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  1. Oh my gosh, too funny! Chances are they got the Latitudes number wrong. Still, that's awesome.😂
  2. Also, the Getaway has a Starbucks now. It was added during dry dock. If I had to make a choice between the two, I favored the Bliss. The non-smoking casino, Food Republic, observation lounge (incredible!). That being said, we are sailing the Getaway for the fourth time in just under four weeks. It's more about the itinerary for us these days than the actual ship. I don't feel like you can go wrong with either one.
  3. We did a full transit just this past Spring on the Bliss. Our cabin was a deck 8 mini-suite which gives you a really close up view (because these cabins jut out from the ship). I wish I could give you exact times of things not to miss but my memory is not quite that good. It was truly fascinating from start to finish. Going through the locks, you definitely want to be somewhere you can see well from. If you have a balcony cabin, you may be able to see just fine from there. They do open up the helipad on the front of the ship for viewing and I believe that is where the guides were. You'll be going the opposite route we went which was west to east and I know you'll hit this very early, but, make sure to get to the starboard side of the ship when you're coming up to the entrance of the canal. There are some incredible views of the Panama City skyline. Waaayyyy more urban than I had anticipated. Move about the ship to get different perspectives of the crossing. We ate lunch in Food Republic because of all the windows and didn't miss a thing. Passing other ships in places where the canal was very narrow was fun as well but this is very hit or miss as to whether it happens or not. Hope this helps some. Any specific questions you might have, I'll be happy to answer if possible.
  4. You'll get one every cruise since it's a Latitude level perk. I don't know if there is a significant other with you, but, if both of you have achieved the level for that perk, it is one bag of laundry per person, not cabin. Therefore you'll each get a coupon and two bags of laundry (one each).
  5. Unfortunately, the only ships that have extra capacity in the DOS is the Bliss and the Joy. Both of those have two bedrooms as opposed to just one. Edit: Some of the smaller ships do have suites with two bedrooms as well.
  6. Lots of ways to check cabin location online. Just Google "Celebrity Equinox deck plans" and you'll find exactly what you're looking for. As stated above, 7292 is the cabin closest to the row of non-hump cabins, and is facing the aft of the ship. Generally they are considered largest balconies are 1 (closest to the straight line hump cabins that stick out the farthest) and 3 are the largest balconies. 2 and 4 (which is yours) would be a bit smaller. Also as stated by Fouremco, I would prefer the forward facing angled ones as you get more air circulation while at sea. Either way, you've got a good one that is larger than a regular balcony cabin.
  7. The Equinox is doing the western route this week. I thought Sunday was supposed to be Key West. Anyone know why it was skipped today or was it changed to the end? It shows on MarineTraffic.com as headed to Costa Maya.
  8. Okay, after your explanation, I can absolutely see this happening, simply because of the ship you were on. For some reason, the Breakaway seems to find the most difficult way to do everything under the sun.
  9. Many cruises ago got called to the naughty room. It was my full size metal can of hair mousse that was causing problems. The worst though did not happen on a ship but in the airport. It was just found out about when I went to unpack on the ship. (Cannot believe I'm gonna share this.) I got the dreaded "your bag has been searched" notice on the top when I opened the bag. Unpacked and couldn't begin to see what had caused a problem. Eventually I found a hand written note in a small zippered pouch. It said "your bag was vibrating so we removed the battery for you". And, yes, you guessed right. *hangs head in shame*.
  10. I mean, right? And, having sailed several times in the NCL Haven on three different NCL ships, we have never been encouraged to not use the Haven restaurant. That's what it's there for.
  11. Folks, go back and read post #15. It's not her own personal line of jewelry. It's just one that Celebrity carries in their shop called "Captain's Collection". I have seen many officers, including captains, doing this on other lines with other products. I for one am greatly disappointed that we won't get to meet this lovely person on our cruise in Aug.
  12. They definitely have tables that will seat as many as 12. Usually it's just a matter of putting several together to create it. Last time we were on the Equinox there was a very large group of 25+ from one family. They had three tables but I distinctly remember there being more than 8 at one table. They took a table for 8 and combined it with another to create a long table for all the minors to sit at together. Surprisingly well behaved for the age spread at that one table. Elementary age all the way to high schoolers. Fun group to watch and converse with. **this is the main dining room I'm referring to.
  13. Read about this in another post and thought it might deserve a thread of it's own so it doesn't get lost. According to this passenger who just returned from an Equinox cruise, the casino now offers certain free drinks to those playing in the casino. The only confirmed one so far is Bud Light. Any others aware of this new feature and what exactly the drink choices are? This is great for those who are sailing on a resident rate with no perks.
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