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  1. If you think you have some ideas about how they do what they're doing,tell them and ask to be contacted. I did this after our first cruise and they called me and we talked for almost a half hour about one aspect of the cruise. I mentioned if they didn't have anyone to do this better that I had experience in the field. On or second cruise the situation had been addressed. There was vast improvement in this aspect on the second cruise. I'm not saying it would appeal to everyone but it did show me that they do listen and sometimes take action on suggestions.
  2. Booking this on your own is easy. You can arrange it to all the way to Flam and spend the night and then continue on.. You can also do Flam to Bergen or the other way by ferry and cruise the fjord. This would allow you see Flam without having to cram it in while at the other port. It was included in our cruise on this itinerary but we did the included and skipped the train ride as we were doing a version of NIAN after the ship departed Bergen and it included the Fjord Safari and back up the road by van to return to Bergen. We stayed at the airport hotel that night and left about 10:00 the next morning with a short walk to the airport.
  3. You only have to produce your cabin number. Not a problem if you've got a memory. It was very easy the first cruise but I did take a time or two on the second.
  4. I think the 3x the cost was due to the fact that if you cancel or change the itinerary as scheduled, you must cancel and re book. When you do this, you will then be charged the single occupancy supplement which is twice the fare, hence the three times. The insurance, previously bought should reimburse you the cost of the first booking but it does mean there could be a time when the cost of three cruises might appear on your statement.
  5. I don't know if that one reservation is per restaurant or per cabin. I've only been V. I doubt they will make extra reservations during your booking window.
  7. Well I didn't have the package but I do know that some of the premium wines were served in CT as part of standard meal. I love the Uby 4. No extra charge when offered in CT as normal pairing but is charged for in other venues. That might be because it is only offered for one course at CT
  8. You will have 6 menus for your cruise. That's what we had as the menu changed every other day. What the are is determined by which ship, as all do not have every menu and where the rotation was when you boarded.
  9. I did this cruise in 2016 and the production company for Viking has changed since then. We did MO last year and this company seems to have a better understanding of how to do this type of entertainment. It's more night club shows that extravaganzas which other ships do do the rep might have been trying to inform you of that by not expanding on that area. As has been stated, the agents usually have not been on the cruises. If Daniel is your guitar player you are in for a treat. Much more passenger involved than our first great musician. Our second piano was more current focused than classical. They bring on entertainment that performs in the main theater that is not destination focused. We had one on the cruise you are going on but 2 on the shorter MO cruise. They all did two different shows while on board on different nights. For destination focused entertainment they brought on opera singers in SP. Their choice for English selection, I felt was a little strange. The sang from Gershwin's "Porgy and Bess". Somehow, white singers from Russia trying to take on dialect of blacks on the Mississippi at that time seemed to be inconsistent with the content. I have the same problem with "Hamilton" in rap music. The costumes and the music don't seem to go together. It works better in his first musical, as far as consistency is concerned but I didn't enjoy that either. I loved both these cruises though and I'm somewhat involved with entertaining. Just as long as your expectations are in line with what is being offered.
  10. The Viking shuttle will take you to St Mark's area the same way the ship sails in, if this is where you are ending your cruise(I can't remember) The Vaparetto will take you down the grand canal and the stop after the Train station is where you take about a block walk and you are at the People Mover to take you to the ship. The smaller the group on the gondola the more expensive the ride pp. We had tickets for the Hidden Gems and Gondola ride through Viator (There's a video on their website)but had wrong paperwork when we left hotel so just made do without the gondola ride. I think this would have taken you on some of the smaller canals and had a more unique experience. The grand canal is impressive but the vaparetto gives you experience and seems much more at home on the larger canal. We got a day pass and it served our needs. The free shuttle will get you there and back but not as scenic.
  11. You would be right and I was in the other direction. Read the post too quickly. Sorry
  12. We always had coffee and apple juice delivered to our cabin from room service to get the day started. No charge and we were in a V cabin so no coffee maker in the room.
  13. I've only been on 2 VO cruises but the evening theater entertainment starts around 9:00. On occasion, there are other presentations in other venues. Music, of some sort can be found throughout the ship by house musicians.
  14. Do stay longer in Bergen. Friends just took this cruise and did the extension to Iceland so really did not see Bergen except from ship to airport. A real problem with cruising is not seeing the first or last port of the cruise with arrival and departure booked during cruise time. There are at least 46 departures out of Bergen each day so leaving from there is not the problem. You may have conditions that must be met and there in is the rub. I live in San Antonio, Texas and we flew, at a reasonable hour out of Bergen to Copenhagen on SAS. About and hour layover and flew from there to Dulles with about 3.5 hour layover and then home on United. We flew coach and if there are restrictions there on your part, then that is where the problem is.
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