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  1. Johnny Rockets is overpriced, but I still share a meal there with my daughter on every cruise. To get her excited before cruising, we do a 10 day countdown which concludes with singing and dancing to the song cheeseburger in paradise. When we leave our first port, we always go to Johnny Rockets and have you guessed it, a cheeseburger in paradise which neither of us eats. JR food-worthless. The smile on my 4 year old-priceless. Happy Crushing
  2. What loyalty program? Have you been reading these threads? D+ members are being herded to the back of the line. Diamond members are being denied access to the Diamond Lounge and the crown and anchor baseball caps have been replaced with cookies left over from the last cruise. Yesterday, I saw a creature that was half lion and half tiger on the animal planet. I'm not sure what it means but you better make sure you have some fresh water in your bunker.
  3. That's what I thought. The household would get credit for the 14 and we'd lose the seven even though it's a separate cabin, it's on the same ship.
  4. No, I wasn't. I was hip king for a direct answer. Currently my wife and I have 117 crown and anchor points each, eventhough she has one more cruises with Royal Caribbean than I have. Either the points are per household or Royal Caribbean gave me credit for a cruise that I didn't take which is the reason that I asked the question. I'm well aware that one cabin equals 1 point per night and 2 for a solo or a suite. If one simple applied the math, she'd have 117 and I'd have 113 and I wouldn't have started the tread or sent an email to Crown and Anchor.
  5. Our daughter is getting older and we are considering booking adjoining staterooms for our next cruise. My wife and daughter in one cabin and a solo cabin for me. I would like to know how many crown and anchor points, we will obtain. Will it be 7, 14, or 21. I emailed the question to Royal Caribbean and I recieved a copy of the accumulation rules from the website, so please don't reply with the same. I know what the rules say. I would like to know how they are applied.
  6. Two or three buff guys at your door at 3am with a basket of nuts
  7. It's not loud at all. Best balcony stateroom Royal Caribbean offers in mt opinion.
  8. Congratulations! You're my role model, but I don't anticipate ever reaching that level. I'm just trying to make it to Diamond +. Enjoy your trip. I hope that they give you your block. You've earned it.
  9. There were acrobats on the boat? I thought that was only on Oasis Class. We're sailing in a week. I hate that we missed the cirque du Soleil. . I hope they spent extra time cleaning the pools.
  10. Ha. Waited on kids sail free promotion. Cruise went up by two hundred from the week before. Waited for sale to end and booked for original price. It's like the furniture store that's being going out of business every weekend for 12 years.
  11. I am sure it's frustrating also. It's a problem, I've never had. I have not been under 250 since the 10th grade.
  12. That's awesome. I'm sure I'll pass the gym on the way to the buffet.
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