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  1. Dauntless

    Kitchen Table Excursions

    Nancy Anderson, I believe, just did one of these sea day on MO and she gave a ballpark price of around 50. Sea day so no shopping. Posted some pictures on one of the facebook pages and the whole thing looked nice. She said you booked when you boarded. I think it holds true for a bridge or kitchen tour but I have no personal knowledge.
  2. Dauntless

    Copenhagen Shuttle Bus

    The #26 bus goes to both ports but there is distinction. Now I don't have this information in front of me but this is what I looked for and how I knew I was getting on the right bus. That bus will have a name, which I don't remember right now but Rick Steves knows and explains and after that name will be another word. If it starts with A then you are on the right bus. When you get to the turn around at the end of the line you will easily see the ship. Since Viking has so many options in Copenhagen during the cruise, you will see Viking buses everywhere but not all are shuttle so make sure you always know where the shuttle location is. Info is available from Explorer's desk before you leave the ship.
  3. Dauntless

    How are the DV rooms on the Sky?

    People said they needed more storage space and the floor real estate pretty full. they only had a few places to take it from without upset the flow in the cabin. Now for a world cruise, this might present a problem but for a 10-30 day cruise you can adapt. Also, if you are comparing this to to other cabins in the industry, from what I have heard, you do have some more space and the common areas provide so many places to serve as your spot. This is your bedroom and the rest of of the ship is your "house".
  4. Dauntless

    How are the DV rooms on the Sky?

    It is tight, probably, compared to you bedroom at home. I don't know what you're bringing but we found room for 100 lbs of stuff in our bags and that doesn't count our carry ons that we also both had. Peregrina bag is om the coffee table in the sitting area and if you move that to the corner you will have more floor area in the middle and the impression of more room.
  5. Dauntless

    How are the DV rooms on the Sky?

    Thanks for the pictures Peregrina,
  6. Dauntless

    How are the DV rooms on the Sky?

    As you enter the cabin and just past the bathroom door, they are right there. If you have seen the coffee maker, they are directly below that. There appear to be 4 but the top one is really a door for the cabinet for the safe. The next three down are drawers. The are as wide as the closet is deep. If you look at the closet, the doors come from the wall and then stop but the frame keeps on going so this will give you an idea of how deep the drawers are.
  7. Dauntless

    How are the DV rooms on the Sky?

    In Apr/May last year it hadn't been. I always take my stuff that needs to be hung already on hangers when I pack. Not the fanciest way to go but the wire hangers take up less room in the closet and really weigh nothing compared to convenience of shaking them out, spraying them with wrinkle release and putting them in the closet. For me the shelf works for sweaters and such. last cruise I was on the side with the closet and I used the nightstand cubbie for socks and underwear. In V cabins there is no coffee maker so I have that space as well (although that does seem a shame for those that drink coffee as that seems to be the main reason for the price increase) Day bags under the coffee table as it is tucked in the corner and out of the way so you still have use of the top. Anything else can go in the suitcase, easily accessible if needed. There's drawers in the bath on each side for each passenger to have their stuff for in there neatly tucked away. with the drawers on the side of the closet and that cubbie above them also available, there is more than enough room----------unless you're doing a fashion show from the steamer trunk you brought on board!
  8. Dauntless

    How are the DV rooms on the Sky?

    Which ship?
  9. Dauntless

    How are the DV rooms on the Sky?

    In Viking's case, it does.
  10. Dauntless

    How are the DV rooms on the Sky?

    I'm not offended. I did not have your experience when I booked so I had nothing to compare it to. I just knew this was in my price range and on the 2 cruises (VH ans MO-with a week extension in Switzerland) I know what you mean about having to take a lot of clothes for the weather but I just started packing the layers to make things work. I don't like to do laundry on vacation but it was a necessary evil on these extended trips and relatively painless since I do mine at home. I see from your post that you now have done more reading and research and have begun to see what you have booked. It is all spelled out in their literature so I am surprised when people have that eye opening experience. You should have a great time on the cruise though and I'm sure by the time you have to pack you will have it all worked out.
  11. Dauntless

    How are the DV rooms on the Sky?

    They put those extra drawers in the closet, which presents another problem that you point out.
  12. Dauntless

    How are the DV rooms on the Sky?

    So you have a newly revamped DV cabin from the original design, with more storage than before and you're whining. If you are that spoiled by Grand suites on RCCL why aren't you on that ship now? You know, they do have larger cabins on the ship. Why didn't you book one of those? Now I don't know which cruise you are on or how long it lasts, but I have been on 2 cruises with Viking(15 and 13 days) on the original ship, without the extra drawers and have never been lacking for space Each time we both took 50 pound bags and a carry on. Maybe you pack more than you need to and would rather spend that extra money for overweight bag charges.
  13. Dauntless

    Strategy for booking excursions

    Get a map of Stavanger. You will dock by the white Houses(Gamla Stavanger, I think). Now then find the 'Shrimp statue". If it's not marked on you map, google it. You just walk towards town along the quay and then turn left and you should easily see it then, if not before. Probably a 5-7 minute walk from the ship.
  14. Dauntless

    Movies in Cabins

    On the two cruises I did, VH and MO, I have no memory of problems.
  15. Dauntless

    No more flexibility on final payment dates?

    I gave up on the lottery. I now deal with Publisher's Clearing House. Of course, the chances of winning are just about as good but there is no investment!