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  1. We have 2 cruises booked - Alaska ex Vancouver in late August, and then Vancouver to Hawaii in September. With the first final payment due late May, we will sit tight for now and see how things develop. Obviously a few things have to line up - travel restrictions lifted, Qantas resuming international flights, Canada re-opening its ports after 30th June, cruises generally being viable and the itineraries remaining (mostly) unchanged, and self-isolation on return from overseas no longer being required. We have been looking forward to this holiday for a couple of years - but if it doesn't come to pass, our plan B will be to use the time off work to see some more of this great country we call home (and maybe some time in NZ if they will have us) .....
  2. We'd be taking the Junior Suite on deck 9. We have enjoyed the extra space of the JS on 2 occasions, much prefer the mid-ship location, and the 2 x C+A points don't hurt either. That said we have not yet had an aft balcony - but will try it one day....
  3. I wish that were the case - maybe because it is a Canada to Hawaii sailing they add the gratuity as per below We shall still aim to buy pre-cruise, just hope for a "sale" in the meantime.
  4. We are being quoted $71.24/day + 18% gratuity for our Vancouver to Honolulu cruise in September - hoping for a price reduction. $70/day all included would be great......
  5. Sounds like a curious business model - surely an outright sale of an in demand cabin would bring in more cash than an upgrade bid (and then reselling the cheaper cabin).
  6. We have $950 OBC for an upcoming cruise. $600 from the 4 perks (Australian bookings are priced with gratuities included so the 4th perk is an additional $150 per person), $200 from a "sale" booking, and $150 from a future cruise credit. Will probably take a couple of ships tours to make use of it.
  7. We loved C2 1120 on Solstice (first cabin on the rear of the hump) with it's large balcony. So much so, we have the same cabin booked on Eclipse for our next cruise.
  8. Probably no announcements - how would you know from one day to the next if the price has increased/changed due solely to this?
  9. Our cruise fares "down under" for Celebrity (and other cruise lines) include gratuities in the fare (not as a separate line item) - reflects our "all inclusive" pricing (and wages) model here. The perks packages on .au bookings come with an additional $150USD per person OBC in lieu of the gratuities option. We will choose to tip our room attendant, and some of the servers who we have developed a rapport with during a cruise, in cash at the end, to say thanks.
  10. Thanks for the replies - seems like we are on the money with the HFD. And thanks for the restaurant recommendations too... (Trestle looks good)
  11. A supplementary question or 2 for the San Francisco locals, if I may. We have 3 nights in the city before flying to YVR to pick up a Celebrity cruise to Alaska. 1 - We have booked Hilton Financial District at a good price - seems an OK if not perfect location. Sort of central to most things if not close to any (we don't mind a bit of a walk). Are we "on the money" with this assessment and will it be OK for 2 days of sightseeing? 2- We have an 0800 flight on a Sunday from SFO - will a taxi be easy to get around 0530 to get us to the airpor tin time for check-in etc? I gather there is a fixed price pre-booking service for $35 (plus tip) for transfers from the city to SFO. Thanks in advance.
  12. Do cocktails like a Martini, Cosmo etc come in under $15.00 - if made with "semi-premium spirits" (say like Grey Goose, Bombay Sapphire) which on their own are just under $15.00? Or will our Martinis be made with "well spirits"? (Our first NCL cruise in a week or so, so very interested in the answer!)
  13. We are finding it hard to justify the cost difference for our upcoming 7 night cruise - but a question for seasoned NCL folks (our first time on NCL). Will cocktails made with spirits priced under $15.00 be covered? On other cruises we have enjoyed a martini or cosmopolitan pre dinner - will they be covered by the UBP/PBP $15.00 limit if made with Grey Goose/Belvedere? So I guess the question is how much are the typical cocktails?
  14. Thanks for the replies - but the 2 quotes seem contradictory. If we have the spirits in our carry-on (declared of course), would it be held for us, or disposed of? I'd prefer not to have to go to the naughty room to retrieve my checked luggage (better things to do on my first day on board), but don't want to risk losing the goods by an overly zealous port security guard deciding my carry-on was not permitted on board at all (even if held by the ship's security team).
  15. Just wondering if this is possible - understanding it will be quarantined for the trip. My wife wants to bring some special gin from the UK on our Venice cruise. The NCL website talks about purchases "from ports of call" being held till the last night. Just wondering if anyone has knowledge of this applying for the departure port - or will we lose it. Thanks.
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