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  1. Our May 7 western Caribbean was just cxld due to dry dock. We selected May 14 eastern Caribbean as a substitute via a link that they emailed to us. I then called Princess to try to firm it up an select a cabin. They said we had to wait until they process it. Grrrr!!! We’re extremely picky as far as cabin location. The Princess rep advised that it could take up to 30 days for us to be transferred to the new sailing. <sigh> Oh well. First world problems. 😁
  2. Many thanks to everyone who takes the time to post here next Sunday! Every experiential anecdote will be greatly appreciated. <tongue-in-cheek> I hope to hear about butter pats in the MDRs and of course chair hogs! 😁
  3. Ding ding ding......we have a winner! 😁👍
  4. We sailed on her in January, 1996. Big & roomy ship. No bells & whistles like today’s ships. Just a nice ship with great service.
  5. We have two cats, Amos & Andy. The pictured one is Andy, AKA Andrew J. Cat. As with previous posters, this was also a late night choice. 😁
  6. I admire your optimism and enthusiasm. We cancelled this cruise about a month ago (I posted earlier on this thread). I hope that on Jan 9 we will be kicking ourselves for canceling! Good luck! Your pictures are fabulous, BTW.
  7. We were on this cruise and we cancelled it about a month ago. Our reasons for cancelling are pretty much outlined in the previous comments on this thread. We got our deposit refunded within two days after I called Princess to cancel.
  8. We are elite and have two cruises currently booked. No Caribbean email for us. I did get one a few days ago about Panama Canal Cruises becoming available for 21 and 22. I get emails from some guy at Princess who introduces himself as our Cruise Vacation Planner. His emails are sporadic and the deals he offers are never anything more than a free bottle of wine.
  9. That is absolutely my biggest concern about future cruising. That being said, we still have two upcoming cruises booked, Jan '21 and Dec '21. Hoping for the best. 🤞
  10. Cruise date May 2 Cancelled by Princess Mar 12 Phase 1 Option #2 selected Mar 12 Refund to credit card May 22 FCC received June 2
  11. It has a small buffet of cold items throughout the day. Also coffee, espresso, teas. There is a concierge on duty during the day. It’s nice and quiet, and was rarely used when we were in it.
  12. We were right across from the laundromat on Regal last January. R-614. It was wonderful! No noise at all. Nice and convenient to the concierge lounge. Balconies are shamefully small, but the cabin was really great.
  13. Cruise date May 2. Submitted form on March 19. Got refund today! No FCCs yet.
  14. Got our refund just now. Credited to our Amex. May 2 cruise date. We submitted the form on March 19. Option 2. No FCCs yet.
  15. Just got our refund today. May 2 cruise date. We took option 2, and submitted our form on March 19. No FCCs yet.
  16. Viking Emerald - Yangtze River, China, April 2020

    © Andrew J. Cat

  17. Viking Emerald - Yangtze River, China, April 2020

    © Andrew J. Cat

  18. We were on Regal just before she went into wet dock. I just watched her arrival into Port Everglades on PTZTV this morning. You'll love the departure from St. Thomas at night. Be sure to be up topside. The lights of the island are enchanting. Bon Voyage! Eunice and Benny in the Crooners bar are awesome, btw...
  19. Hi Lois! Actually we're sailing January of 2021, not Jan 21, 2020. I WISH we were on your cruise, though!! We'll have to wait a year. 😁
  20. We are elite, and were standing in the "Elite and Suites" queue at the pursers desk on our last cruise. A lady came up and stood next to us, outside the queue rope. When the agent became available, she started towards the desk. The agent shook her head at her and motioned for us to come forward. The lady said, "Well! I guess this means I'll have to wait in line!" I guess she thought she was Elite-er. 🙄
  21. Thanks for the great pics and info! We're doing this in Jan '21. You've really got us excited now!!! Merry Christmas!
  22. Thanks both of you for this info! I was having an anxiety attack trying to find confirmation of this. I had just re-fared two bookings and started to get worried that there was no confirmation of the add ons. Cheers!
  23. We were on Regal Princess, and they had what looked like actual coffee grounds on top of the machines. I had to go 50/50 coffee/water, and drink it while it was scalding hot in order for it to be bearable. (I know.....first world problem!) Thanks everyone for your suggestions!!
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