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  1. If you are concerned about rough seas, I would recommend taking Meclizine. It is the medicine in non drowsy Bonine. You don't need a prescription for it anymore, but the pharmacist will have it behind the counter. (A lot Cheaper than buying Bonine, $10/16 tablets). I take it every night, starting the night before the cruise. I have never been seasick, even in when it was rough enough to cancel the shows. In the 6 times we have done this cruise, once it was as calm as sailing in a bath tub going to Hawaii, and rough enough to cancel shows coming back, and every other time was a mix. We usuall
  2. Although not for a show, we are due a refund from a company. When we talked to the employee, he said since all the businesses are on mandatory shut down, no one could go into the shop to process refunds. He said he could answer phones from home, but not much else. Not sure if that helps, but at least know we are in the same boat as you are. Stay well and keep thinking positive.
  3. A little good news, you can watch a London cast performance of the Phantom of the Opera this weekend for free on Andrew Lloyd Webber's The Shows Must Go On You Tube Channel. https://decider.com/2020/04/17/watch-phantom-of-the-opera-free/
  4. GeeGee, we loved Book of Mormon but just to let you know I think you really need a good sense of humor to enjoy it. Also has some Rough language. We were originally going to take my Sister and BIL, but they couldn't go when we were getting tix. We were SO glad they weren't with us at the show. Because of their personalities (I am not judging, I'm just saying) they would not have enjoyed it and probably not made it through the show. But we thought it was hilarious. So different strokes! I just thought I would mention it. Many good suggestions on this thread. Enjoy yo
  5. We really recommend this excursion! The Na Pali coast is beautiful! We went twice (2 different cruise) but both were in Feb. Prime whale season! Altho we did not get near any whales, the naturalist onboard put a mike(hydrophone) in the water and we heard them singing. First time was on the small "Zodiac type" boat. If you sit in the back it is (somewhat) less bumpy. The 2nd time was on a larger boat that had a canopy. We really enjoyed it. My husband is a snorkeler/diver and he went in both times and said he saw some fish but was mostly awed by the turtles. Since it's
  6. Duke's is a good recommendation, and it is right there at Kalapaki Beach, a very nice beach. You can walk around the Marriott which has beautiful gardens, Koi ponds, plenty of benches to relax.
  7. I believe many Broadway shows are filmed (probably several performances and edited together). Fathom Events shows these filmed shows in movie theaters for a one or two night event. I saw Bandstand like that last year. Noticed 42nd Street and George Takei's Allegiance had showings but could not make it to those. They filmed a London (West End?) Production of Kinky Boots that PBS showed during their fall pledge drive. I would have been surprised if Hamilton was not filmed. I think the only surprise would be the release date. I guess we'll just have to Wait For It! Of course, in the u
  8. Thanks for the great review JennyB! We will be sailing on the Royal in Feb. I am very happy to see that Nick Nash is the Captain, and hope he will still be, next month as well. He married us in Feb 2009 aboard the Golden Princess. I am also happy to see they have Meiomi Pinot Noir, my favorite. I guess we will put the beverage package from TA to good use! I am happy to hear pax still dress for formal night. Although DH can't fit his tux anymore (it must have shrunk at the cleaners😉), he likes to bring a suit or two. It's really our only chance to dress up all year. T
  9. Thanks MarkBear!! I will definitely get tickets for it. Most of DH's family knows when they come up to visit I will be taking them to some shows and/or to hear live music, but I really try to find things they all will enjoy. This sounds great, the tix are 1/3 the price of a touring production, and I get to support local theater. Can't beat that! Thanks again!
  10. Did anyone ever see Peter and the Starcatcher, on Bwy or elsewhere? A local theater is doing a production over the holidays, and we are thinking of taking visiting relatives. We are taking everyone to see the Lion King touring production that will be here, but this show caught my eye for another evening. Also, would it be suitable for a 12 yr old?
  11. Another show, Imbible, The History of Drinking is playing there as well. We saw it in August before a cruise and it was a good show and a fun time. You can get discount tix thru Playbill.com if you don't want to wait in line. They were the same price as we paid at TKTS. A number of big Broadway shows have transferred here to New World Stages after their runs in the big theaters. We saw Rent and Avenue Q here, had better seats, and most of the casts were the same. This is a great complex!
  12. The TKTS booth in Times Square for same day discount tickets
  13. Our family traveled on the Anthem of the Seas and were in Bermuda for 2 days. The first day I had pre-arranged a tour with Ms. Brandi Stone and we were so glad we did. I emailed her one evening 3 months in advance and she answered my email promptly. She asked if we had any places in particular we wanted to see, but since we had never been to Bermuda before, we deferred to her experience. Originally we thought we would have 2 teenagers, and asked her to take us to places that might interest them, but it ended up 6 adults going, and her clean, air conditioned van was very comfortable for all
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