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  1. Worse yet, people who thought the stock dropping to 20 was a buying opportunity.
  2. A nice one! It was considered a forward balcony but might as well have been mid-ship on the Escape. Booked as a sailaway rate. No obstruction. And the ship was pretty much full. Booked July 2, sailed July 7. I got lucky.
  3. I booked NCL to Bermuda about 5 days in advance last year. It's great if you are willing to take a less-than-preferred location, though I was really happy with my cabin.
  4. We cancelled our August Mediterranean cruise last week. With port stops in Barcelona, Rome, etc., we weren't willing to lock up literally ten grand with no guarantee at all that the cruise (if not cancelled) would make all of the stops advertised. And then wait months after that for the refunds if even offered. Sorry, not the cruise industry's fault, but can't do it this year.
  5. A first person account: https://nypost.com/2020/04/10/cruise-ship-worker-reveals-horror-of-coronavirus-quarantine/ "Horror" may be a bit strong.
  6. Leave the bottles in your bag at security; if they don't send you over to the table to get charged, just walk on with them. My last two trips out of manhattan they just didn't care.
  7. Of course you can. It's allowed so that you can record the fireworks you launch from your balcony.
  8. Before this latest panic started, I had read a suggestion to also bring along a decent sized ziploc bag to put the tv remote in, probably the most germ infested spot in the room. It works even inside the bag. Although you can do all the washy washy you want, and if the person in line ahead of you (or using a handrail before you) didn't, the benefit is reduced.
  9. Rompers are stylish for men as well as women.
  10. I was there last week. For wifi, first check on your cell phone plan, some include limited service at no cost. I have Verizon, there is a limit on high speed but I didn't come close to maxing out using email, texting, etc. I could use it on the ship in specific areas, while others got no service. The downtown area is pretty dumpy, check on some sites for bars in the tourist areas. Papas & Beers gets a lot of business, an establishment with the prestige of a Senor Frog. Try not to stray from the main tourist area, it gets seedy.
  11. That's nothing, they can stay on their parents' health insurance until they are 26.
  12. Best Buy is great with that. They'll give you the better price if there's a drop within a month or so. Good suggestion. I'm sure other stores do that too.
  13. Little more than lip service. On my last cruise, many wore jeans in the dining room on the so-called elegant night, passengers who visited some chain bars came back wearing shirts with uncensored profanity around the ship and no one cared. Putting something in writing is not policy; enforcing it is. What's enforced is that jeans are ok, and certainly a kid wearing basketball shorts is ok.
  14. The "sale" is likely to go on for another week or two. And that's optimistic.
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