact Cruise you are on to see if I may be able to help you out with this and hopefully take a bit of weight off of your mind. xx Take Care
  8. YES we have stayed in cabin C510 twice on P&O Azura, also Emerald and Crown princess - you have made a really good choice, almost bang slap in the middle of the ship. You are near the lifts and the stairs. once you are onboard you will realise that you probably stressed yourself out a little tooooooo much about cabin choice (although I do the same) we love the area that you have chosen, but everyone is different. you will have the MOST AMAZING TIME and I think you better start doing overtime or get a third job, as you will certainly want to go again and again and again. ENJOY:cool: P.S. you will not even know the ship is moving!!! and anyway you will be too busy enjoying your Cruise to worry about it.
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