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  1. Viking cruises will be quiet different from your past experiences. They say Viking is for explorers and I would have to agree. Your cruise is in a different port every day. If you're active you will definitely want to see what there is to see and the included excursions will give you an overview of the ports. If they don't seem up your interests, you cans are there as well but with a cruise, i feel like I need to have help seeing all I can so I can get an overview and probably won't make it back. Some like to get lost in a city but that's not really an option on a short time frame. The ships are all about the same and they only can take about 930 guests and you have mentioned not being a fan of small ships on another post but this will be like a boutique hotel. There are things you can take advantage of but nothing is pushed at you. So many things that are included on this line that are extras on other lines. It's just a different atmosphere without pretense. I've been to Venice, Corfu and Dubrovnik with Viking on another cruise. All good choices. Did a 9 mile bike excursion with Viking in Corfu so you can find active if you want it. Venice will need more than the time scheduled for the cruise so plan accordingly. We had an overnight on the cruise and then spent 2 more nights after we disembarked to explore the city beyond the highlights and even did a day trip to Bologna. The time on the ship will be relaxing so you can enjoy that but don't shortchange the destinations to lie in the sun, which you can probably do at home for a a lot less money.
  2. We did April 21/ May 3 and the weather was great. No rain. Wind breaker mornings and great afternoons.
  3. Call Viking. They can give you exact information. We flew home from Bergen and it was 3 flights. Stayed in Bergen a couple of extra days and did NIAN round trip. In BArcelona 2 years ago and it was wonderful. Three extra days before the cruise. Two different cruises.
  4. Saw a video on youtube from an agent and also on Avid Cruiser. Anybody else?
  5. I would say cancel and get your money back minus $200. Since you seem to be skeptical, that's cash in hand. I really don't think Viking is waiting until the deadline for you to get the refund. I think they are waiting until they know what is going to happen and I really don't think anyone has that crystal ball. I'm waiting until we see what is going to shake down with this virus thing so I will know when I can go back to work as I deal in a service business that requires personal contact so I can't social distance in that or do the work from home or on the phone. I too am anxious but I know I have to wait. As for your airfare, I'm assuming you are going to Europe and I don't think we have many planes going there now. Maybe other places as well, I'm not sure. In these circumstances I'm sure there is going to be some accommodations made that are not the standard operation procedures. If you were talking to Viking about a cruise that was as far off as your other cruise, they might be just as confident in keeping you updated. Like they were when you first booked this cruise, so long ago and no one knew about the virus. Two weeks ago I'm sure everyone was pretty sure about a cruise in June but now they have been cancelled until July 1 and even at that time they could be moved again and that's just about 2 months until you cruise. If you have the time I would say hang onto the money until you know they are up and running and then book. Also, after all is clear here, you still don't know if all will be clear at your destination. No real reason to plan a vacation if you can't get off the ship.
  6. I'm in the same situation in a salon and I do some freelance work with a theater, that too seems to be shaky ground. I may have made my last cruise but I'm sticking with this to "keep my toes in the water".
  7. The tours in Berlin can be what you're looking for but with private companies you need a certain number or the tours is a no go, so there is that to consider. I'm not really sure you save anytime by taking the train. It's about 3 hours each way. Don't worry about missing dinner. We wanted to make reservations at Chef's Table and were told that 60 % of the ship was going to Berlin so the restaurants would be open later to accommodate. and to just come by when we got in and had no problems. If it's your first time to Berlin, I would say take an excursion where they are with you at all times as they can maneuver the city with more speed and knowledge than you probably have We did it on our own for the first time there and I now know, for me, trying to see as much as we could, that was a mistake. If you're just going to have a nice lunch and shop and people watch, then that might be a good choice.
  8. If Viking gave you a good air price, go with them. We flew from San Antonio but went through Houston on the way. We made our own plans for less money. I've done 2 cruises with Viking with stays pre and post but never used their hotel. Always can do better on my own and I like finding something that will be different than what we have in US if possible. Friends did an extension with Viking after their cruise and felt the time in Oslo was short for their liking. We ended in in Bergen but stayed a few days and did the Norway in a Nutshell round trip from there to Flam. Our cruise had stopped there so we found things to there that are now part of the included part of what it now the included. So we did part of the train trip. I would suggest to trip to Flam for an overnight stay if it can work your plans. Same friends said they did not get a chance to see Bergen area on Viking's plans. They loved Iceland, once they got out of the city on their extension but you will be on the cruise so won't be exactly the same experience.
  9. Good plan. We had 5 days in Stockholm, including the cruise days. We got the passes you are talking about. We stayed in Gamla Stan and could see the ship from our hotel window. We used Arlanda Express to get from the airport. It was so easy. Took Rick Steves advice on seeing Drottingham-included in the pass. City Hall, Vasa, Norse Museum, Boat cruise(2 hour), HOHO. We did the 3 day pass and it was our transport to the ship, all included in the pass. Did the Ice Bar as we had never been to one and the AE passed right by it as we entered the station. Changing of the guard is better on Youtube than in person. Stockholm was not a bucket lit city but it sure deserve to be on everybody's list
  10. Dauntless

    Soft Drinks

    Also, during meals you can get sodas and according to some posts, they are easy to pick up and take to your cabin, if you wish. I have been in V cabins and there, the sodas will be replaced for the price on the menu. Last time though, we got them without asking.
  11. I don't think that should matter. You can just book a flight and pay their deviation fee. We did MO cruise and flew to Barcelona.At the end of the cruise in Venice, we then spent a week in Switzerland and flew home from Zurich. I think you can do that as late as 30 days after the cruise ends.
  12. I would totally agree with this. A guy came up and offered to help us cross the bridge. He took a 50 lb.bag in each hand and seemed to scurry across the bridge. Once we reached the train station he told us there would be a charge for his help. A rather hefty one at that. We paid half of what we wanted but it was no more than taking the Vaparetto. Better to cut out the scheming middle man, We were approached by the station security officer and asked about the incident.
  13. We went to Bologna from Venice by train and I'm pretty sure there is one from and to Ravenna as well. We did the 4 hour highlight tour from the tourist bureau and had 4 hours on our own and then did a 4 hour food tour. It was really a relaxing day, though a long one.
  14. If you overnight in Venice, you can leave as early as you wish if you are not using Viking Have room service for breakfast. You just walk off the ship. Short walk to people mover and then a short ride that let's you off about a block from the bus gathering spot.and your guide could meet you there. I don't remember seeing any transport around the dock unless it was by private arrangement.
  15. When we took the cruise it stopped in Flam but we had already decided to do the NIAN trip round trip from Bergen the day after we departed the ship
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