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  1. Thanks for the replies - but the 2 quotes seem contradictory. If we have the spirits in our carry-on (declared of course), would it be held for us, or disposed of? I'd prefer not to have to go to the naughty room to retrieve my checked luggage (better things to do on my first day on board), but don't want to risk losing the goods by an overly zealous port security guard deciding my carry-on was not permitted on board at all (even if held by the ship's security team).
  2. Just wondering if this is possible - understanding it will be quarantined for the trip. My wife wants to bring some special gin from the UK on our Venice cruise. The NCL website talks about purchases "from ports of call" being held till the last night. Just wondering if anyone has knowledge of this applying for the departure port - or will we lose it. Thanks.
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