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  1. If you want to see Lion King, the Touring production will be in Rochester Dec 19 through Jan 5.
  2. I have the OCR (I realize I should say OBCR) of Hamilton. A couple years ago before a show we went into the bookstore in Shubert Alley. I found a book that had the annotated script (Lin's orig. notes) and pics and got it for a wedding present for my brother and his wife. Also got them the CD OBCR. Once I got home I realized I wanted that book so I kept it ( and the CD) and ordered them one online. Besides Hamilton, I have the OBCRs of Rent, Lion King, Wicked, Spamilton and the soundtrack of The Greatest Showman that I play alot. I have individual songs downloaded on my phone (two of my favs are "Me and the Sky" (Jenn Colallo/Come From Away) and "Welcome To the Rock".
  3. We actually did sit front row Mezz at the Gershwin and were happy with the seats, but if you have kids or are short, the railing will be in the way. We are not that long legged so we can't speak to that aspect. When we take kids, we usually get 2nd row mezz. One time I got DH and grandaughter (10 yrs old,) front row orchestra but she had to look up onto the the stage (even with a booster seat). The stage is raked so she still could see but I wouldn't do that with a grandkid again.
  4. Sheltiluv, if you will be in NYC ahead of time, get tickets directly from the box office. If not, you can get tix online but Check how much the service charges are (depending on which site you go through) since that will add $16 up to $40 PER TICKET. I don't have experience with the resellers, but the service fees for the "official" sites are way too high, IMHO. Have a great time at Wicked if you go. We've seen it 3 times and loved it. I also vote for Come From Away. Saw it twice and going to see touring production of it in Nov. Both are awesome! Turtles, we will let you know after Hamilton on Friday!
  5. Turtles, thank you! That is so insightful! I never thought about it like that. If he misses parts, we'll just see it again! He is going cold.
  6. DH is the opposite of me, likes to go into a show cold, nothing in advance. However I really think he should get familiar with the Hamilton OCR because alot of the music/rap is FAST. I would hate to see him miss parts. What do you all think? I can download it for our drive down (6 hrs). Or I could just sing it, since I have it memorized😁
  7. I hope you enjoy Ain't Too Proud as much as we did! We have seen Wicked 3 times with various kids/grandkids over the years, and it's always great. I end up singing/humming "Defying Gravity" and "For Good" for weeks afterward😁
  8. Lenquixote, I recently heard an interview with the author, Robert Viagas, and he mentioned a book he wrote "The Amazing Story of the Fantasticks". I have requested DH get this book for me for my birthday, and I'll bet you would like it too! When my sister and I were growing up, we always listened to our Mom's many original cast recording albums.. .Fiddler, My Fair Lady, West Side Story, Zorba, et al, and of course The Fantasticks (my sister and I worked up a very well received duet on "Try to Remember", with our hairbrush microphones😆 follow, follow, follow). DH and I saw The Fantasticks at the Jerry Orbach Theater Off Broadway in early 2017. I can't believe it took me that long, but you know how it is in NYC, so many great shows, so little time! Robert Viagas seems to be quite the prolific writer, and has written 19 books about the theater, including the Playbill Yearbooks. Another book of his that I requested was "The Back Stage Guide Broadway", which is supposed to have info on the seats, (comfort and legroom, he says he is a large fellow), obstructed views, etc., for the NYC theaters. When I receive it I will give you all a report. I did not realize my Mom had never seen a Broadway show! It was in the mid 80's when I found that out, and took her to see a touring production of Cats at the local theater. She loved it, and I offered to get her tickets to any show that came through (I was living on the west coast by then), but she never went to another one before she passed away. But she left me with a love of theater music, and of course, live theater! Thanks, Mom!
  9. Well I have not heard that story, but I can certainly relate to the winters being too cold! And the moving to Hawaii! I wonder if they opened a "shave ice" ice cream store in Rochester...hmmm... We usually go home for the holidays but then not again until mid April for taxes. We go to LA and take cruises and/or fly over to Hawaii for a few weeks in Feb/March. We also ask our dispatcher for as many loads to FL as possible.😎
  10. I don't remember if they had 3 rings (I am thinking one), but the movie the Greatest Showman with Hugh Jackson was quite entertaining. LOVED the music, still wearing out the cast CD! Lenquixote, I hope you enjoy Ain't Too Proud. If you grew up with their music like we did, I think you will. Also Otis Williams, (played by Derrick Baskin in the show) the last original surviving Temptation wrote a book about the Band awhile back. Not sure if it's still available. I would be interested to hear how the Tina Turner show is. Might put that on the list for next year.
  11. Thank you for the comprehensive review. I was wondering about the "book ...IFly, North Star, etc when you get on the ship" which is what I have been told on the phone by RCL reps. I had read on CC boards that these things needed to be booked online, which I tried to do. I was able to book the NorthStar for the 1st day (we are on Aug 24th cruise), but couldn't book the I FLY, so I called them. The rep said "Book on the ship". She also said if I did not pay for the items in my cart, they would be deleted. The only Item I had was the North Star, which was supposed to be free. And when I went online after the call, sure enough, NO NORTH STAR reservation. Now we have no reservations for anything, which DH is not happy about, since most of the hype about the Anthem is for these things. If you happen to know 1) exactly where/how I would book when I am on the ship, I would love to know that, and 2) are these things worth standing in long lines to book? We've done over a dozen cruises on other ships and found plenty to do that didn't seem to be so complicated to get to. I really appreciate your insight.
  12. Yes, I can't wait until our library has the audiobook of "Too Much is Not Enough" in. We are over the road truck drivers and audiobooks are great! Mark, when I retire I definitely want to usher! Our local theater (GEVA, in Rochester) tries to keep the last row open for the ushers to watch the show, if possible. But like you said, you always get to hear them. When I lived in the L.A. area in the 80's I volunteered at the Hollywood Bowl and got to hear some great concerts that way. Has anyone ever been on a Playbill cruise? They sound wonderful but they aren't anywhere near our budget for the foreseeable future. Audra McDonald will be headlining Broadway on the Mediterranean August 2020.
  13. Nitemare, I think you are right about them wanting to attract a younger crowd. I think there is always something for everyone on Broadway. Lion King to King Lear! But maybe for the folks that don't get to shows much, the Tonys can influence them. We saw The Band's Visit in January. It was such a good show. It deserved all the 10 Tony's it won. A lovely show. I still think about scenes from it. It is a "quiet" show, but it stayed with us. We also saw The Cher Show. DH is a big Cher fan. It seems like it would have a limited appeal though. Kind of like Ain't Too Proud, (which we really liked) with better costumes. We enjoyed it, and especially thought Stephanie J. Block did a fantastic job. It made us a bit nervous to see it on TKTS right way though.
  14. That will be great! Well, I hope. Films of shows that replace the Broadway actors with "name" actors don't always turn out as well as one would hope. Will keep fingers crossed. Netflix is also filming "The Boys in the Band" with the Broadway cast that was in the recent show (revival) including Jim Parsons and Andrew Rannells (he will be in "The Prom", too, good year for Andrew).
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