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  1. All right! I actually found one other person that could use this info!!! As for the software - I did it myself in Excel. :) (I was an actuary for a short time in my ancient history.) I looked at the commercial BJ analysis programs, but it wasn't clear that I could modify them to incorporate the Spanish 21 deck probabilities and rule mods. So, I read a couple of papers online on how to do infinite-deck regular BJ calculations. (Over the years, there have been a few math/statistics majors here and there choosing this for their senior thesis.) I then set up a
  2. A cruise ship is a great place to learn how to shoot, as you’ll likely have the same few dealers working the table for the whole trip. My #1 tip would be to come right out and tell the dealer that you’re new to the game. They will then know to bring you onboard and clearly explain what’s going on. Speaking of which, know your crew - you have the boxman watching the chips, the stickman working the dice, and two dealers, one at each end. 90% of your interaction will be with the dealer on your end. He is your man in the game, watching and paying your bets. Treat him well (
  3. Let me get started with the tl;dr version: Fun 21 on Carnival plc ships - you should take early surrender in the following cases: 16 v dealer 10 8-8 v dealer 10 7 vs dealer A 13-17 vs dealer A 7-7 , 8-8 vs dealer A —- Long version : On the Carnival plc ships, they offer a blackjack variant called “Fun 21”. You can find the details elsewhere - this game is essentially Spanish 21 in the US or Pontoon in Australia. However, one difference is that early surrender is offered - you can toss in your hand after seeing
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