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  1. Sony was our waiter in July while on the Silhouette and and is also our favorite waiter. He was going home for a break (in August if I remember correctly) and jokingly said he couldn't return until his wife was pregnant! Upon return later this year he will be on the Solstice which is our good fortune as we will aboard for an Australia/NZ cruise in February.
  2. NCHPcruiser

    Oct 22 TA returning early...

    Due to Daylight Savings Time an additional hour was gained during the night so it's not quite 8:00 in Florida yet.
  3. Has anyone visited Phillips Island while in Melbourne and if so was it worth it? We are considering a tour which would leave around 11 am and return at 9:00 pm and includes the Penguin Parade. Thanks! Martha
  4. NCHPcruiser

    Are there scales in the cruise fitness center?

    I might try asking your stateroom attendant once onboard. I know that there are scales in all of the suites and maybe in in Aqua class cabins (I can't remember for sure but think there are). It should be possible for the attendant to obtain one of these for your use. Getting on a scale is the last thing I want to do on a cruise so I would be happy to give it up. It's bothersome to me that the special needs department wasn't more accommodating since there are many scales on the ship.
  5. NCHPcruiser

    1st European Cruise on Reflection Sept 2019

    I think this is a great itinerary especially if you spend a few days pre- or post-cruise in Barcelona. We love Aqua class and think that $6,200 (with all perks) for two people seems very reasonable. I chose a similar itinerary on the Reflection for my husbands first cruise and he was hooked. We were on the Reflection again in the Greek Isle in September. On both cruises we only tendered in Santorini. Martha ps You really, really need to include a few days in Barcelona! I can't emphasize that enough. Barcelona is wonderful!
  6. NCHPcruiser

    Time Between Drinks

    I frequently order a glass of wine to take to my room in the late afternoon and get a bottle of water at the same time. This has been my habit over many Celebrity cruises and I have never had a problem.
  7. I'm not sure how long your cruise is but drinks -coffee, waters, wine, cocktails- (even if you're not a big drinker) will add up quicker than you think and probably use up most of your shipboard credit especially if it's longer than 7 days. Plus you'll always have to sign for whatever you want instead of just handing them your sea pass card. I would definitely get the drink package.
  8. NCHPcruiser

    Luminae or Murano?

    I can only give you our recent experiences on the Silhouette (CS) in July and on the Reflection (SS) in September (unusual for us to have cruises this close together). We were disappointed in Murano (especially service) on our Silhouette cruise in July. So much so that on the Reflection cruise we celebrated my 60th birthday in Luminae rather than Murano. We were not disappointed at all. If you have not experienced Luminae before you might want to decide after a night or two. The Michael's Club concierge will be able to get a reservation for you in Murano (especially for such a special occasion) if you should decide to celebrate there. Perhaps have the MC concierge make a reservation at Murano as soon as you board then decide. You can always cancel the Murano reservation after dining in Luminae.
  9. NCHPcruiser

    Luminae Guest Charge

    We were recently sailing on Silhouette with friends (all in suites) while their young adult children were not in suites. Over 14 days we all dined in Luminae every night except two. We also never saw any waits. The charges ($30pp) were spread over three different shipboard accounts. There was never a wait. More recently on Reflection (where there are more suites) we saw waits for tables so bringing guest into Luminae on this ship could present more of a problem. For what it's worth, while on the Silhouette my husband and I dined one evening in Murano. The service was not nearly as good as Luminae. This was early evening when they were not busy so I don't know what the issue was. The food was good but no better than Luminae in our opinion. On our Reflection cruise two months later we didn't bother with any Specialty restaurants other than lunch in Sushi on 5 which was fabulous!
  10. NCHPcruiser

    Luminea Dress Code

    Our Celebrity Alaskan cruise was the most casual of any of our cruises (all Celebrity). Much more casual than Caribbean or Med cruises. We dined in Luminae and saw people wearing most everything (lots of jeans) except the Maitre'd did tell the gentleman wearing shorts on the first night that they were not allowed for the rest of the cruise. We saw no ball caps.
  11. After cruising with my mother & sister in AQ, I booked a suite guaranty for my husband and I in hopes of hooking him on cruising. I'm not sure if we ended up with a S1 or S2 but it made no difference to us. Our cabin was assigned shortly after booking although we weren't informed. I found out only after calling on an unrelated matter. I would check periodically just out of curiosity if I were you. (The Suite Gty worked-he loves to cruise as much as I do!)
  12. In addition to the above officers these are a few others on the Reflection (as of Sept. 10, 2019) Suites Manager: Denny Luminae Maitre'd: Constantine Charlotte Jones: Solo Guitarist
  13. These officers were onboard for our Med cruise Aug. 31- Sept 10. Captain Panagiotis Skylogiannis Chief Engineer: Konstantinos Bakas Staff Captain: Christos Galanis Guest Relations Manager: Cameron Robertson Hotel Director: Arjan Scheepers Cruise Director: Rich Clesen Food & Bev Director: Vladimir Savic Executive Chef: Michael Fernandes Michael Club Concierge: Denisa and Nadia
  14. NCHPcruiser

    Celebrity gifts anyone have problems?

    Absolutely try the MC concierge! They can and will do anything they can do at Guest Relations. They will make this right!