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  1. All right! I actually found one other person that could use this info!!! As for the software - I did it myself in Excel. :) (I was an actuary for a short time in my ancient history.) I looked at the commercial BJ analysis programs, but it wasn't clear that I could modify them to incorporate the Spanish 21 deck probabilities and rule mods. So, I read a couple of papers online on how to do infinite-deck regular BJ calculations. (Over the years, there have been a few math/statistics majors here and there choosing this for their senior thesis.) I then set up a
  2. Let me get started with the tl;dr version: Fun 21 on Carnival plc ships - you should take early surrender in the following cases: 16 v dealer 10 8-8 v dealer 10 7 vs dealer A 13-17 vs dealer A 7-7 , 8-8 vs dealer A —- Long version : On the Carnival plc ships, they offer a blackjack variant called “Fun 21”. You can find the details elsewhere - this game is essentially Spanish 21 in the US or Pontoon in Australia. However, one difference is that early surrender is offered - you can toss in your hand after seeing
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