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  1. On NCL's site when you go to "deals" they list a few trips with no single supplement. And traveling last minute if you don't have to fly allows for bargains. I recently had a 7 night Bermuda cruise on NCL, nice balcony cabin, for less than the price of the studio.
  2. Thanks for adding that, I hadn't thought of it as well.
  3. Though expensive, an excursion combining sailing and beach or snorkeling might be a good use of the day. Or a well-timed ferry to St. George's including Tobacco Bay. And if it's on a Sunday, I wouldn't bother with Hamilton.
  4. Has anyone ever had to see a doctor in Bermuda? I'm just worried that should I take a fall or break out with something, what do you do as an alternative to the ship doctor? Are there urgent care clinics that you can go to without appointments?
  5. Try to get to St. George's in time to see the re-enactors at Kings Square. The daily dunkings are hilarious. To get from the square to Tobacco Bay you take the road uphill alongside the Unfinished Church. When you get to the end (the north shore) Tobacco Bay is pretty much right there; St. Catherine's (fort and beach) are to the right. It is a decent hill if you have any mobility limitations.
  6. Thanks. Hoping you're right! I try to use the PCC; what I wanted to do was really straightforward, didn't need the help, wanted to throw the guy a little commission... it wound up costing me. I have worked with another at Carnival who was a pleasure to work with. Oh well...
  7. Maybe they are confusing me. This booking was an ordeal. This is on my confirmation (along with the code referred to): * LATREW promo code, is automatically applied to Latitude membersā€™ reservations. This code gives Latitude members their specific tier level discounts/benefits onboard. This promo code does not provide any Latitude points. I was ready to book this trip in a sailaway inside cabin at $649 (plus the $250 port charges); I tried using the same NCL agent I used before (my bad, he wasn't all that interested). Between when I booked and paid (same day) they pulled the fare and doubled it. $1248 plus the port charge. No dice. He would "try" to get his manager to reinstate it, LOL. Late today, I went back and looked and the sailaway inside fare was $799. Feeling stupid for missing the first one (I should have just booked it but double checked my vacation time with my boss since it was short notice) I was going to book this, but Oceanview was $899 and Balcony $999. Ignoring the $150 I missed out on (compared to the $640) only $200 more for the balcony is good enough for me; I've bid that much for upgrades and been rejected. Then the confirmation comes with that notice about Latitude points. I'm thinking why mention it unless they're not granting points. Also though about sailing from Boston (I am in PA) - IX rates on the Gem are unbelievably cheap for June 5 departure but more hassle to get there and the Escape has a lot more bells and whistles. If you're still awake thanks for listening.
  8. NCL Escape July 7, 2019 for 7 nights from NYC to Bermuda. Balcony $999 + $253 shore tax. No Latitude points given.
  9. I've done both the 3 day and 4 day LA to Ensenada cruises on Carnival. While I wouldn't call them the Mexican Riviera, I had a blast. The 3 day cruise in particular is a party cruise - lots of bachelor and bachelorette parties, rowdy poolside, big drinking boat. Ensenada, eh. But I'd do it again anytime. Crazy people.
  10. Or just pay the cruise line for the bus ride. They'll handle the luggage as well.
  11. Thanks, I can be an obsessive price checker when there's a reasonable chance!
  12. Yes, I'm looking at the weekend of July 12. There are actually 3 cruises out of Miami and 3 out of Port Canaveral that weekend. NCL's are booze cruises so not sure if they'll come down much. Thinking also about flying into MCO, where I could either get ship transfer to Port Canaveral, or bus/rental car one-way to Miami on Friday morning. Just sit back and hope, I guess. My fallback ain't half bad either.
  13. Just looking for opinions based on your experience, I know that no one can predict what will actually happen. I have time off in July and would like to take one of those weekend Bahama cruises out of Florida as a solo cruiser. As of now, prices are very high (probably $800 or more plus taxes) but trips for weekends coming up are much lower. If I were to book a flight to Miami or FLL how likely has it been that I'll be able to get something cheap about two weeks before flying? I have alternative plans if I can't get something cheap (beaches and baseball) so it's not going to be a wasted trip regardless. I would rather mindlessly cruise and be attended to. Thanks
  14. That's not what the person said, the context is removed. "Don't feel the need to be polite, especially at meals. It is perfectly ok to ask for a solo table at a two top. You don't have to sit with the family with 3 kids and fill the 6th seat. They probably are just being polite too." The post says that you should feel comfortable if you choose to dine alone rather than feel obliged to sit with other people if you don't want to. It doesn't even suggest that it's okay to be impolite towards people.
  15. I prefer to book directly with the cruise line in the event there is an issue; it can be handled more directly than going back to the TA. I've had good experiences with the person they assigned to me (Monique) so if I can get her a little bonus for letting her handle the booking, I do it.
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