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  1. It docked there when we were on it but that was an unusual location as we were first assigned to the second location after you cross the bridge. We were notified of the switch a few weeks before the cruise. I have learned that Barcelona had established some new rules about docking so that might effect where you dock as well. Your overnight might not be at the location we are speaking of. Do plan the extra days in Barcelona. There is so much to do . We Stayed at Hotel Gaudi, across the street from Paulau Guell which is shown on most maps. Our room overlooked their rooftop and we could see the Columbus Column and the Med. from our balcony. The rooftop of the hotel had 360 degree view. About a half block off Las Ramblas, the center of old town.
  2. Let me say that our included tour was wonderful. Well worth your time.
  3. All V and DV cabins have the same size closets. People complained about storage space, then they started adding extra drawers in the closet. I've only been on the Star in V cabins and there was more than enough storage space for 13 and 15 day cruises. I you bring a 50 lb bag and a carry-on you will have space for everything in these circumstances and you can use the suitcase under your bed for a few extras, if needed. I needed warm and cooler clothes for both trips. If the drawers are in the closet, you looses some hanging space but you have those drawers. I travel with friends and have the closet the same on both sides is ideal in my situation. No one feels they have to compromise.
  4. They also have room to open up the dining room for al fresco dining but I've only seen it in videos.
  5. On Youtube, Cruise Companions is doing a cruise out of Malta. The are doing a few episodes about preboarding and anticipation and then day by day vlogs. Don't know about your cruise so it may not be the same but it will give you ideas about your cruise. I'm pretty sure they are also first time Viking cruisers
  6. This is where we docked in 2016 and I have seen more recent reports that also docked there. We did an off ship excursion that met us in the terminal the both days and delivered us back on time. Much cheaper than the Viking options. With doing the Viking options, most will begin and start at the ship so that will take more traveling time in the day.
  7. They are not on every ship. I believe only 2 ships have them and the Venus(the newest) does not.
  8. So, I have only stayed on deck 3. One V1 and one V2. I was in Clay's cabin, 3010 and heard no noise from the theater. This is a port cabin. V1 I was in 3074. heard no noise, again a port side cabin. I was usually at the shows or during the days, I was on excursions. In the 2 cruises I only had 2 sea days. If you don't involve yourself with the destinations you might experience something that I didn't.
  9. Rules for the excursions seem to be evolving daily, as more get vaccinated. By your cruise it might be back to where it was. Alla here. 19 hours of tour in 2 days. Early in Hermitage, loved the restaurant meal. Could not be happier.
  10. So this isn't your cruise and I have seen no info but if enough people are on the excursion from the ship dining times will be extended. Example; Viking Homeland Berlin day. We wanted to go to Chef's Table but were getting back late and were told to get back to the cabin and then come n down. 66% of Berlin excursion and dining hours would be very flexible on our return around 8:30.
  11. Manfredis has many choices but the prime rib has been rated the best steak at sea. It's all subjective. Not really a bad choice in the place. my choice for a restaurant experience is Chef's Table, though it sometimes gets a bad rap from diners with conservative taste buds. I'm not opposed to some variety in the menu but not adventurous but open and have always enjoyed the meals here. I try to make every change to broaden my taste and not my budget. Some have spoken well of the sushi in the world Cafe but this is not my dish. Success Cake, Split Pea Soup and waffles in Mamsems have been praised and the Pool Grill has good Pool Grill food. I loved the variety of World Cafe to start the day off and the waffles here are a little different than Mamsem's. The coffee at the Living Room Bar wins the taste test.
  12. Can't tell you about the line you mentioned but I think on Viking that would require a different booking. I know under past conditions, if you change a name the booking is cancelled and you are required to rebook.
  13. On my last cruise, both he got a referral discount and so did I that was used as a discount of the cruise we were booking. We did not have to wait until we took another cruise is my point.
  14. I think you are paying for them if you get the drinks pkg., they just charge you up front so no money at the time of consumption.
  15. Steve Rhodes has just posted about this on his website on Facebook He's signed for a Bermuda cruise and will post more after that---if it goes.
  16. Very easy to understand since they have been sailing in the areas you said they are supporting. They still are finalizing things on the Mississippi.
  17. I've done V1 and V2. In the past you can not make dinner reservations until yo board. Never really had a problem getting them but I usually board at the first opportunity(11 am). You can check the excursions for the ports on the itinerary portion of your cruise webpage on the Viking sight. The included will be noted as such on each day. The other excursions will probably be offered but they can also change by the time of booking. I have experienced walking tours that are included so the destination makes a difference. You should be able to make reservations for that 60 days out from sailing. If you don't get what you want, keep trying because things can be added but there is no waiting list so it's up to you. Also, most of these excursions will have more than one group at each time listed.
  18. I have done 2 cruises with Viking and really liked my agent but he is now training. Anyway, I was interested in doing the Med Odyssey cruise but there was only one listed. I inquired if they might be canceling that cruise but he assured me that there would be more announced but he didn't know when. A day or two later I called and spoke to whoever answered the phone and told them of my situation. He was able to tell me when they would be offered and when they would go on sale. I called my agent and informed him and we were booked on the first cruise to be up for grabs. Great cruise in 18. He wondered how I got the information and I told him I just called the company and someone there had the answers.
  19. there was no fee for using the facilities without booking a service. At the time of my last cruise no reservations were needed but that might change with the new guidelines.
  20. World cruises are a completely different animal than the regular cruises. A lot of sea days and things are not the same as regular cruising. You may or may not have the opportunity to sign up for 'cooking classes" until you board. They sometimes offer a scaled down version of "Kitchen Table', at a cheaper price(usually on sea days, as you don't go the market with the chef and as my understanding, they are not open until you board. The regular "Kitchen Table" experience can be booked before you board, when it is time for you to sign up for excursions, when offered on your cruise.
  21. I recently read that Viking has been to Panama City, Florida and was scoping out the location for a Gulf Coast Cruise. Not on the schedule yet that I know of. It will be done on the Star, according to the report. I don't know anything about any other ports. I think there is something that says you have to make a stop on an Ocean cruise in one foreign country but I'm not sure. Wonder how that would be arranged? I think they might be looking for ways to put the ships to work while things are still pretty much in the air. Anyone else heard about this?
  22. I have not done this but I assume you can drop them off anytime. They are certainly up on the ship as there are usually many with early trips to the airport. You might contact TellUs@Vikingcruises.com
  23. It was a last minute upgrade for Flashfearless on his first cruise!
  24. Thanks for answering the page. It's nice to see you were treated so well, once on board. When you posted the pictures of Venice I was indeed surprised. I'm glad you got a glimpse.
  25. I lived in Atlanta in the 70's. Right on Piedmont, across from the park. Such a great cruise. We went early to Stockholm and stayed a few days in Bergen. So much to research to fully know what you're seeing. Had always wanted to go to Norway since elementary school but seeing the other ports really opened up so much for me. Never thought i would like cruising. Not far from the Gulf and so many people go to the Caribbean so beach was never a draw. I was just closing myself off to experiences I had never imagined. Made one more cruise since then with Viking. I think you'll like it. When I was speaking with a lady in the Explorer's Lounge about the experience, she said, "I think you started at the top". Indeed, for my way of thinking, I did.
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