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  1. Thank you for that informative article, @commodoredave! I do think it's a good summary of where things have been and where they might (hopefully?) be going. I hadn't known the part about the Marco Polo...she was originally a Soviet ship! Just a note - the zero-waste market photo Storylines has on their website (also shown in the blog post) is not a rendering, it's actually a photo of an existing land-based shop in the UK, called The Clean Kilo.
  2. You raise some excellent points, @CanadianKate. I lived alone in a 19sq m (204 sq ft) apartment for a year in Tokyo, and that was a bit rough. Storylines residences are bigger, but not a lot (unclear if the balcony is counted in the square footage), and it's unclear how flexible the space is. Having an additional person in such a small space would add to the storage needs and take away from the personal space...I could see doing this short term but even six months at a time would be rough, and that's speaking as someone who's lived in an even smaller space (again, I was solo).
  3. Yeah, CC gives you a little editing time to fix typos, but after that it's locked forever. 😕
  4. Out of curiosity, has Storylines prompted y'all to join this forum?
  5. I'm still wondering about pitfalls. No travel related company is weathering this situation untouched. It wouldn't surprise me if some signed-up folks pulled their deposits due to not wanting to be on a cruise ship ever again. (They have always been plagued with sicknesses, but not everyone realized that before.) What difficulties in their operations isn't Storylines sharing?
  6. Thank you, you stated very clearly something I've been feeling about the whole venture. Obviously companies have to start somewhere, but it's seemingly 100% hypothetical at this point. I think this is why the obvious stock photos make me uncomfortable, too. It feels artificial, like they could disappear any day with a lot of peoples' money.
  7. Also, it's worth noting that their Medical Director is a naturopath. I don't have a problem with supporting alternative therapies on board, but I can't imagine not having an M.D. for the director of the department.
  8. I gotta say, articles like this are what make me feel like everything on Storylines is too good to be true: https://www.storylines.com/blog/first-ever-zero-waste-farmers-market-at-sea (archived here also) Images on this page are taken from The Clean Kilo (an actual zero-waste store in the UK); the Zero Waste NYC workshop webpage (this one might be a stock image); DepositPhotos.com (definitely a stock image)...the fake images and flowery text make everything sound like a wonderful fantasy. I guess what I really want to know is where they're having trouble. What aren't they able to do? What have they considered for the ship and gone "nope, that's not going to be possible at sea." I'm not saying the zero-waste farmer's market and the microbrewery aren't possible, I just want to know why everything seems completely perfect when the reality is probably very different. Reality is never completely perfect...what's going on behind the scenes? I'd put a lot more trust in a company that admits its growing pains...constant pie in the sky thinking does not engender trust.
  9. I said it was a co-working center, is that incorrect? I did also mention virtual offices elsewhere, but I described the Storylines space as a co-working facility. Perhaps under the Coalition space in that building?
  10. You posted their corporation address yourself. It's the one in Lewes, Delaware. The same one Jazzbeau posted. For all the screaming you do about the company not existing, you should at least educate yourself on how registered agents work, so you know where to direct your anger. Over 1 million businesses are incorporated in Delaware. This particular agent, Harvard Business Services, has thousands of reviews, which means they are serving thousands of companies - Storylines is one of them. If you wanted to set up a corporation, you could also hire a registered agent in Delaware, even the very same one. I don't trust them yet either, and frankly the current state of the US economy has probably completely destroyed any hopes I had of buying a retirement condo - at sea or on land. So I'm not giving them any money either, but at least I understand how LLCs work, and I know where to look for information. https://whyy.org/articles/why-do-so-many-corporations-choose-to-incorporate-in-delaware https://www.mentalfloss.com/article/76951/why-are-so-many-us-companies-incorporated-delaware Even the virtual office at the co-working space in New York is not terribly unusual these days. As @Javakab noted, they probably work remotely, many startups do. Now, I don't personally feel comfortable with companies with "virtual offices," but that doesn't mean it's suspicious necessarily. I think there are a lot more things to be concerned about than where they are registered or where they receive mail.
  11. The Delaware thing is totally normal, companies do that for tax reasons. 64% of Fortune 500 companies are Delaware corporations. That isn't shady at all. Anything else can be suspicious, but the corporation address being in Delaware is the same as Apple, Facebook, Coca-cola, etc.
  12. It does strike me as a bit odd that the mailing address listed on the website is a co-working center in NYC, but why the impression that they're actually based in Asia, @ALWAYS CRUZIN? What's that from?
  13. Hey there - not a guy, actually. 😉 But I do appreciate your contributions.
  14. @NewLifestyle Thank you for the photos! It's good to see them.
  15. I'm really curious why this policy exists. I'm not the only one out there who'd rather have these conversations not-by-phone. How did you come up with this policy, which clearly causes confusion and consternation for some people on this thread?
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