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  1. I have not done this but I assume you can drop them off anytime. They are certainly up on the ship as there are usually many with early trips to the airport. You might contact TellUs@Vikingcruises.com
  2. It was a last minute upgrade for Flashfearless on his first cruise!
  3. Thanks for answering the page. It's nice to see you were treated so well, once on board. When you posted the pictures of Venice I was indeed surprised. I'm glad you got a glimpse.
  4. I lived in Atlanta in the 70's. Right on Piedmont, across from the park. Such a great cruise. We went early to Stockholm and stayed a few days in Bergen. So much to research to fully know what you're seeing. Had always wanted to go to Norway since elementary school but seeing the other ports really opened up so much for me. Never thought i would like cruising. Not far from the Gulf and so many people go to the Caribbean so beach was never a draw. I was just closing myself off to experiences I had never imagined. Made one more cruise since then with Viking. I think you'll like it. When I was speaking with a lady in the Explorer's Lounge about the experience, she said, "I think you started at the top". Indeed, for my way of thinking, I did.
  5. You're going on the same cruise I did as my first cruise(ever). This was not my experience so maybe Flashfearless can give you some info. Look up his posts. He even posted some pictures from the party. You can take your drinks anywhere you want to on the ship and if you buy some on the cruise you can bring it on the ship.Not sure, but I think the boardroom in OS is at the opposite side from Explorer's Lounge. I doubt you can as I'm sure you wouldn't want people to be able to see you from there. You may not know anyone on the cruise now but by the time you sail you will probably have contacts. We didn't either but got a group of 14 together for the St. Petersburg port with Alla.(
  6. I know someone that got an upgrade to the Owners Suite on his first cruise. It happened a little before the cruise so I'm not sure how much planning they did. There a party included with the suite.
  7. "P Croatia" was suppose to be Split,Croatia.
  8. Viking's included is an overview. If you've seen the port before it might seem a little lack luster but it's not suppose to be an in depth look into anything in particular. I loved the included in Alborg, Denmark and P Croatia. Both walking tours, maybe form 3-4 hours from my recollection. I did the included to Berlin. A 12 hour excursion: 3 hours on train to the city and then about 1.5 hour bus tour with a couple of stops and then about 4 hours on your own before being transported to the train and back to the ship. It was fine since we had not been but some thought is wasn't enough to bother. I would suggest another excursion that I feel had more to off but I was trying to save money so I thought it would be fine, Now I know. Dubrovnik, Croatia and Stavanger, Norway were nice walking tours that included some time in a museum. Just depends on your interests. The do have other excursions for a fee and you can compare these to other excursions for the same place On Trip Advisor or Viator to see if you think the price falls in line. They do have other extreme excursions that could break the bank but that again would be if you think it has the value. I have also arranged local tours I have found that are different than the ships or maybe the excursion I wanted on the cruise was not available by the time I could book(always a V cabin)
  9. This is exactly what I thought you should do. Any promos for the first cruise will be gone. I thought you probably wouldn't get the same room but I see that is not always the case. Whatever the particulars, if you save more than $200 on the rebooking then do it and you are ahead of the game.
  10. This early final payment is not due to Virus. They have had this policy for quiet some time. Previous cruisers can sometimes get it moved but you have to ask at time of booking. In your case, I would wait until the payment is due and then have your Viking agent check and see what is available. He might need to be nudged for your sanity. I booked my first Viking cruise about a year before the ship was built(Star) and 2.5 years before the cruise in order to get the cabin class I wanted. Remember that these ships are smaller for the ocean cruises and I'm not sure about comparable ships for the US cruises.
  11. They wouldn't offer if they didn't think there would be one. Some become available when final payment is due. Plans change for other reasons and judging on past experiences they are playing the odds at a certain percentage. It will at least be what they said but you could certainly be better. I have met some people that have taken this option and some don't know for sure until the last minute which cabin is which.
  12. Flybussen last stop was at the Raddison from the airport. You can use a card for payment.
  13. The 5 year upgrade did not include adding drawers in the closet.
  14. When I booked my first Viking cruise, I had to wait two and a half years to the V cabin. they hadn't even built the ship yet. It gave me more time for research to enjoy my cruise. prep. Viking Homelands 2016.
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