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  1. ezjack1825

    Empress of the Seas Questions

    We are booked for October to celebrate our 20th anniversary. Yeah, it sounds crazy for a big anniversary but we are doing it for the port convenience of Tampa and going to Cuba. We go on cruises to get away from work, this time no kids too. We enjoy the food, adult comedy entertainment, hot tubs, etc. We are only in the cabin for the 4 S's. You are on a cruise to be out and about and only in the cabin with the lights off for the most part!! Sent from my SM-G935V using Forums mobile app
  2. ezjack1825

    Little Divi Bay or Le Galion?

    We will be there in two weeks. We are choosing Le Galion as it is supposedly where the locals take their kids. Calm shallow water. 300' out it is reportedly still waist deep. Can report more on our return.
  3. ezjack1825

    Tipping for room service??????

    We do $2-3 usually. On occasion more. Do we have to? No. Will that couple bucks do more for that staff member and their families than me? Yes. We are all fortunate to have jobs such that we can take a cruise, unlike probably 80% of the world population. What's $20 spread out over a week to have stuff brought to you in your room? I sleep like the dead and that forces me to get up to answer the door. For $2 I don't have to make my own coffee and only walk a few steps for a Danish. How much would that be at Starbucks or the corner 7-11? A lot more.
  4. ezjack1825

    Legend balcony vs. extended balcony

    It is way worth it as all of mine have been at least twice as deep. Just remember that if the room(s) above you are not extended balconies that they can look at what you might be doing late at night. Just sayin....
  5. ezjack1825

    Declaring with customs

    I've declared 4 or 5 bottles before and been waved through. Our last time through though with 8 bottles we had to pay a whopping $1 per bottle duty. No big deal and I thought it was kinda cool to get paperwork from customs.
  6. ezjack1825

    confused on what to pick Carnival or Princess

    Been on both. Carnival = fun, bright, kids, wild. Princess = more "brass n glass" décor and muted adults. This adult chooses Carnival for our kids and to watch the drunk adults.
  7. Both Tampa and Port Canaveral we try to show up between 10-11am and then watch the line of ants coming aboard while we are already on lido deck with a drink in our hands.
  8. ezjack1825

    Platinium Will You Make It

    Platinum cruise this sunday!!!!
  9. ezjack1825

    Tell me Your FAVORITE Carnival memory?

    My favorite memories are from back when the funnel deck was adults only for a reason and the balconies were dark at night. But of those stories that can be actually told, it would have to be when my 2 year old son and I went for pictures and then dinner in matching tuxes.
  10. ezjack1825

    Best Stingray Excursion (Carnival or other)

    I have used Captain Marvins in the past but in a couple weeks want to try Nativeways due to the rum point beach. Looks like either would be a great option.
  11. ezjack1825

    Camp Carnival first night on a 7 day

    Thanks for the replies. Will see if they do open at 8:30 or have to wait till 10pm.
  12. As I know a lot of things have changed recently, can anyone who has cruised in the last few months comment on wether the Legend has Camp Carnival open during dinner on the first night? We are considering steakhouse reservations but that kinda dies if no CC. I've seen lots of posts saying yes and no so I figured I'd ask again.
  13. ezjack1825

    Boxed wine - successful or not?

    Just got back. Two boxes, one in each bag just in case, packed around with shoes. Both came through just fine.
  14. I know the rule is a single bottle of wine, and I have heard of some people getting a 1.5L through and some not. What have been your experiences with boxed wine? A single box holds four bottles, so...... hmmmm I tried searching the forums but didn't see this one answered.
  15. ezjack1825

    Does Carnival Charge Full Price for Infants ?

    They always charged all the gratuities for both of my kids - not sure how you got away. Also if you need food pureed, etc - they want to know your order the night before I guess so they can go find a blender again. First night of our cruise it took the maitre'd involved as they said they couldn't provide food for my daughter. I told them at full rate for a passenger they needed to figure it out FAST... and they did.