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  1. We'll be boarding the Bliss this Sat so I'll try to remember to come back with the info. I'm sure, though, there are others on ships this week that could answer the question much quicker than I can.
  2. I think I might request a different butler (yes, it's possible) because this one is gonna avoid you like the plague now. Don't misunderstand, I would have handled it exactly how you did. I just don't think I would fully trust his service now if that's the attitude he's gonna have. I wonder, though, if they were told to say this. Many passengers out there who don't know any better would just accept it and say nothing.
  3. Unfortunately, all that arrival time does is tell the cruiseline about what time you'll get in. It has nothing to do with times to actually board. If you're not in the Haven, Platinum/Plus or disabled, it's first come first served. If you want a low boarding number then you'll need to get there pretty early, however, they don't start letting anyone in the terminal until the security line opens which can vary. I would say usually it's open by about 10:30 at the latest assuming there are no issues with the debarkation of previous cruise's passengers. P.S. We have bought liquor on many different cruises and many different cruiselines, and have never been charged for them to store the liquor. I guess anything is possible with the other lines but as for NCL, I haven't heard a single peep about this happening. P.P.S.S. And thanks for giving them the idea. 🙄😉
  4. realnurse2-Canvas by U is basically a painting "class" although no teaching is done. You are shown a finished canvas of whatever the 'picture of the day' is and then you paint it yourself. You are provided with the blank canvas, paints and brushes that will be needed. I encourage others to put their own interpretation to the picture. Don't try to copy the display stroke for stroke. I have done this before in a local class and it is such a hoot. It really doesn't matter whether you think you have talent or not. Just let yourself go with it and you just might surprise yourself.
  5. Well, if nothing else, your very tart replies have kept this post on the first page of posts. That in and of itself may help someone else. Grain of salt people. Take what you need and ignore the rest.
  6. We have another cruise booked in the fall that was done through a group booking. Paid gratuities were one of the perks we received. When I click into that reservation it says the same thing that you have found. You might want to double check your reservation and see if you haven't already had them paid at some point. Could have been an included perk or done at final payment if you're past that.
  7. Thanks for clarifying this. This was our experience with pre-paying. We cruise in two weeks (3/30) and booked in Feb of 2018. I went ahead and prepaid last night and our rate was $13.99 per person per night. That rate being because we booked prior to the first increase last year on April 1, 2018, which went to $14.49. The increase this year on April 1st, 2019, is to $14.99. You will pay $14.49 if you booked before April 1st of this year and prepay prior to boarding your cruise be it in 2 months or two years from now. If you wait to book until after April 1st of this year or you choose to pay on the ship, then you will pay $14.99. *Haven suites of course being a different rate.* Oh, and, I did it online, no phone calls involved (and we booked through a travel agent so that makes no difference either).
  8. I can't comment as to the Bliss specifically, however, we have had a suite below the fitness center in the past and the most important factor is exactly what part of the fitness center you are under. We happened to be under the free weights and it was, in a word, hell. Even if the center doesn't open until 6-7a, crew are allowed in before that time so you could be talking like 5a. Nobody carefully puts down a dumbbell. They drop it. Use your imagination. I would never book another cabin under any part of the fitness center but that's us. Someone may be able to give you better info regarding the Bliss.
  9. I think you'll be fine. Any cabin on the diagram that has the "+" sleeps four. The only way they can do that is with the sofa and the drop down berth which requires the bed by the balcony. If the cabin diagram shows a triangle (which means it only sleeps 3), then this will be the bed by the closet. I believe you're good with cabin 8730 and should have the bed by the balcony. Edit: Add too, if the diagram shows no symbol at all, then it can go either way. Edit #2: After doing some further research, do not completely trust the symbols on the cabin diagrams. I have found several discrepancies between what is shown on the diagram and what actually is by way of pictures.
  10. Please describe a Mr. Worldwide. Haven't heard of that one before.
  11. We are in an M6 on our upcoming Panama Canal cruise in March. Our adult son will be in the room with us. We originally had cabin 8714 but changed to one a bit further back. What changed our mind was we found out that the bed was by the bathroom in 8714 where as it’s by the balcony in our new cabin. The closet is much easier to access without the bed in the way. Also, our cabin has the drop down berth which will leave the sofa available for sitting during the evening and night. Just some things to consider since your son will be with you as well.
  12. On the Bliss, you are given the choice of Cagney's or Le Bistro w/wine for the first dinner and Los Lobos, Q or La Cucina for the second.
  13. Yes they do. To upgrade to the unlimited for a 7-day cruise is $85.00. This must be done at the internet cafe though, not in your cabin.
  14. You might consider bringing your own wine onboard (heck of a lot cheaper and you don't run the risk of them not having what you like) and just pay the $15 corkage fee. That way you can have as much wine as you like in the cabin. This may seem redundant to the UBP but it's something to consider. *I happen to be the third person listed in my cabin this time as I knew my 30 yo son would get much more out the drink package than me. So, this is how I'm getting some for me without having to pay NCL's exorbitant prices. Also, very easy to pour a glass when leaving the cabin to take with me wherever. Love the idea of saving the free bottle from the platinum perk as well.
  15. **I left you a message regarding the missing emails on the other thread.
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