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  1. I am also curious if there is an actual bar in the Retreat! On our last Edge cruise we really missed the interaction with the bartenders and other guest at the bar.
  2. We have had to cancel an Oceania cruise (it was a long cruise on a ship with reportedly very spotty internet which wouldn’t work for my husband). We had absolutely no issue with our cancellation.
  3. We booked probably the first day of our Edge cruise Feb. 2020. I don’t think there is a big downside to pre-booking although it’s possible you might have to cancel another reservation since you won’t know until boarding what night it is. We have done several but never the first night!
  4. We were also told not to cover ours in any way, especially not to laminate. For the time being ours are kept with our passports in the safe.
  5. On a short 7 day cruise we usually try one of the specialty restaurants. On a longer cruise we will generally try a specialty restaurant and may sign up for a special wine dinner or something similar. We love Sushi on Five so always have either lunch or dinner there. It also depends on the itinerary and how busy we are during the day.
  6. We usually don’t go to the Elite events because we are with friends who are not but on one occasion we stumbled upon the Elite cocktail hour and when asked by the greeter I apologized saying we didn’t realize what was going on (honestly), that we were Elite but our friends weren’t and then turned to leave. She then nicely invited us all in.
  7. I’ll admit I have not read through all of the responses but Eden was our least favorite venue on our last cruise in February 2020. Dinner took way too long and I can’t imagine how long it would take with 15 tapas size courses!
  8. On our Alaskan cruise, dining in Luminae, we noticed a variety of attire, though no actual blue denim (but it would have been permitted). My husband frequently wears jean styled pants especially on that cruise. The only thing not permitted in Luminae was shorts. During lunch on embarkation day a nicely dressed gentleman in shorts was kindly reminded that they were not permitted other than that day which he had no issue with at all.
  9. Our last cruise (Caribbean Feb, 2020) was on the Edge and we were able to go directly to our suite. We left our luggage then went directly to The Retreat for a glass of champagne. Having never been on the Edge we were pleasantly surprised that we really liked The Retreat, even though we did miss the actual bar where it was easier to meet others. Soon after we usually go to the gym so DH can sign up for spin classes, then onto Luminae for lunch. Our next Celebrity cruise isn’t until next April unfortunately.
  10. We loved our Millennium Alaska cruise about four years ago. It was about our eighth time on board a Celebrity ship (first M class) and it was by far the most casual of all. There were also many multi-generational family groups. Loved the cruise, but we thought it had a different vibe than our usual Celebrity cruise.
  11. We have been on the Reflection twice and did not think about it being crowded at all. The area around the pool is generally full on every ship though. While Luminae wasn’t crowded it was always full and it is the only cruise where we had to wait for a table most every night.
  12. Definitely Millennium if the Constellation has not been updated (which I doubt it ever will be). The Millennium was (in our opinion) in need of the update several years ago and we would happily cruise on her now that she has been. But not the Constellation.
  13. Our Celebrity Silhouette Spain/Portugal cruise has been our favorite! Flew into Madrid for a couple of days, took fast train to Barcelona for two more days then embarked for a two week cruise. Loved it but other than the Baltic cruise to St. Petersburg that couldn’t make it into St. Petersburg we’ve never had a bad cruise.
  14. We just booked this cruise/tour yesterday (also with the Jordan pre tour) so certainly hope it sails! We definitely plan on going! What we planned this year isn’t possible and Egypt was on our short list so this cruise looked perfect. Our only hesitancy is having never been on Amawaterways (or any river cruise for that matter, only ocean cruises) and not knowing what to expect!
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