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  1. Problem is I cannot dine at 6:30 unless it's something like cheese and bread, or ice cream, or something else very benign.
  2. I've been admiring your food photos as well as the scenery ones; but we've just been informed that because booking numbers are very low for our Nov. 12th sailing dining hours will not begin until 6:30 pm in any venue (which is too late for me due to medical reasons). So I'm hoping for some good lunch menu items or decent room service.
  3. Loved your fantastic photos of the sailway from NYC. And thank you for the pool time--nice and early so I will pack my suit for our sailing.
  4. Will be following this thread with interest as we just booked Nov. 12th sailing. Haven't cruise since January 2020. I've been going thru serious cruise withdrawal after more cancellations this summer. Would appreciate knowing how early the pool opens in the morning if you happen to find out. And also knowing which of the restaurants have the best social distancing. Enjoy your sailing.
  5. We will be cruising with Crystal for the first time on Nov. 12th to Bermuda and had some questions for folks who've been on the cruise this fall: 1) What time does the pool open in the morning? 2) Are there deck chairs on the Promenade deck, or just around the pool area? 3) What time does the dinner service begin? 5) Can the lectures viewed on the television in your cabin? Thanks so much for any information. This will be our first cruise experience since January 2020.
  6. NCLs website says they are not requiring masks anywhere on the ship, only vaccines. Crystal's website does indicate that masks are required at certain times in certain areas and on shore tours, in cruise terminals, etc.
  7. Eight Paws. Thanks so much for all this information. We are considering the 7-day Bermuda cruise for November and have not sailed with Crystal before. New York would be an easy embarkation port for us and it seems Crystal's Covid restrictions are much stricter than NCLs, which we want.
  8. That's what I would hate for cruising. I'm looking at a HAL cruise for next summer in Atlantic but will not cruise without good lectures.
  9. I know when that idiot Orlando Ashford took over HAL about 2014 or 2015, most of the good lecture programs and libraries disappeared from HAL ships, in favor of music. We were on one of the last pre-Covid cruises in February 2019 and we only had one good lecturer while in Mexico and then nothing after that for the rest of the Panama Canal cruise. And Explorations Central was pathetic; just a place to sell tours. It was awful. I was wondering with new leadership, etc. whether things will change back for the better or not. Does anyone know? A Four-Star Mariner hoping to get back to cruising.
  10. Americans who had to book thru CMV stateside agent had no protection at all. Case went to bankruptcy court and everyone had to fight for whatever they could get.
  11. Never seen an automatic hand washer. What a great idea, except they probably need several at the entrance once they are sailing at full capacity.
  12. Thanks for the review and all the wonderful photos. My IOM cousin was on the cruise (I was not allowed since I am an American) so all this photos let me imagine going with him.
  13. Thanks for the review of your cruise. I am saddened to hear about the canned music in so many places. I am a great lover of quiet. And I do hope that outdoor seating on the prom deck increases once Covid restrictions east more. That would be a great loss to those of us who cannot afford balcony cabins.
  14. I did their book club on an Azores cruise and it was a wonderful experience. Our books did not match destination but they were interesting.
  15. I was booked on the 27 August MS Maud cruise out of Dover and received the cancellation notice a few weeks ago. Like periodic itinerant I also followed the link and filled out the refund request form, but so far no further communication or payment received. I will give it another couple of weeks before I try calling as I booked through U.K. office.
  16. I got notice yesterday as well about vaccinations. Unfortunately that notice also came with notice that all 2021 U.K. expedition cruises, including mine 27 August, have been cancelled because of every changing and uncertain restrictions.
  17. I am curious as to why Hurtigruten expedition cruises are not requiring passengers to be vaccinated. They are only requiring negative Covid test results before boarding. I'm on their U.K. cruise this August and one of our planned ports is Douglas, Isle of Man. I just heard from my cousin who lives there that the port is now welcoming cruisers, but only those who have had both jabs and at least two weeks prior. If everyone is not vaccinated, will we lose our chance at this port? Scotland has still not issued clear guidelines for cruise ships yet and many of our planned ports are there. What happens if they also require passengers to be vaccinated? I know that Fred Olsen, P&O and Viking are now requiring vaccines for their U.K. cruises.
  18. The last U.S. agency they used was awful; the one before great. So I'm very happy to book direct and I get to ask questions of folks who really know the ships.
  19. And what happens if you don't really like your table companions? I know this happened to my husband when cruised solo once; he just didn't like the two ladies he was assigned to sit with.
  20. No toll-free number from U.S. You have to call the regular number 011-44-1473-742-424. The hold times are not bad; I got through yesterday in just a couple of minutes.
  21. I know when I've booked FO early, it seems that additional offers such as OBC get added 3-7 days later; it's like clock work.
  22. At least my November cruise is scheduled for Bolette, although given it's to several countries in Med not certain what will happen with it. And, luckily, my Balmoral booking is not til next July.
  23. I like the idea that folks already booked are getting first go on booking rescheduled cruises,, but I agree that it would be nice if everyone got informed right away of cancellations. This is especially so for those of us who come from "away" and have to make other travel arrangements such as flights.
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