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  1. Thanks for the review, leaving on this trip on Saturday!
  2. I just came off the Emerald, aft balcony on Riviera deck and, on that ship, no one overlooks 14. Deck 15 is the Lido deck. Also decks 14, 12 & 11 at least, have balconies that are flush with the exterior edge of the ship - completely covered. From 14 you are overlooking balconies down on 9 or 10. If you find a photo of your ship looking along the side of the vessel, you should be able to tell if anyone overlooks you!
  3. Just got off the Emerald Princess' Christmas cruise. It was very festive, with lots of decorations and Christmas-related decorations and non-stop Christmas music playing everywhere but none of it was over-the-top. Lots of big family groups onboard, but everyone pretty well behaved. It is the rainy season in the Caribbean but it was sunny and warm at two of our three ports. Altogether a very nice experience.
  4. hahaha, I may try this! Tonight is my "night before" and the first time I've cruised from my own town, so didn't need to fly out the night before - not entirely sure what I'm going to do. Need to finish packing, that's for sure!
  5. The Press n' Seal plastic wrap works well for necklaces, lay down sheet, put your necklaces on it and then another sheet on top and press it down well, then just roll it up and put it in your suitcase. Keeps necklaces, that are too thick for a straw, from tangling. Works well with dangling earrings too.
  6. Sorry you had a bad time. Maybe the prices are unsustainably low. Looking forward to traveling on the Westerdam in just a few weeks!
  7. The gym, keep meaning to go but somehow never do!
  8. You can find out about the Houston cruise parking here, including the ability to pre-pay. http://www.bayportcruiseparking.com Enjoy your cruise!
  9. Do you mind telling in what cabin you are staying? I'm in one of the balconies up on 14 next week.
  10. Thanks so much for doing this! Your pictures are great and very informative. Looking forward to your review of the cruise!
  11. Thanks for this tip! These look great, just ordered one. :)
  12. When I have cruised from New Orleans and Charleston, cooler ports, heading to the Caribbean in the winter, I wear jeans, closed shoes, and a jacket for sail away and return. That way my "bigger clothes" are on my body, not taking up space in my suitcase. I plan to do this from Houston next week too. Works for me!
  13. Hadn't thought about this at all, thanks for the reminder! What about for water activity-based shore excursions? What do you carry your stuff in then?
  14. Check HALfacts, lots of info on lots of cabins. Pics from 4185 on the Zuiderdam.
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