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  1. 1 of 4, thank you so much for your posting. We are on Scenic from Budapest to Amsterdam at the end of September and your posts are making it seem more real with each post. Seeing the daily programs, while not exactly the same as we will have, give us a much better impression of what we will see. This will be our first river cruise after 16 ocean cruises and now I am very glad we selected Scenic. One last question though. How was everyone dressed at dinner? I have several members of our group wondering how they are going to pack for 3 weeks in Europe! Thank you again. Jeff
  2. I agree with Bo1953. We completed a B2B on Edge in April with one of our party GF out of necessity. He had no issues with any of the meals and typically worked with the staff the day before to be sure of his options for the next day. We did try and make reservations for roughly the same time each night to make things flow a bit better. The food is great and I am sure you will enjoy. Have fun.
  3. Thank you so much for the information. It is a preview for us as we are doing our first B2B on the Edge beginning next week. This will be a new experience and I hope a fun one. Regardless, we are on vacation!
  4. Hi Paul With the weather in Alaska the main thing is to plan on layers of clothing, particularly in May. Also be sure to take rain proof outer wear. We were there in July and still needed hats and gloves on occasion. One of the fun things we did in Icy Strait Point was to go sea kayaking. It was not a difficult trip, we covered only about 5-6 miles. But a whale breached about 50 yards away from me. I would recommend that one. Vancouver is one of the prettiest cities I have been in. I thought it was also the most expensive until I went to Norway! It is a fun city to explore. The HOHO bus system is very good. I think the large park is Stanley Park and I highly recommend visiting it. Have fun! Jeff
  5. Hi Dawn Thank you so much for your comments on 12160. We are in that suite for a B2B the end of April and have been wondering about the S3 inside the rails. Glad it worked out for you two. We met Paul and Edward on the Reflection last November and truly enjoyed talking with them and reading the blog. I will look for your photos as well. Thanks again. Jeff
  6. We were in 2108 on Reflection last November. It was a great room with an oversized balcony. I agree with Hodgson that the only issue we had was the solicitation from the spa staff. We never heard noise from above or the sides.
  7. You will receive a questionnaire a couple days before the end of the cruise asking your departure plans. From that Celebrity will determine your departure time including if you asked for walk off. If the assigned time does not work for you go to guest services as early as you can to request a change.
  8. I love having a balcony on the docked side of the ship so that I can watch for the runners trying to make it at the last minute. I am a stickler for being on time in most of my activities to the chagrin of the rest of my family. Years ago when we were on an Alaskan cruise I went back to the ship a little early in Ketchikan while my wife and daughter did a little shopping. Imagine my surprise when sitting on the balcony watching the last minute runners I see my wife and daughter just strolling along. By that time I was calling their cell phones to see if they were back yet. Everything from the pier had been pulled back onto the ship except one lone gangway. Naturally my wife ignored her cell phone ringing and continued to stroll along. I cold see at least that my daughter was trying to hurry her mother along. But at least when they boarded the ship, there were still several people really running to get aboard!
  9. Paul and Edward Glad to see you are live with another post/report. Kate mentioned to me this weekend that you were on the Edge and I recalled our conversation in November when you mentioned it. We are on a B2B in April and coincidently are booked in 12160! I made these reservations so long ago I did not know the potential implications of the MC on the view at that deck level. When I realized it the cost of changing had gone up so much it was a little out of line. Maybe we will get upgraded as you did. Hah, probably not much of a chance. Anyway, enjoy the cruise and I will be watching for updates as you go. Jeff
  10. To me the best part of the Lawn Club was the lamb. I have eaten lamb all my life and consider that meal some of the best lamb I have ever had. Enjoy no matter what you order.
  11. We took the trip with Captain Marvin last November. There were about 12-14 people on the boat. Overall the trip was great. The boat crew were very good, friendly and pointed out a lot of the island to us as we sailed out to stingray city and the snorkeling stops. The boat was spacious for the guests on board. I can't speak wo Moby Dick at all, but I would book again with Captain Marvin.
  12. One of our cruising friends is gluten free by necessity and he has never had an issue with the meals in Blu. Typically the waiter will discuss with him the menu for the next night and have something prepared for him gluten free. Deserts included! The only issue has been when the rest of us give him a bad time about rice pudding, but that is another story. Just talk to your waiter and all will be well. Have fun!
  13. We were in 2108 last November. That suite is the last one forward and just 3 from the fitness center and the front elevators and stairs. It was a great and very quiet location. The added plus is that the balcony is right at the start of the external widening. It resulted in the balcony being extra large. We loved the location.
  14. We were just in FLL this year on the last day of the boat show sailing on Reflection. The only issue we had was traffic between our hotel at GalleryOne and the airport. We used Lyft and the driver very nicely let me know before we started out that due to the show he was taking a round about route to the hotel. Other than that, we saw no noticeable issue with the show.
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