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  1. We have sailed on all M & S class ships in recent years and have always been able to order off the main dining room menu in Luminae. Many times it was handed to us along with the Luminae menu. Having also been raised in a tiny southern town I have no doubt there will something to everyone's liking. Nothing is very exotic and we often ordered the vegetarian option as an extra for the table.
  2. We prefer Luminae to Blu. Our experience has been that Luminae is quieter with more options. We appreciate the extra space in an SS and the service from the Michaels Club concierge though we have not sailed any ships with the Retreat. However, depending on the itinerary, who we are sailing with and price, Aqua Class continues to be an option.
  3. Our Celebrity Alaskan cruise from Vancouver was by far the most casual of all our cruises and had a completely different vibe than any other Celebrity cruise we have ever been on (Caribbean, European, Baltic, Med). If it had been our first cruise with Celebrity it may have been the last although it was a good cruise. The Luminae staff was the absolute best we have encountered. We felt, at least on our sailing, that the itinerary drew many people who don't normally cruise and have no plans to in the future. There were many multi-gerational family groups as well. Again, it was a good cruise, just not typical of what we generally have come to expect from Celebrity.
  4. I agree with ECCruise. We will always do transport ourselves. Either taxi, Uber, Lyft or prearranged service.
  5. On our Australia/NZ cruise in February we disembarked in Melbourne, spent two nights, caught an early am flight to Sydney (already visited pre cruise) where we rejoined the ship by noon. We made Celebrity aware of our plans as soon as we boarded. We, along with a few other guest and crew that were disembarking, were required to meet at a specified time with a Celebrity officer and immigration officials. They gave a cursory look to our passport and we were given the ok to disembark. Celebrity will take your sea pass as you disembark (it will come up on their screen) and you will be given a new sea pass upon return. Our names were on a list, along with our new sea pass, upon return to security at Sydney. It was all very organized and we had no problems. There is a charge for this, around $60 if I remember correctly. We actually tried to handle this prior to embarkation. However it resulted in a lot of frustration as no one seemed to know how to handle it.
  6. We have not sailed on the Edge or an Edge-ified ship but several of our friends have sailed on both. None like the new Retreat setup at all! In the past we all have enjoyed getting to know the bartender and learning something about his family and homeland as well as talking with other guest. They report the new setup is not conducive to meeting other guest although I'm sure it does happen, just not as easily or as often.
  7. We were in SS 2114 on the Reflection last September (Med cruise). Location was good and no issues at all with noise EXCEPT the one night they did the Silent Disco in the Solarium.
  8. We took the train from Seward to Anchorage but did not go through Celebrity (alaskatrain.com). We also booked the GoldStar Dome Service which included dinner and drinks. Scenery was beautiful and we felt it was worth the price. Narration is given throughout all cars.
  9. I think the spin classes my husband did last September on the Reflection were $18.00.
  10. I think the guarantee comes into play when you book airfare through Celebrity not just a transfer (but I could be wrong). I actually think you would get to the ship faster using a taxi, Uber or Lyft. Hopefully you won't be delayed much (or at all) and you'll be at the port well before noon!
  11. It's probably worth a try to see if they can go with you to the Elite cocktail hour. On our last cruise (Mediterranean, Reflection, Sept. 2018) we were able to bring our friends in with us. It was not crowded at all so I'm sure this played into this.
  12. Thank you all so much! We are in the lounge at LAX waiting to board our flight to Sydney and I am relieved to get this information! I should have gone straight to CC for answers to begin with! I'll try calling the 800 # Thursday morning after we check in.
  13. We embark the Solstice Feb. 28 for a 16 day cruise from Perth to Auckland. We plan to disembark in Melbourne and rejoin the ship two days later in Sydney. It's a short, inexpensive early morning commuter flight and gives us a lot more time to explore in Melbourne and eliminates one of the many sea days on this itinerary. From the CC boards I learned we would need a "transit pass" from Celebrity so I started emailing (several email addresses include the emergency team) about 6 weeks ago (two months before embarkation. All I received back was an automatic reply that they would get back to us shortly. Still no response. About two weeks ago, Melissa, our shoreside concierge gave us a call so we ask what we should do. She told me where to call for instructions. Unfortunately she gave me the # for the Royal Caribbean emergency team but eventually I made it to someone who knew what I needed. I was told to email emergency teams@Celebritycruises.com with our names, passport #'s, ship, sailing date, stateroom #, etc.. She indicated it needed to be two weeks prior to sail date so we were fine. I have sent three emails so far, each time getting the same auto response. I have also called and emailed Melissa with absolutely no response from her either which is very disappointing. We fly to Sydney tomorrow and had hoped to have this resolve before our holiday began. Does anyone have any suggestions? I really don't want to deal with this once we have boarded. Thanks! Martha
  14. Just search Amazon for "strong magnets with hooks" and several options will come up. The ones I have are 40lb heavy duty. In additional to hanging clothes to dry from them, we use them on the walls to keep track of papers (Celebrity Todays, tour confirmations, etc.).
  15. We board the Solstice on the 28th and I am not looking forward to having to constantly decline sales pitches! I guess I'll see if the negative comments have made a difference.
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