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  1. Wow, either this thread really blew up yesterday or I got a backlog of nearly 20 messages from CC letting me know there were new comments. Anyways, it has always struck me as funny that regardless of the their preferred cruise line there seems to be three types of loyalty cruisers. 1--Those that don't care what level they are, just let them be on a cruise. 2--Those who want to be a certain level and are doing what they can to get there. And finally ... 3--Those who finally got to a level and want the door closed behind them so the room doesn't get too crowded, almost like people who are running for a bomb shelter and yelling "close the doors" when they are a close enough to get in before the lock catches. The final group is the funniest to me. I'll never forget our first cruise which happened to be Princess 6.5 years ago and we did Seattle to Alaska in the fall. We got married on that cruise and on our wedding day there was a huge storm. 20 foot waves for 18 hours, crew and passengers were green as can be and here we are walking around with the photographers in our wedding attire highly noticeable. The next day I was in the buffet and a very nice couple who recognized me and came over to chat and see how things went. Upon sitting down the husband did the classiest thing, he quickly took out his black Elite card, made sure I understood its meaning and quickly put it away and told me that in all of their cruises they had never seen weather like that. The rest of the conversation had NO title or rank, just three people chatting over coffee and desserts. Fast forward to today and we have tried all six major cruise lines, have minimal rank on most and some increased rank on others, but we never play those cards unless forced to.
  2. Wow 397 posts is a lot of reading, but very informative and I will mention this thread in my roll call later tonight as it has become a hot topic over there. But here are my thoughts on this ... -- Cost ... $50 a day or $350 a week for the two of us is not worth it so we are passing on it. Gotta love the exchange rate. -- Chops ... I have been to Chops last year and my wife has never been. However, a good steak meal is something to be savored and not rushed as it would be on embarkation day. Plus on my last cruise (solo) I got to the ship after the Chops meal is offered so it would have been a loss had I purchased the Key. So I'll save my money and treat my wife to Chops later in the cruise when we can appreciate the steaks the way the beef gods intended. -- Internet ... I don't know how fast the net is on Oasis class ships but on Vision o/t Seas it was slow as hell and not worth the money. But I was gone for 16 days and I needed to check in with home and with Air Canada 24 hours prior to flying home so I had to buy it twice. However, now we are Diamond and we each get 24 hours free and I have been told by other Diamond & higher members that the concierge in the Diamond lounge will print off our boarding passes for us. -- Priority port Disembarkation ... I might be reading into this wrong, but to me this means that if you stop at Cozumel (for example) you can rush off the ship faster then anyone else. My question to this is ... who gets ultimate priority between Key people and Excursion people? The rest of the "perks" listed are not worth commenting on since we have no interest in them.
  3. We got our snorkel gear at Costco for about $35 - $40 CDN so it might be less in the states. Due to weight and luggage space though we only take the mask & snorkel and either use the excursions flippers or just swim with the gear at the beaches. There is something invaluable about not using a snorkel that has been in hundreds of others mouths. Plus the snorkel has a valve to prevent water from coming down the tube and drowning you.
  4. We got the Royal Up email and didn't bid because we either didn't like the rooms offered more than our current room or the cost to bid on them was super $$$.
  5. Are there any other perks besides Johnny Rockets and the soda packages that come with a Boardwalk Balcony room? This will be our first time on Oasis so we are trying to learn all we can and this is something we weren't expecting.
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