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  1. I looked back at all of the history of their Facebook page, back to the beginning in 2017. In October 2017, they posted and said they had "secured" two ships. Now they have no ships and are doing a newbuild. Even if it's not a complete scam, they have no idea what they're doing, and I wouldn't give them any money.
  2. I thought this was interesting...note the 2017 date. FB link here.
  3. Oh hey, they did update the website! And gee, now there's a microbrewery on board? I'd be surprised if that's something their buyers actually want...but I don't think they did market research, so it hardly matters.
  4. Oh dear - so much for the 2020 launch, wasn't it supposed to be then? Suddenly it has absolutely no delivery date, and they're saying it's for "environmental reasons" ...certainly not the whole "oops we didn't get to buy the ship we wanted" reason. Well, if they're going with newbuild, at least they will hopefully build cabins that are actually designed for residential life. I couldn't imagine actually living in a standard cabin, even refurbished it's going to be missing a lot of "homey" things. If they're smart, they won't do insides at all this time, or at least they'll do an interior plaza so the "insides" get some sort of natural light sometimes. This news could indicate a really smart move for them, but I fear it's just an indicator that they don't know what they're doing.
  5. I had a thought...can one of our Hosts (I know @Host Jazzbeau is in here) look into whether they have authorization to use the Cruise Critic logo on their website? I know a large number of Cease & Desist letters were sent to an organization attempting to run a straight pride parade. The companies whose logos were used on their site had not given permission for the use. Storylines is claiming Cruise Critic among their "as seen on" websites...are they talking about this thread?!
  6. Hmmm...still mixed answers on this it seems - it sounds like it may in fact be inadvisable for an asthmatic. I really appreciate the responses!
  7. Quite the conversation I started, oh wow! At any rate, the truth will in fact come in some months. I remain skeptical of this, but hey, I'd love to be proven wrong.
  8. I saw on a thread here that the Sunshine has ventilation issues or something, and the smoke in the casino can be smelled elsewhere on the ship. How big an issue is this? I'm thinking of booking my first Carnival sailing for my 40th birthday (Jan 2021) but my partner has asthma and we cannot be around smoke. We have dealt with it on other ships where you basically have to race through the casino to avoid the smoke, but I am worried that more of the ship will be off limits on Sunshine, perhaps because of the ventilation. Any feedback would be welcome - I can always pick a different ship!
  9. Thanks for this thread - I am looking at doing my 40th birthday on Sunshine out of Charleston in Jan 2021. Would be my 12th cruise but have never sailed Carnival before. This is a great thread, very encouraging, thank you!
  10. I'm glad I'm not the only one. It just feels like the whole thing is kind of shady. But maybe The World of Residensea was the same early on? The poster above says they have already taken the initial welcome trip on Grand Classica and met with other buyers and the staff. But I am just so baffled by the complete lack of information. Is it even real?
  11. I remain a bit puzzled by the links at the bottom of their page. "As featured in" New York Post, Business Insider, etc. They are just logos, no links to stories. I cannot imagine buying a condo with only information from the company and not outside input.
  12. Wow, 10 years on Cruise Critic and this is your first post, Storylines must be important to you! What can you share with us about why you bought the condo? Have you seen anything of it being renovated, pictures or video?
  13. Is anyone familiar with Storylines? It seems like The World of ResidenSea, but priced more for mid-range folks. The ship is apparently the MV Narrative which looks like it is being refurbished from another vessel, rather than a new build. I can't find much discussion about it but would love to hear what people think just based on the website. Perhaps someone knows someone who has bought in? https://www.storylines.com/
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