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  1. Can anyone tell me how the “free” casino cancellations are being handled? We were booked for one in Dec and I doubt it’s going to go. We had paid for an upgrade and just wondering how we go about getting that money back. TYIA.
  2. Can someone post the phone # for Blue Chip Club? It would be very appreciated. Never mind, I found it. But for future reference, the number is (866)461-7170.
  3. Based on NCL's site, as of today there are 11-H4's (2-BR) available on your cruise (this is what I would recommend for 4 people). You could outright purchase it for $8700 (does not include drink package gratuities or specialty dining grats should you choose the Free at Sea offers). Take what you are paying for the mini-suite and subtract it from the above amount. Then divide the balance by four. This will tell you whether it is worth it to go thru the bidding process and some idea of where to start, or better yet, just pay for the upgrade if it's doable. Only you can decide if it's worth
  4. Oh my gosh, too funny! Chances are they got the Latitudes number wrong. Still, that's awesome.😂
  5. Also, the Getaway has a Starbucks now. It was added during dry dock. If I had to make a choice between the two, I favored the Bliss. The non-smoking casino, Food Republic, observation lounge (incredible!). That being said, we are sailing the Getaway for the fourth time in just under four weeks. It's more about the itinerary for us these days than the actual ship. I don't feel like you can go wrong with either one.
  6. We did a full transit just this past Spring on the Bliss. Our cabin was a deck 8 mini-suite which gives you a really close up view (because these cabins jut out from the ship). I wish I could give you exact times of things not to miss but my memory is not quite that good. It was truly fascinating from start to finish. Going through the locks, you definitely want to be somewhere you can see well from. If you have a balcony cabin, you may be able to see just fine from there. They do open up the helipad on the front of the ship for viewing and I believe that is where the guides were. You'l
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